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  1. We are arriving in Ajijic late January early February for a two month stay and artist workshop. We are retired non smoking teachers from California and are familiar with Ajijic and environs, I taught at the American School in Guadalajara a few years ago. What we would like is a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom close-in apartment or house with garden , sunny, and would love availability to a swimming pool. The rental time would be 2 to 2 1/2 months starting late January to first of April 2018. Would consider house swap. We have and 2 bd, 2 bath with large artist studio , hot tub and Tandem Kayak, in Camb
  2. thank you amigos for the comments. Any more information, keep it coming. LCS! What a great support network. Wish we were in Ajijic right now.
  3. Amigos, My wife and I were just stunned by massive quotes for digital hearing aids. Costco in California priced at approx $7000 US for the two of us. the two options were Phonak Brio and Kirkland Signature 7.0. Is there a comparative option lakeside with a price we can afford? I need some dental done to, have a great doctor near Ajijic so two birds would make for a wonderful stay. Please help us if you know of some hearing aid options. Stan and April
  4. Folktraveler@gmail.com (33) 36414182 I got down here without a car, teach history all week at the American School, live in Col. Providencia but would love to try to find a way to hook up with you guys.. Stan
  5. Musical friends I've some great uke books and some video programs that teach uke basics, get a uke, we can learn together. There really his no more happy an instrument than ukulele AND it isn't all about Hawaiian music... there was a ukulele craze in the 30's and many sophisticated chords that are damn hard to play on a guitar are actually not that hard on a traditionally tuned four string uke. Any group I would be involved in would have to be evenings or weekends because I will be teaching History at the American School Foundation Guadalajara. There is joy in music Stan
  6. We are moving to Guadalajara in July. I have been playing Tenor Ukulele for a year now and belong to two groups where I currently live. One is all ukulele and meets once a month, the other is old farts folk musicians that also meets once a month.. I NEED TO FIND SOMETHING LIKE THIS IN GUADALAJARA. My musical interests range from 30's-40's Jazz song book to folk and what ever.... calling all musicians!!!!! Stan Cooper
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