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  1. Are they still staying open until 10 pm? has anyone been there late at night? Comments?
  2. Any contact information on Moringa Madres? I would like to get some capsules TIA
  3. Selling masks in Superlake parking lot today. 20P and hand sanitizer .
  4. I’ll run out again Saturday. He was all set up even with a sign. I’ll take a picture. 🤔 Bad news, good news. Just talked to Jr. He closed Sat. Good news, I wasn't hallucinating .
  5. Not to kid about 😂you’re welcome.
  6. . When Tony opened his new place, things were much better out there. But sadly, that has closed. CG, went out to visita de lago GOLF last Saturday. Sad to see Tony’s was closed. Then driving a bit farther, I see Tony has opened another restaurant on the other side of the highway. He was out front on the BBQ. 👍
  7. There is a water store across the street from moms same side of the cartera, in the little shopping center. They sell 1/2 size garrafons, and also high alkaline water.Great place .
  8. That worked. Now 19 down 19 up.... Thanks again.
  9. My Ilox is giving me 41down, but 0 up. Any suggestions ?
  10. Will is out. If we can get a replacement for Will l am still in. Six would be good for me.
  11. In need of 2 people to share a mailbox at IShop. no magazines. Keep it to small amounts of mail.
  12. I have not been able to find home defense in the past six months. None at Home Depot. any sightings lately?
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