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  1. We are arriving in Ajijic late January early February for a two month stay and artist workshop. We are retired non smoking teachers from California and are familiar with Ajijic and environs, I taught at the American School in Guadalajara a few years ago. What we would like is a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom close-in apartment or house with garden , sunny, and would love availability to a swimming pool. The rental time would be 2 to 2 1/2 months starting late January to first of April 2018. Would consider house swap. We have and 2 bd, 2 bath with large artist studio , hot tub and Tandem Kayak, in Cambria California. It is one mile from the ocean in San Luis Obispo County, CA in the artist community of Cambria (8 miles south of Hearst's Castle on Highway 1) Central Coast which is half way between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Stan and April folktraveler@gmail.com Cambria, CA 93428
  2. thank you amigos for the comments. Any more information, keep it coming. LCS! What a great support network. Wish we were in Ajijic right now.
  3. Amigos, My wife and I were just stunned by massive quotes for digital hearing aids. Costco in California priced at approx $7000 US for the two of us. the two options were Phonak Brio and Kirkland Signature 7.0. Is there a comparative option lakeside with a price we can afford? I need some dental done to, have a great doctor near Ajijic so two birds would make for a wonderful stay. Please help us if you know of some hearing aid options. Stan and April
  4. We moved to Guadalajara a month and a half ago because I got a teaching position at the American School. We live in Col. Providencia. Guadalajara is a great city, but we are village folk and Ajijic has always been a favorite place for us. We want to rent an apartment that we can stay in on the weekends and over extended holidays. The school doesn't pay enough for us to be extravagant but we could afford something furnished , one bed, one bath. We desire a place in the village and can pay 500 or 600 a month and would like access to a small yard/garden, and wifi. we don't need a phone because we have cellulars. Don't care about TV either. We want to join the Chapala Society and see if Ajijic is the place for us in retirement. I'm only going to work this and perhaps next year. My wife is a newly retired elementary teacher and is interested in helping with the youth art classes at Chapala Society on Saturdays. She may stay over sometimes when I return on Sunday for my work week. We have a very gentle little beagle dog that doesn't make messes or noise, he is neutered and we ALWAYS walk him on a leash . This is probably enough about us If you have a rental to offer (In Ajijic or Floresta) please contact us Stan and April (33) 36414182 cell 331 795 0737 after 3 pm if Monday-Friday anytime Saturday or Sunday folktraveler@gmail.com
  5. Folktraveler@gmail.com (33) 36414182 I got down here without a car, teach history all week at the American School, live in Col. Providencia but would love to try to find a way to hook up with you guys.. Stan
  6. We have just moved into a nice house on Montreal in the Providencia area of GDL. All of the lighting is in the ceiling and we have been able to purchase a few cheap table lamps at various sorianas and what not but we LONG for a floor lamp or two so we can have some area lighting for reading and mood.... Also we are in need of a fireplace screen, a grate (iron thing that logs rest upon as they burn) and a poker, shovel, broom thingie.. Ideas? Thanks Stan and April
  7. Amigos we are moving to gdl in a couple weeks. my wife loves her 4s iphone. we are currently on att us. WHAT Advise do you have for jailbrake and new sim issues in gdl region/ data text and phone for her att 4s iphone? thanks Stan an April
  8. Thank you all for your suggestions. I just emailed A Dog Company in Providencia. Our needs are access to quality dog food, infrequent vet needs, kenneling for those times we must be away. We have been very spoiled, where we currently live. We have a door to door pick up drop off daycare service for the equivalent 130 pesos a day and a great ranch setting for the kennel and daycare..... I see this is a problem for many, as I negotiate the terrain of this I will share my findings....
  9. Musical friends I've some great uke books and some video programs that teach uke basics, get a uke, we can learn together. There really his no more happy an instrument than ukulele AND it isn't all about Hawaiian music... there was a ukulele craze in the 30's and many sophisticated chords that are damn hard to play on a guitar are actually not that hard on a traditionally tuned four string uke. Any group I would be involved in would have to be evenings or weekends because I will be teaching History at the American School Foundation Guadalajara. There is joy in music Stan
  10. Thanks to those who responded. Last night we set up a new Skype number and are doing the learning curve on it's features. So very glad it has call messaging. Problem solved! Thanks Chapala Web Board!
  11. We are moving to Guadalajara in July. We are bringing Wrigley, our dog. He is used to doggie daycare a few days a week and we will occassionally need kennel services when we travel for short periods and veteranarian services. We will be living near my job at ASFG in Col. Providencia Italia in Guadalajara. Suggestions greatly appreciated Stan and April and Wrigley the Beagle
  12. We are moving to Guadalajara in July. I have been playing Tenor Ukulele for a year now and belong to two groups where I currently live. One is all ukulele and meets once a month, the other is old farts folk musicians that also meets once a month.. I NEED TO FIND SOMETHING LIKE THIS IN GUADALAJARA. My musical interests range from 30's-40's Jazz song book to folk and what ever.... calling all musicians!!!!! Stan Cooper
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