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  1. SoxFan, can you explain what you mean by fixing the sticks? I also have one purchased from Derek. Thanks.
  2. dennis clark

    Sour cream

    can you buy acidificada pasteurizada at Walmart, or Pancho’s?
  3. I want to try one of the hocks.
  4. Do you have a Majic jack unit now? if not, look at an app called textnow. looks like it does everything and more that MJ does for free.
  5. Thanks for the tip on the pickles.
  6. I’m very interested. 😳
  7. Update: soup turned out great. I did cook it in an instant pot. peas from SL. I-lb peas, 6 cups stock, onion, carrots, ham, bay leaves. 15 minutes hi pressure, 15 minutes cool down. Presto!
  8. Update: found them in bulk bags at Super Lake. thanks you two.
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