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  1. We have new telephone lines in my part of Chapala Haciendas near the highway. Soon I hear we will have a 2nd direct cable hub from Tel Mex like at Entrance # 1. 15 years ago we only had dial up internet and it was extremely slow would lose connection regularly. I finally installed a satellite system. Up loading was still slow, but download improved significantly. Tu amigo, Sid
  2. Hi Johanson, I'm only a few miles from the Lake. I just open the windows and usually get a nice breeze, If not, I turn on my ceiling fans, Never needed more here in Chapala Haciendas. Tu amigo, Sid
  3. Sid,

    Whatever you do, DO NOT go to Dr. Zaragoza at Medicos Especialistas on the Carretera, not unless you want a colonoscopy without anasthesia like the one he performed on me!


  4. Sid

    Hi Joyce, Thanks for the PM and the great information. Sid

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