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    Kayaking, horses, travel, motor cycles, , good food, relationships.

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Email meAbout me? Well I first came to Mexico in 1964 via a Triumph sport car, didn't speak any Spanish. Drove to Mexico City. Came down Mex. 15 and all the roads were two lane. Came through Lakeside and WOW you would not believe what 1964 compared to now looked like. I was 19 and fell for Mexico.

After returning from overseas (Army) in 1967, I returned to Mexico on several trips, one of which I lived in Oaxaca for 9 months. Came back to the US and did the College thing, worked raised a family(4 kids) and retired, Recently became SINGLE. Bought my house Lakeside in 2006. I decided on Guad/Lakeside because it is located centrally and is a springboard to the rest of Southern Mexico. I have a lot of mountains to climb, jungles to cross and new relationships to be made. I am looking forward to the best part of LIFE to come. Well there's a whole lot more to "About Me" but we can discuss that over a cold Cerveza!! Viva Mexico !!

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