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  1. have guest that requires a raised toilet seat. 331-844-5707
  2. I emailed mine in and was also rec’d a prompt confirmation.
  3. Angus, because that is the currency of England. Cincy, i’m In England now and it was easy to exchange Euros for pounds.
  4. thanks anyway, but I’ll be gone.
  5. I was hoping to avoid roaming charges by not using data. I can text them from here To Canada alright, but we will both be in the UK. Thanks to all who replied. I’ll see what happens.
  6. I have a Mexican cell phone. I am going to England and am meeting Canadian friends there. I want to text them on their Canadian cell phone from my Telcel phone. Can this be done? What numbers do I preface their phone number with? I have searched Google, but can’t find the answer to this combination. I know I can text them in Canada, from there, but what about when they are in UK? Anybody know this?
  7. I need pounds. I would trade pesos, US or Euros for them. I know I worded it awkwardly. But thanks for the tip.
  8. Anybody have some pounds they’d like to exchange for Pesos or US$ ? Or Euros?
  9. I got one a few weeks ago at H2Ole beside El Torito. As you said handymail was out of stock.
  10. How much for a 300 litre tank and does that include installation?
  11. Back to the original question. Anybody Know an IPad person I could hire?
  12. Yeah, well sounds easy enough, but in my experience with computers, if something can go wrong, it likely will. I’ll charge up the new one and see what it tells me. Thanks.
  13. I got a new iPad and need someone to transfer stuff from my old one to new one. A couple of years ago I had a fellow from Chapala fix a problem. I think his name is Gabriel. He was great, but I don’t know if he’s still around. Or any other suggestions are welcome. Except, please don’t tell me how easy it is to do myself. I am a self professed Luddite. TIA.
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