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  1. dennis clark

    Home Content Sale

    I think the OP is MIA.
  2. dennis clark

    Home Content Sale

    Are you selling the bed stand lamps? Your email does not work. can you PM me?? Or mdennisclark@yahoo.com.
  3. dennis clark

    No water in San Antonio

    I have water down the street from mon. market, sunrise cafe.
  4. dennis clark

    Knee problem

    Is Dr Gonzalaez still at Maskaras, and is he still the Dr. to go to for knee problems?
  5. dennis clark

    Hotel Italo pizza

    CG, I may have to take one for the team. Good to hear your report on Pancho's. Thanks.
  6. dennis clark

    Hotel Italo pizza

    CG, had you tried there lasagna ?
  7. dennis clark

    Fireworks in Chapala

    What are the fireworks in Chapala for today?
  8. where can I find Coleman fuel or white gas, thank you.
  9. dennis clark

    Broad leaf weeds in my lawn.

    CG, I have the same weeds as you have described, and others.
  10. Any recommendations for a weed and feed or weed killer for my tiny lawn?
  11. dennis clark

    Cinnamon Rolls

    Good one CG! Same experience for me, and I live maybe 4 blocks away!
  12. dennis clark

    Pancho's Grand soft Opening

    sure would be nice to have an ATM machine there..
  13. dennis clark

    tinaco lid

    Thank you! which one is Jara? I'm in SAT.
  14. dennis clark

    tinaco lid

    does anyone know where I can get a replacement lid for my tinaco? tried most places here.Has anybody purchased one?
  15. dennis clark

    bulk cornstarch

    have not, will do. Thank you for the tip.