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  1. Many heavy duty painkillers can NOT be filled for more than a 30 day supply. No exceptionsexceptions.
  2. Neither of those email address work and his phone is not working. Friday is our last chance to go before we head home.... any other ideas?
  3. 2 of us were going to take the Charter Club tour today but they did not get enough people so it was cancelled. We are going to try again next Friday. If it doesn't go we are going to taxi there as we want to bring stuff back and don't want to have to worry with the bus. We were quoted 1000 pesos for a taxi to drive us to Tonala and back and he said he will wait for us for free. Is this about right? Please, if anyone wants to do go to Tonala/Taquepaque next week, sign up now!
  4. Interesting, so by reading here it seemed as though everyone had a car, I guess that is not the case at all. How limiting would not having a car be as far as finding housing? Having lived in Central America before, cabs or buses were readily available just by walking out to a main street up until pretty late except in the smallest towns,. This is not the case at lakeside I take it?
  5. I've been reading an interesting blog by a lady living lakeside who does not have a car and she seems to get by fine without one. However I get the feeling that she is definitely in the minority. Obviously many locals make do without one, but how many expats live here without a car?
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