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  1. Was on 200 yesterday and today. Road is two lane, narrow most of the way. Hundreds of curves, beautiful scenery. Today saw lots of Army and Marines. From Tecoman to Z is approximately 5-6 hours of driving. Many large trucks slow down the drive. With all that said I really enjoy the small beach villages. I have always felt safe.
  2. Dr. Don a really Great Dentis! And became a good friend. RIP and you will be remembered.
  3. Just did the TJ crossing last week. The bridge makes it very easy to cross into the US and back into Mexico. The cost is $16 each way. It is easy to get a rental car as soon as you exit in to the US. The "bridge" is actually a long hallway, that takes you to US customs. they have 3 or 4 stations which makes crossing easy. Last trip I got an UBER which arrived within 5 minutes. Keep your receipt if you buy the roundtrip ticket. The bridge is a lot easier than crossing at San Ysidro. Enjoy !!!
  4. I use a company in the States, called Mailbox forwarding, They receive the mail ( from your Post Office) and then notify you via e-mail, you can check the mail and then ask then to scan the contents, i then print the letter, bill, check (they will send your check to the your bank, if desired) etc on my printer, basic cost is $14.95 per month. Have used this service for many years and have no complaints.
  5. 2nd Ron Young in Chapala !!! Old School VW repair.
  6. I use it, but there are large potholes, just drive slowly.
  7. Just crossed a few days ago with expired plates, not a word mentioned about them. I did renew telephonically when I got to San Diego, I doubt you will have a problem entering the US, with that said the local Police may cite you once your on the highway ?
  8. Making the best out of LIFE !

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