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  1. Medicare- supposedly covers Emergency Care outside the US- it is intended for travelers- However, has anyone had any experience with an emergency such as RV's - Life or Death where they have tried using that option of Medicare- paying and then asking for reimbursement??
  2. Curious- do you think security guards on floors or entrances of hospital would forcefully detain a patient or taser them to force therm to stay until their bill total bill had been paid or arrangements made-In RV's situation , sounds ludicrous to force patients to stay extra days- at that point, If able one could demand a lower daily rate....as some things do seem negotiable at hospitals.
  3. Again, If you are living in this country for years, own a house and have a Permanente or new FM3 Visa- why wouldn't you have a Mexican Bank Account- It's only common sense--- What are you afraid of???- last week peso hit 13.59-or higher You can make money by converting dollars to Pesos-just like major American Companies who invest dollars by the the millions to get the conversion rate. If you have a Mexican Bank Debit Card you don't have to stand in line at the bank- you can use it at Bank ATM's, Costco, Farmacia Guad.plus many other stores and you always have a record of your transaction- At Bancomer - I have a Preferred customer card- they have a special line for Preferred and you always go first to a cashier no matter how many people are in line WALMART- use your debit card to pay for your purchase and they will offer you cash back- with my card I can get up to 2,000.00 mxn along with my purchase- My Mexican Credit cards are accepted by Doctors, Dentists, Costco and any other store in Mexico and the USA-When I go to the US and rent cars - I have a Mexican Drivers License - so I use my Mexican Credit Card -Just like American or Canadian Cards, If you pay your balance every month - you don't pay high fees. I learned when I lived at lakeside that paying in cash- makes no sense and people are often cheated and you have no redress Time to move into the 21st century- Superlake finally did...last time I was there, they took my debit card... no more cheating on change
  4. I AGREE: If you are going to live in this country - why would you NOT HAVE A MEXICAN BANK ACCOUNT- a poster who lives here for 12 years and still goes to an ATM every week !! ridiculous-When I lived at Lakeside often found that ATM's were out of money by Friday am- what PITA to drive around looking for one with money Nothing is free- even banking in the US- I have accounts in B of A and Bancomer- and use my Mexican credit and debit cards to develop a credit history in Mexico and don't carry a wad of cash in my wallet. I live in the Zapopan- There is a Scotia Bank Branch right next to Andares Mall - In my experience English speakers are usually located in the largest Bank Branches with the biggest depositors- A good friend (Mexican) who's husband is a Director with Scotia has her personal account in this branch, you can shop at Superama and Andares and have a wonderful lunch in one of the many restaurants. Drive to Tlaquepaque just to do banking- gotta be kidding
  5. When my US Exec card expired while living here _I got a regular Mex. Card and added my Daughter who lives in California as the second person- she goes to her local costco and they issue her card since she is already in the system Also, if you buy something like a car Battery (as I did) and lost the receipt- it has a one year warranty- Clerk at the desk was able to go back into their computer system using my number and verify the purchase date of 9 months previous- I got a new Battery for FREE
  6. IF moving TO MEXICO- never contract a moving company at the END OF THE MOVE - START with a INTERNATIONAL/National Long Distance Moving Company in your location- they will contract with moving company IN MEXICO if necessary - or they could go the entire distance without a using a local Chapala company- I shipped my entire home by using a FREIGHT COMPANY - door to door from SFO Bay Area to my house in Chapala no need for a moving company and saved 20,000.00 off quote from local Ajijic company- but I was responsible for loading and unloading truck- my realtor arranged for guys from Strom to work on their day's off, to unload my entire trailer.
  7. Curious, did it rain in Chapala last night?? We had a very heavy downpour with wind (Zapopan)about 630pm - my Dish receiver was out until 8pm could still hear thunder rumbling for a long time over other parts of the city until 930- friend lives 2.5 miles away called me after 8pm and said wind was very strong and his street was a river and it was still raining.... Hard to believe Chapala is missing out on the rain -
  8. Last month the INFORMADOR had a front page article about a think (Profeco) Investigation of Gas Suppliers - I also knew I was getting shorted here in the city- Investigation found multiple companies were shorting customers- but don't know how or when it will be resolved but at least they are doing something about it.
  9. It''s been raining off and on here in Zapopan since 2pm - fairly hard for 20 min- then steadily until 430 - stopped- now steady rain again - friend called from his office on the 14th floor of the GWTC not raining there, but he could see storm clouds of rain in my area near Andares - maybe it will drift south later
  10. Farmacias next to or close to hospitals generally have a larger supply of drugs as doctors offices are grouped around the hospitals in GDL/Zapopan Hospital Carmen - Benevides is very good- and cheaper than farmacia Guad- which is the highest priced of all- my blood pressure med is 300.00 cheaper at Benevides for the exact same maker- also on Ave. Americas there are a number of special farmacias carrying drugs hard to find --including a pain farmacia - good only with a prescription from a pain doctor
  11. Not true most good Vets in GDL sell the same brands of premium food you buy at Vets in the US my vet carries at least 4 different varieties- one of which my former Canadian neighbor bought for her 2 dogs as it was the same she used in Canada
  12. In the past 9 days we've had 3 storms here in the city-with enormous amounts of rain- a weekend ago - in area of Expo& World trade Center Towers huge storm brought down 35 huge trees, ripped large pieces of acrylic decorative sheets off the World trade center towers, HSBC had their glass doors smashed by flying objects etc-plus flooding in underground garages-both storms occurred about 630pm - what a mess with all major streets flooded--- here at my house we had hail larger than marbles pummel us for 15 minutes ripping my beautiful garden plants to sheds- last Mon another huge storm -my street was 8 inches deep of running river and hail size of frozen peas-again during rush hour This week several days dry and hot - Sunday small storm at 4am - just enough to water garden Weather reports say tonight and tomorrow 60% chance of rain - hopefully
  13. One of the irritating things about Mexico is voice mail- Everyone has voicemail on land lines and cellular-including businesses BUT they don't acknowledge it's existence, unless it's a large company doing business with the US./Canada For the 8 years I've lived here - I still play the game of leaving voice messages just to see who will respond- 99% NO- now I even forget to look at my landline recorder to see if it's blinking Mexicans like everyone sleep with their cell phone- if you are asked for your number they expect it to be a cell number. A friend asked me to call last week- I called 2 times got voicemail left messages- when I saw this person ,told them left 2 messages- response ïs always the same "we never listen to voice messages"- and we never leave a voice message if a machine answers"" Send them an email or text message if you want to talk to them to arrange a time- good luck
  14. Bancomers website page has listed in English PREFERRED CUSTOMERS Unit you can call them toll free at the number listed by a previous poster 01800 228 8728- ask for a supervisor --- clarify time frame for reporting a stolen card when bank is closed for a 3 day holiday You should be talking to the new Branch Manager in Ajijic not a clerk- These kind of problems point out the necessity of Speaking and reading at least rudimentary Spanish before you decide to live in a foreign country..
  15. Noise level depends on where you live- At Lakeside you're living in small pueblos- surrounded by basically lower class Mexican neighbors - I have lived in 2 diferent middle/upper middle class neighborhoods in the city - both 1- 2 blocks from 2 of the busiest main streets in the city- yet in the morning and night, I hear crickets and birds-occasionally cohetes (this morning at 7am) but far away- as well as musical chimes from a nearby church 1 neighbor on street behind -occasionally has large parties (last night) music very loud- at 8pm- had to turn up sound on TV (but very nice Mexican music & singers etc) until 12- then music was barely audible- In the past this home blasted loud music until 330 am- Guess some other neighbors complained..thankfully... . I asked my maid who lives in Zapopan if her neighborhood was quiet - she rolled her eyes and replied NEVER- noisey every day and night at all hours- It's not all of Mexico--- obviously, educational, cultural and location differences make the difference.
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