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  1. Does anyone know where I can transfer one VHS tape to DVD Need it by Thursday 31 May . Have been looking around the Thrift shops for an old machine as I do have the software , but all machines I found and tested (2) did not work . Do not really want to pay for a new one as I only have 1 tape that needs converting. Thanks
  2. Found this morning in Walmart Parking lot. Blue Chase freedom valid credit card Please message me if it is yours or if someone you know has lost one please inform them. Please be prepared to have I.D. or card number etc available , I would hate to give it to the wrong person !!
  3. I am a Football nutter, Watch all EPL games on Sky with English commentary by Sky (UK) commentators, Can see all EPL games , just cannot find time to watch it all . Champions and Europa League is also on live in Spanish. Also has has La Liga, and Mexican Primera Division . Much of La Liga is in English . Have had program for 4 years so have forgotten the cost but it is not more expensive than a single EPL ticket in U.K. !! I spend a little more and get the games in HD I am reading from U.K. that they are going to be able to stop streaming of EPL games soon. My kids live up in Canada and only get one or two EPL games at the weekends on Shaw. Sky carried all World Cup qualifiers either live or delay when they were playerd simultaneously. All games from the finals are covered. Drop a message if you would like to come around and see what I have (Open Saturday all day , especially if you are a Spurs supporter. !!!)
  4. You can get your CURP online When I was working with kids and soccer, I needed a CURP to register them to play so with the parent´s O.K. I went online and got them.. basically you need your full names, date of birth and place of birth. If you were not born in Mexico you need to declare you are a extranerjo. It is easy go to www.curp-gratis.com.mx. It will translate into English I have just been through the thread and have realised that Sonia from Miguel Allende has much better details than I so if I have confused anyone try the Sonia solution! I got my first CURP from a little shop in Chapala believe on Degallado , but there are several around that area. who copy and get CURPS . Cost is about 20 pesos.The only thing I do not know is what residential status is required for a CURP I do know that most government offices who require CURP will not accept a number off another card, In my experience they want the actual print out . Suggest print two, and put one on a plastic cover for wallet Hope that helps !!
  5. Glenshiel

    Almond Flour

    Does anyone know where I can buy almond flour please ?
  6. 071 0nly works from landlines not cells. My land line phones need power . Any ideas how I can report ?
  7. I am an owner/user of a golf cart around San Antonio /La Floresta . I have always considered that I was not breaking any laws by ensuring that I only use side roads , making sure road priority is given to cars , trucks etc. I, along with many others have not had plates on the cart. I have been doing this for at least two years with no problems. Today I was stopped by another cart user whose cart had been confiscated in La Floresta yesterday. They had also been told that it had happened to a couple of other cart owners. I have been trying to find what the actual regulations are. Does anyone have any information on this subject ?
  8. Live in San Antonio , pay $599 and get 4.5 to 5.5 download most of the time-. I do not quite understand it , but if I log onto my Pure VPN I can get 14 to 17 mbps depending on the ISP I use in the U.K. I used to log onto the VPN just to get foreign programming but now log on all the time and seem to get the high speed even for local internet
  9. I have come into a couple of hundred black and white mainly but some color negatives holding some family history from the 60s. The cost of printing them all would be prohibitive , but does anyone know where I can get contact prints made so that I can choose which ones to print. Seems like developing and printing pictures has gone the way of the dinosaurs in this digital age ! Thanks
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