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  1. And, so what happens if you do not have the proper pet paperwork and someone decides to ask for it? Denied entry? Pet confiscated? Pay a fine?
  2. Do we know what "forced to close' ' means in this situation? ?
  3. I'd like this information also... somebody there must have some input or comments regarding going to the Las Vegas consulate for Visa and qualifying. Thanks, if you can help.
  4. I, also, would be happy to add to the recommendations of Alex Peterson for your tour needs. He took a group of five of us to the Zoo, prompt, friendly, knowledgeable and very safe driving. I have also used Alex for transportation to the airport, again on time, friendly, and safe driving... everything you would want. "Senior Kentie"
  5. Anyone have something like this that are just sitting around, not being used any longer? Let me know, please. Thanks, Senior Kentie
  6. Domingo 12 will be at noon, per your information... but on what day or days? Thank you.
  7. The "Kids" have added yummy fish tacos to the available choices at "Just Chillins". They are delicious (the tacos and the kids!). So full of tasty, lightly battered fish that you have to eat a couple of pieces first before you can roll up the tacos and finish off the remainder. Comes with coleslaw and a slice of avocado (I'm going to ask for a extra slice or two next time), and par that with a couple of "full glasses" of 20 peso wine... Yahoo! That,, and the atmosphere, and the owner's hugs... what a delightful dining experience... I'm going back again tonight! Enjoy! "Senior Kentie"
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