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  1. I live in the ajijic area but mostly I pet and house sit which all canceled of course, so I'm hunkering down in Puerto Vallarta at the beach. Things are not nearly as restrictive as I'm hearing about there so I'm concerned about getting back in but that probably won't be until June 1st. I heard about road checks with the police... I've searched all over online and if you could enlighten me or refer me to any links I would really appreciate it. I plan on taking a primera plus bus to Guadalajara and then Uber to Ajijic. if I'm forced to I'll do an Uber the entire way. Going to pet sit starting
  2. I am flying Volaris from Guadalajara to Tijuana and my friend wants a bunch of asthma inhalers that she emailed me the prescription for, but of course it will be in her name. They are extremely cheap here compared to the US and required no prescription to buy in Mexico. Even after calling Airlines I haven't gotten answers as to whether first- they will object to me bringing in that many liquids with carry on because inhaler would technically be qualified as such, or might they suspect it to weapons in disguise because it's an aerosol. I do have the prescription but it's not in my name, an
  3. Anyone know the name and phone number or email of the colonic therapist who's on the west side and also does other holistic therapies? I have the name of Beatriz Gallagher but she's on the east end of town. Thanks!
  4. Greetings All! I am moving to the Lake Chapala area the first week of February and was wondering if there are celebrations for Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras. Parades? Costume events? I Googled it and didn't find anything. Gracias, Sophia
  5. friend looking ride from ajijic miguel 115- anyone heading that way? contact info Diana Winer Ajijic 376-766-3524 cell 608-3892. Thanks!'

  6. Any recommendations for DEEP therapeutic massage?

    1. alvaro moya

      alvaro moya

      hello i am a therapist i go to chapala area in the weekends. im from Venezuela my contact is 3313591051 and my email is alvaro.alexis.marquez@gmail.com

      my name is alvaro im 32 years old and i have 1 year in mexico at your service.

  7. I'll be arriving in Lake C 12/14 and could use a DEEP tissue massage! Any recommendations of really excellent, strong, therapeutic massage? Man or woman okay. What should i expect to pay for 90 minutes? Also, Salsa and general dancing at local clubs/restaurants that would be comfortable for a "young" 60 year old single female to show up at. Thanks all for previous tips and invitations... Look forward to meeting YOU...

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