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  1. The health benefits of sourdough are complex and come from what the live culture does to the dough before baking. Here's a link to one good article: http://www.sourdough.co.uk/why-is-it-that-i-can-digest-sourdough-bread-and-not-commercial-bread/ I can agree with that premise. Yes, you are lucky to have Panadería Scandinavia in your region. Morelia has the Panadería Origo, a newer development, but most of our bread is made here, at home.
  2. I doubt that a live yeast culture would survive the heat of the baking process. (I'm a retired baker.)
  3. Thanks. These replies are very educational.
  4. A calzone is the Italian version of a savory empanada. I think that in Mexican Spanish, the word "calzón" means "underpants" in some contexts.
  5. Costco (at least in Morelia ) sells a really good Polish style smoked sausage under the Kiolbassa label. However, they sell only one variety, but it's excellent.
  6. "1", and the sticker says "Honda of America". I haven't located an EPA emissions placard, nor DOT, but I haven't lifted the hood yet. Yes, this has been a very interesting thread and I learned new information. For safety information, one might consult the ficha técnica that I linked earlier.
  7. Oddly enough, our first service appointment is in one year or 60,000 kilometers from the purchase date. Seems like a very long time for the first year. The warranty is for three years.
  8. Here are the specs for U.S. Honda CR-Vs 2017, which amazingly, come in 10 "flavors"! For what it's worth, the U.S. CR-V web site is plain and dull compared to the jazzy, animated Mexican site. I'm pleased to say that ours came with a full size spare tire, while its U.S. counterpart has a compact spare. We also got a nifty tool kit, along with our Spanish owner's manual and a CD. I have no way of playing the latter. They could have put the data on a pen drive, but I'm not complaining.
  9. Less than a month ago, we bought a Honda CR-V Turbo in Morelia. I spent a lot of time beforehand on the Internet to compare the U.S. with the Mexican models. While the U.S. has some 5 or more "trim" levels, the Mexican has three. You can see a detailed list of features of the 3 Mexican models here. Ficha técnica. I also waded through the English version owners' manual online, realizing that the features varied some from the Mexican model. No remote startup for the Mexican version, which is just as well. It's easy to drive, although we had to make some adjustment after driving a Ford Windstar for the past 11 years. Keyless, pushbutton startup is a snap; keyless entry took a little time to learn, but walk away door lock took some extensive familiarization to where we would feel confident that the doors were truly locked. The interactive touch screen can be daunting for non techie types. But after much study, I realized that there are various "states' of function. If you have an iPhone or an Android phone, you can display a restricted group of apps on the Honda's touch screen. I'm still needing to familiarize myself with the audio controls on the left side of the steering wheel. So far, I've had some success in using Siri voice control (while parked, not while driving. Not yet.) But these features are icing on the cake. I will note that I had to use the touch screen to make system and vehicle changes, notably interior lights and most importantly, the walk away door lock. We believe that our car was manufactured in the U.S. It has a sticker that indicates such. All the controls are in English. However, the speedometer is in kilometers per hour, not miles. Plata Luna color CR-V similar to ours.
  10. You all have so many choices! I'm a little confused as to whic is the most recommended spa. Is it this one? Hotel Spa Cosala
  11. Oh, I guess I will join in the fun: why do some of my friends pronounce the popular Mexican dish, "Chiles RaYAHNos"? It drives me nuts, but I don't say anything.
  12. Don Cuevas


    I did not enjoy the dense, almost dry texture of the jocoque I bought at Costco in Morelia. It was so dense that it was hard to dig it out of the container.
  13. After washing your hands in a public bathroom (as in a restaurant), grab some paper towel to open the door and exit, as you don't know what the guy before you failed to do.
  14. I agree. Our local physician prescribed it for insomnia, but when I read the ficha técnica, I didn't want any part of it. I feel more confident taking Vivinox-N, when needed.
  15. Yes, Vivinox-N is mildly tranquilizing and sedative. Anyone here ever taken Zapex? http://www.sunpharma.com.mx/tecnicas/tec_zapex.asp I'm surprised that it's sold without a prescription. A tea of Tila leaves is also gently sedative. Our vecinos make tea from fresh basil leaves to help them sleep. I haven't tried it.
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