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  1. I’ve got one you can have. I’ll PM my phone number.
  2. Got an appointment with him tomorrow in Ixtlahuacan. I’ll ask him about the Chapala office.
  3. Arturo Fernandez. 100% reliable. Did 2 trips into the Eyecenter in Guadalajara last week. Dropped friend off and picked up after surgery, total trip about 4 hours. Charged 1600 pesos each time. 333-954-3813. Perfect English.
  4. Anybody have his cell number? They don’t answer the phone numbers I have.376-765-2027/3760. Or recommend another lawyer to witness my signature on a document?
  5. Thanks for the info. Vonage has sent a new model to a Canadian address for me. I’ll have it couriered down. Vonage.ca won’t ship any parts or boxes out of Canada.
  6. Mine finally died. Anyone have one you’d be willing to sell? Vonage Canada offered a free replacement but I have to get it here.
  7. thanks Johanson FYI, went by the Ajijic Hospital. Sunday testing 5:30-7:30 results in 15 minutes - $900 pesos Went to Walmart tent Sunday testing 9:30 couldn’t see closing. Email results same day $200
  8. Anybody know where to get a local rapid test on Sunday for Monday flight to the US?
  9. Thanks Ron. Not trying to be picky, but I am really looking for a full size stacking set to free up some space n the laundry room. I think I’ll make a trip to Home Depot just the same.
  10. I have everything covered. I just need the machine. Thanks anyway.
  11. Solar. Definitely cheaper to operate than gas.
  12. I’m looking for a new stacking washer and electric dryer. I had a Frigidaire set in my last house purchased at Tio Sam’s. They no longer carry Frigidaire and had zero interest in sourcing another brand. Same result at Electroventa. Anybody bought an electric set lately?
  13. Yes. He sanded the old finish. Would have been a mess otherwise.
  14. Well, the cabinets are finished and Alfonso did a fantastic job. He is very skilled, reliable and neat and tidy. I would highly recommend him. My kitchen looks spectacular. Thank you vr53load for the recommendation.
  15. Anybody had this done here? Black cabinets need primer and lighter colour applied. Recommendation for someone experienced please. thanks
  16. Any news as to when the sourdough/pizza place above the store is opening?
  17. Ok, so found the Talpita flour at Superlake. Carnivore, care to share your recipe?
  18. Guadalajara, but Jose Carlos is in the Chapala area a lot.
  19. we had one installed by Comfort Solutions. It is awesome and works like a charm and that thing is huge. Motor is quiet and if a wind blows up retracts on its own. Very professional top notch crew. Highly recommend Jose Carlos 331-228-5377.
  20. Figoush


    None at Soriana today.
  21. I saw some at the “dollar store” on the Ajijic plaza the other day.
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