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  1. Is Dr Gonzalaez still at Maskaras, and is he still the Dr. to go to for knee problems?
  2. What are the fireworks in Chapala for today?
  3. where can I find Coleman fuel or white gas, thank you.
  4. CG, I have the same weeds as you have described, and others.
  5. Any recommendations for a weed and feed or weed killer for my tiny lawn?
  6. Good one CG! Same experience for me, and I live maybe 4 blocks away!
  7. sure would be nice to have an ATM machine there..
  8. Thank you! which one is Jara? I'm in SAT.
  9. does anyone know where I can get a replacement lid for my tinaco? tried most places here.Has anybody purchased one?
  10. have not, will do. Thank you for the tip.
  11. Has anyone seen cornstarch in bulk?
  12. jack in the box tacos 2/$1 love the mystery meat.
  13. they represent San Antonio Tlayacapan also??
  14. Mainecoons, He should be stopping at least 5 times. Your thoughts on overnight stays from Laredo to here.
  15. I have a friend coming down to visit with a friend, 2 on a Moto. I have done this in my car 3 times, but he doesn't want to do 500 mi. a day. anybody have a good itinerary for this trip?? Thanks.
  16. Has anyone stayed in los mochis on the way to Mazatlan? Like yes, no?
  17. looking more for the flat fan type to go up against my back wall, thank you for your help.I'll try have hammers.
  18. has anyone run across any style of trellises in the area?
  19. Does anyone know hours they are open?
  20. found a couple of nice ones at the auto zone. thanks CG.
  21. Has anyone found a shower squeegee here?
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