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  1. I’ll buy them. My 2014 drivers side is wearing thin. 331-844-5707
  2. Guadalajara, but Jose Carlos is in the Chapala area a lot.
  3. we had one installed by Comfort Solutions. It is awesome and works like a charm and that thing is huge. Motor is quiet and if a wind blows up retracts on its own. Very professional top notch crew. Highly recommend Jose Carlos 331-228-5377.
  4. Figoush


    None at Soriana today.
  5. I saw some at the “dollar store” on the Ajijic plaza the other day.
  6. Figoush


    Thanks, I’ll try Soriana. Something else took over the spot in the cooler at Walmart so I thought they did their typical can’t keep it in stock so why carry it routine.
  7. Figoush


    Just when I found a decent sharp cheddar - Navarro Extra Anejo - Walmart doesn’t have it anymore. Has anybody seen this anywhere else?
  8. I emailed mine in and was also rec’d a prompt confirmation.
  9. Angus, because that is the currency of England. Cincy, i’m In England now and it was easy to exchange Euros for pounds.
  10. thanks anyway, but I’ll be gone.
  11. I was hoping to avoid roaming charges by not using data. I can text them from here To Canada alright, but we will both be in the UK. Thanks to all who replied. I’ll see what happens.
  12. I have a Mexican cell phone. I am going to England and am meeting Canadian friends there. I want to text them on their Canadian cell phone from my Telcel phone. Can this be done? What numbers do I preface their phone number with? I have searched Google, but can’t find the answer to this combination. I know I can text them in Canada, from there, but what about when they are in UK? Anybody know this?
  13. I need pounds. I would trade pesos, US or Euros for them. I know I worded it awkwardly. But thanks for the tip.
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