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  1. dennis clark

    Gas Lines - Unavailability of fuels

    Any news on availability for gas today that can be shared ?
  2. dennis clark

    Pemex opens and closes

  3. dennis clark

    Pemex opens and closes

    What time does Pemex open and close?
  4. dennis clark

    Best dishes at Manix

  5. Looking for a book on the local plants and trees of the area.
  6. dennis clark

    Fishing Equipment

    try Ebay
  7. Where can I get my small propane tank refilled in Chapala?
  8. 11:00 on the 24th at viva Mexico to volunteer?
  9. dennis clark

    Red vines

    thanks all.
  10. dennis clark

    Red vines

    Has anyone found red vines licorice here?
  11. dennis clark

    Wanted: Toyota 4Runner

    Sounds like GREAT gas milage.
  12. dennis clark

    Roku Netflix

    Its working!!! no idea how. Happy !
  13. dennis clark

    Roku Netflix

    I hadn't had a VPN, and it had worked for the last 9 months with no problems. Not discounting a VPN. Its an account out of Ca. it is being used in a rental there with no problem there, and I am using the same account down here with no problem, until recently .
  14. dennis clark

    Roku Netflix

    I have Netflix USA, and overnight the movie language has gone from English to Spanish. Checked all Roku settings, Netflix settings, all settings. Stymied.only a problem through Netflix.