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  1. We tried this new spot Friday and were very pleased. Instead of pizza, we opted for the lasagna special which was delicious. Gerardo was charming and he fixed us a beautiful salad to share and we tried his home-made apple strudel. He did mention he changed his hours, now not opening until noon! We'll give them a try for pizza next time we get the craving. I would say he could stand with improved signage. The only sign I saw was a banner that was hanging off the size of the La Ancha grill.
  2. A visiting couple has rescued a little dog and has found a family for him in Vancouver. The adopters are willing to buy a roundtrip airline ticket to Vancouver if someone will accompany him. He's small and could fit under the seat. He would need to fly out between Wednesday Dec. 7 thru Friday December 9th. Win Win situation. This pup gets a new home and someone will be able to visit family and friends. Message me if interested or email me at adoptaranchdog@outlook.com.
  3. would love to play! I have thought for a long time this would go over well here.
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