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  1. Ordered a Reuben sandwich from Emma’s deli to go last week. A couple hours after I got home, I got a call from Fabian at Emma‘s deli telling me that they had made a pastrami sandwich instead of a Reuben, and That he owed me a Reuben sandwich gratis. Very nice people and great Rubens. Fabian also told me that they will be selling corn beef by the pound in the next couple weeks. Thank you Fabian.👍
  2. Can you get an antigen test there?
  3. I read that you had to sign up for the iFit program for like $15 a month. Is that correct?
  4. Mama’s also does their fish, for fish and chips with the panko crust. also their stuffed mushrooms. May want to taste test them also.
  5. Mama’s pool bar. Very crunchy. Maybe a Panko coating The are hand made.
  6. Just curious, does the name letra ch have a meaning ?
  7. What village has a Thursday tianguis? thanks
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