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  1. Learn Spanish in Ajijic. Communicative approach. Small groups (2-4 students) and one to one. Teacher Norma González (since 1991) Master in teaching Spanish. Starting classes April 2nd.and 9th. Free placement test at Donas Donuts, April 4th, 5th and 6th at 5 pm. Please, call me to set an appointment. Cellphone 3313822931
  2. Hello there. I am a Spanish teacher since 1991. If you are interested please contact me. Cellphone 3314822931
  3. Dear Will: I am a teacher. I have been teaching since 1991, I also got my master degree to teach languages. If you are interested please call me. Cellphone 3313822931
  4. Así es, en el otro foro contesté a su pregunta pero en inglés. Aquí se lo pondré en español. Será en el Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Chapala ( Libramiento Chapala - Ajijic No. 200) Las clases empezarán a partir del 12 de enero, pero del día 7 al 9 habrá exámenes de ubicación y la inscripción de los estudiantes. El costo será de 480 pesos (IVA no incluido) por 2 sesiones de una hora a la semana, por 4 semanas. Los materiales no están incluidos, pero andarán costando unos 50 pesos. Saludos y feliz año. Norma
  5. Hola a todos y saludos en vísperas del nuevo año 2009. He leído sus mensajes y creo que la mejor ayuda para los tópicos aquí tratados, puede venir de alguien con la preparación adecuada en el campo de la enseñanza del español, es decir un verdadero profesor del idioma español. Por ello, al inicio de enero en el Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Chapala se ofertará un nuevo programa de Español como Lengua Extranjera o Segunda Lengua. Habrá clases para todos los niveles y, por supuesto, conversación. El propósito de este programa es que parte del dinero será para apoyar otros programas dentro del mismo instituto. Así que a la vez que que se estudia, también se ayuda. Ojalá muchos de ustedes decidan apoyar esta nueva opción en el ITS Chapala. Un abrazo para todos y que este nuevo año traiga bendiciones y satisfacciones. Norma González Medina Máster en la Enseñanza del Español como Lengua Extranjera (MEELE)
  6. Yes, indeed. I am working on a second set of flash cards. I will let you know when it is ready. Please, contact me if you are interested in this first set. Gracias y Feliz Año 2007 Norma
  7. Hi, there. Now I would like to introduce to you a new material for beginner students. It has 5 different sets of cards (grammar, vocabulary, culture, regular and irregular verbs). The main objective is to acquire the vocabulary needed in basic situations, such as: buying at a store, requisting a service, giving instructions to your maid, etc. This material was originated because of my students. When they are beginners, they have some troubles using the dictionary in order to find the correct word. In some cases, they don't realize that in Mexico there is another way to say the same. That was the case, when a gardner was saying something about "mata". My student was looking in her dictionary, and the idea was "to kill". She was freaked out. Then, she came and asked me. So, the answer was: don't worry, "mata" is a word that we use in Mexico to say "planta (plant)". So, if you are interested in buying this material, please contact me. The flash-cards are hand-made, and laminated. I am doing this material in order to collect money in pay my tuition and become a translator. Muchas gracias. Norma González
  8. Well, you only have to let me know if you are going, (it is a kind of reservation). If you are thinking about going, send me an e-mail. Gracias
  9. More info: Day: December, 22nd. Time: 6 p.m. You have to pay for what you eat (la cuenta). I hope to see all of you there. Hasta pronto Norma
  10. Hi, everybody. This is an invitation to you. Prof. Laura Reyes is preparing everything in order to have a posada (Mexican party before Christmas) at La Tasca Restaurant. This will be a great opportunity to meet other people who study or teach Spanish. For further information, please contact me. Gracias Prof. Norma González Medina
  11. Hello to everyone: Now I have been planning my courses for next month until spring (Dec-March) I would like to know if this classes can be interesting for you: - Survival Spanish (8 weeks) - pronunciation (1 week 2 hours per day) - Mexican Spanish (for intermediate and advanced students, 4 weeks) - regular classes twice a week, all levels. If you and some friends are interested in a different kind of Spanish class, I can do it. I am trying to focus myself considering the real needs in the community who wants to learn Spanish. I have some questions in order to modify my courses: - Classes: once or twice a week. Time is important and I know that you, as a student, have some other activities to do. But if you really want to learn, what can be the best. - Homework: 20 minutes at least after class. Some other activities may be included. For example if you take only one class per week, I have to give you activities (10-15minutes) for everyday. Do you like homework? - Internet: I have prepare some CD's with exercices and some other information that requiere internet, word, power point, etc. Are you familiar with this? Would you like to do some exercices with a CD? I appreaciate your help and advices. Gracias Prof. Norma González Medina Master in Teaching Spanish
  12. Also you can try this place: http://www.geocities.com/spanishajijic/test.html Hasta pronto Norma
  13. Y luego dicen que yo no tengo razón. Se quejan de que no hablan en español y no quieren aprenderlo. Que es mejor para los mexicanos aprender inglés. Y luego qué, no estamos en México... O de verdad Ajijc ya se convirtió en gringolandia chiquita. Pero quién tiene la culpa... Y además es imposible hablarles de la realidad en Ajijic, no le creen a una, y como dicen no hay peor ciego que el que no lo quiere ver... Saludos
  14. Hello, I am trying to open a Spanish Club Conversation on Saturdays. If there is someone interested, please let me know. The objetive of this club will be speaking in Spanish and get more explanations about grammar points or vocabulary. The first topic will be the difference between Ser or Estar. For students in Chapala, I have a place close to the bus station. In Ajijic, I have to see if La Nueva Posada can help me. Price: a good tip if you like the experience. Please contact me in order to set a time and a day. Gracias Norma González Medina
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