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  1. My weather station shows 28.4 inches for the year. It is in upper Ajijic.
  2. I've just been shopping for a shoulder MRI and got the following quotes on Feb 11: Chopo $4240 Rio Clinic $7990 but there's a promocion for about $6400 Centro Imagen y Diagnostico $5200
  3. 2.46 inches Villas del Tepalo (upper Ajijic above Min Wah)
  4. Here's a shot from Google Earth. We were parked in the spot where the man is standing. There's now a fence across the front of the LTH building. There were cars parked everywhere just like in the photo. Thanks for all your comments.
  5. Received a "sobrebanquete" parking ticket in Guadalajara yesterday (3276 pesos!), but have no idea why as there were no obvious indications that this was a spot one shouldn't park (unless blue parking lines mean something?) Ticket states that after 3 days one accepts the ticket. Is this something we can fight (where and how?) or should we just go ahead and pay (there is no 50% discount on this one). Can we wait until January when we renew registration or will it cost more then? Photo attached of the spot. We were parked between the lines over the flagstones and up against a fence at the front of the spot.
  6. If the bank asked you to fill out a W-9, I assume you are a U.S. citizen. If you are a U.S. citizen, all of your investment income, no matter where earned, is subject to U.S. income tax. You may be able to deduct taxes paid to a foreign government. And where did you get the idea that interest earned from a bank is not income - it most certainly is!
  7. If anyone has some crutches lying around to which they'd like to give a little exercise, I'd be happy to oblige. I'll be needing them for a few days after my knee surgery next Tuesday and they will get to go up and down stairs as well as walk around a bit. I'm 5'7" in case of non-adjustables. Gracias y Feliz Navidad.
  8. Once one has become a permanente, is there any time limit for removing a US plated vehicle from Mexico? Obviously, said vehicle is not being driven, and a retorno seguro will be applied for. But will there be a problem getting a seguro retorno if more than a few months have passed since becoming permanente?
  9. When I fly Volaris, in booking the ticket I say I am Mexican (I was told to do this by someone at Volaris). This way the tourist tax does not get added to the ticket price. Never had any trouble with not being Mexican when the time came to fly.
  10. Super Burrito delivers and they make wonderful food. 766-2233
  11. Niacin works great. Just research "niacin and high cholesterol" and you'll find lots of information.
  12. We've driven this route many times - the last just 2 weeks ago. It always takes more than 4 hours - usually at least 5 1/2. There's a new cute little restaurant just as you enter Mascota. Makes a great lunch stop.
  13. I only stayed with them one year as they raised my rate for the second year by a whopping 53%!
  14. Applied for permanente (prorroga 4) on July 29th, fingerprinted August 30th, card was ready for pickup on September 23rd. Did it ourselves.
  15. I drove through the area last Tuesday. It was open at 6:00pm.
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