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  1. Dr. Don a really Great Dentis! And became a good friend. RIP and you will be remembered.
  2. Just did the TJ crossing last week. The bridge makes it very easy to cross into the US and back into Mexico. The cost is $16 each way. It is easy to get a rental car as soon as you exit in to the US. The "bridge" is actually a long hallway, that takes you to US customs. they have 3 or 4 stations which makes crossing easy. Last trip I got an UBER which arrived within 5 minutes. Keep your receipt if you buy the roundtrip ticket. The bridge is a lot easier than crossing at San Ysidro. Enjoy !!!
  3. I use a company in the States, called Mailbox forwarding, They receive the mail ( from your Post Office) and then notify you via e-mail, you can check the mail and then ask then to scan the contents, i then print the letter, bill, check (they will send your check to the your bank, if desired) etc on my printer, basic cost is $14.95 per month. Have used this service for many years and have no complaints.
  4. 2nd Ron Young in Chapala !!! Old School VW repair.
  5. I use it, but there are large potholes, just drive slowly.
  6. Nationalised my motorcycle in Nogales 2 weeks ago and got it plated in Tonala last week. Was told they are only doing 2006 & 2007 "cars" presently. Broker I used was very efficient and did all he said he would do.
  7. Mulege, Loreto and Total Santos are my favorites to live in------------ in the Baja ( in the fall winter and early Spring)
  8. I have a Brother Lazer printer , really like it===== I bought it a Best Buy NOB. Maybe check Guad Best Buy. I need to locate toner. My printer came with the capability to print 1500 copies, so that lasted me most of one year. NO color , but fast and so far trouble free. I had a 4 in 1 Kodac printer but was constantly having problems with the ink supply.
  9. I pay 10 pesos delivered and have never had a problem with the quality. It was 8 pesos last year but went up. I live over the mountain in Ixtlahuacan de los Membrillos.
  10. Jason Taylor owner of Adelitas Resturant , does WEB Design 3314477443 or Check webdesignajijic.com or info@webdesignajijic.com Jason speaks good Spanish and English
  11. RV is correct. I brought my 25' MacGregor sailboat down a few years ago. The year before bringing it down the lake was up and there were many sailboats using the lake. To my dismay, I was unable to launch, I need about 2&1/2 feet of draft to launch. After checking all over the lake, I decided it was not possible that season. I had a choice of storing the boat until higher water levels or taking it back NOB. I took it back. Since that time the lake remains low. I now have my Kayac lakeside and that works well. Also, just for your information there is a Sailing Club here with Canadians and Americans, they meet weekly for lunch. A good group of members and they do occasionally get out on the lake in small sailboats. When you come down you may want to come to an meeting and get up to date info regarding what is available.
  12. I am Permanente, and last year (heading NB) crossed at Nogales in my Mexican plated car and did nothing, except show my passport to US customs. Was I supposed to do something else (in Mexico) to be legally leaving ?
  13. I was out from about 11:30 PM last night to around 10:00 AM this morning in Ixtlahaucan.
  14. I was at the "MOON" property about a year ago for a dinner party. I had previously seen the property back in 2005, at that time is was in really bad shape. Last year I was very impressed in that the property had been restored and IMO it was very nice. Have not seen it for over a year so I can't comment on it's present state. I had a friend who also rented there for several months and she left for various reasons.
  15. RIP Rollly ! My condolences to his Family and a sincere "Thank You" for all the useful information that Rolly provided me and others on life in Mexico.
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