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  1. My ilox internet has been out since about 5:00 yesterday. I’m a block behind sunrise restaurant. anybody else in this area without it too?
  2. dennis clark


    can you use cheesecloth ?
  3. How do you like your new service? What are your speeds up and down?. What is the name of the service?
  4. Was that you getting almonds? I was looking for them too.
  5. I went last year. going this year.Xena nailed it. You can go the day before , and they extended it to the 7th.if you have not been there, it's a great place to see.
  6. dennis clark


    Hidalgo 267c Riberas Mamas musical bar.
  7. Hector does so much for so many. Kind of sad to read about people acting like that.No reason to stop supporting Hector.
  8. Looks like the helicopter rides are back today.
  9. Happy, that's it. It's the little arch door, to the left of the tire shop.
  10. they are closed Sunday and Monday , and at the Ajijic market on Wednesdays. Open 7 - 3. Just a note, the green tire on the left, is lime green, and almost 5 feet tall. A tractor tire. their store is set back in by the tire repair shop. Libramiento 103-A
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