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  1. It would be two ways, unless another person is interested. I pay for six months at a time, just because YOU NEVER KNOW.

    I have been very satisfied with the service.

    I don't know what the letters mean that you asked about.

    I think that my last six months payment was $1700 pesos.

    I usually order books for under a dollar. Sol y luna charges 60 pesos per book.

  2. Hi MCSquared,

    RE: Sol Y Luna Box Sharing,

    Txs for message. Are you sharing 2 ways or 3 ways? Also for 6 months or for 12? Also how many NMPs please? Txs! Terry

  3. Yes, I still have a box and willing to share.

    My car is not working, so I don't go there too often only when I need to pick something up.

    Ilive in central Ajijic and could meet you there. I usually take a bus.

  4. I made an appointment to be Xrayed at Maskeras on the 20th.

    I checked with my insurance company, and if an emergency is approved, and arrangements can be made for prepayment reimbursement with the Doctor/Hospital, then my maximum co=pay would be $3500usd.

    So, I will wait on the car until after the Xrays.

  5. I may ask him, but not until, at least, next month.

    Thank you.

    What a need is for the mechanic to come look at my car to see if it can be fixed.

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