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  1. Telmex accounts are tied to the account holder, not the address. If you move within the area, you can ask to take the same number with you to the new location. As a property manager, I had a tenant move out leaving an outstanding bill, the next tenant was able to get a hookup for the same address in their own name. Mention of the outstanding bill from previous tenant never came up.
  2. I don't think any liquid vanilla will have "vanilla" as the first ingredient. It is always water.
  3. You say your Residente Temporal is expiring- will it be expired when you cross the border? I have never heard of anyone having to turn in their valid residency papers (as opposed to tourist visa) when leaving the country, unless they plan on giving up that status and re-entering as a tourist.
  4. Perhaps you should go to the Moviestar office to inquire, since your friend you are trying to call uses Moviestar rather than Telmex or Telcel.
  5. Apologies if I have missed something, but I have read over the posted information regarding family unity applications and while it states that a permanent resident can sponsor a spouse, parent, dependent child or adult infirm child, I do not find my question addressed. I am a permanent resident with a long-standing business in Mexico, ie. I am not retired. Can I sponsor my adult daughter for temporary residency? If so, can this be done from within Mexico? What paperwork would be required? And while I would officially agree to be financially responsible for her in Mexico, that would not be the
  6. This response probably comes too late for you Baxter, just saw this post. When I had to remove my Canadian plated car a couple years ago, I just called ICBC and they insured me for something like 10 days to get the car back. They emailed me the policy, no need to have a sticker or anything else couriered.
  7. I don't know if Comfortis is the same active ingredient as this Bravecto, but I gave my super healthy 6 year old dog Comfortis a year ago because nothing else was working on the fleas. Within 24 hrs she broke out in ulcerating sores all over her legs which took weeks to go away. I read up about the stuff (which I should have done BEFORE I gave it to her) and read of many people's dogs that had had the same reaction, and many whose dogs had gone into convulsions and died after being administered Comfortis.
  8. Trying to solve a salitre problem by treating the area where you see the salitre coming out your walls is like trying to cure obesity by loosening your belt. You have to find out where the moisture is getting in. It is wicking up or down your walls and appearing not where the problem is originating. You may have to dig up along the sides of your house, clean the foundation, and then waterproof or tar it to a few inches above ground level. Once you have treated the source of the problem, do not be in a big rush to scrape, reseal, and paint where the salitre is inside your house. The moisture wi
  9. The maid has worked a total of 7 days. The fact that it was spread out over a 7 week period does not equal 49 days, if that's what you're thinking. It seems to me you don't owe her any vacation pay or aguinaldo.
  10. In my experience even a cheapo little cell phone has an option to change the language to English. To be found in "phone settings". And be aware that if you don't use the cell phone for 6 months Telcel will cancel your number.
  11. Sonia and Spencer, thank you both for responding to my question.
  12. RV Gringo, you are unclear on what I am saying. My bank trust fee of $450US is a constant. If Banorte insists that I pay the equivalent amt. in pesos at whatever their (Banorte's) rate of exchange that day happens to be, I would be paying a conversion fee for changing dollars to pesos. If they used the mid-market exchange rate for the day, that would be different, but that is not what they have tried to get me to do in the past, rather they wanted me to buy pesos at their "buy" rate. As I'm sure you are aware, whenever one changes currencies, the bank always gets their cut. For that reason I
  13. Perhaps Spencer or Sonia would be so kind as to answer this. If someone is in Mexico on a tourist visa and receives a legitimate job offer from an accredited institution (in this case an international school), would they still have to apply for temporal with work permission from their country of normal residence? If so, would financials still be required, as the person would actually be earning $ here? Or is there some process whereby the hiring body would apply for the prospective employee's temporal?
  14. Every year Banorte, which holds my bank trust, quotes me the bank trust fee in pesos (at whatever their conversion rate is that day). Every year I point out that my fideicomiso states that the fee is "$450 US or the equivalent in pesos", meaning that legally they have no right to demand that I pay in pesos. Every year they immediately back down and say that I can pay in US$. What a silly game, and anyone who didn't stand their ground, as I do, would be taken advantage of.
  15. A solution of muriatic acid and water, scrub with a brush. Works great. If too labor intensive for you, hire someone to do it, as long as you can get them to be thorough and not miss any parts, it doesn't require any skill, just elbow grease.
  16. All the sewing machine needles I have found in sewing stores and tianguis are ball point- they don't seem to sell sharps for some reason. The only place I have been able to find those are at sewing machine repair shops. But i live in PV area, so where won't help you.
  17. If you like a dark roast, I personally love the Blason Espresso from Costco. (which I brew in a french press with garafon water) I have a friend here whose visitors from the States liked it so much they ask her to bring some NOB for them when she goes.
  18. I live in PV area, and around here, you can find them in most Mexican dollar stores (TODO POR 25 PESOS!) for 25 pesos. Usually on a rack near the front, or the little skinny ones that come in a case on the counter. Surprising what you can find in those places, actually, like steel wool, which I had been looking for at hardware and paint stores, and they had no idea what I was talking about.
  19. And just to make matters even more confusing, there are several places in PV and one in Mezcales turning into the Walmart parking lot where there is actually a left turn lane on the highway proper, rather than from a lateral on the right, just like NOB.
  20. I always read my meter, and write down the reading around the time when they are due to read it. If the bill does not jive with the actual meter reading, which has happened twice over 8 years, I go to the CFE office and straighten it out. When I first built my house, my first bill, after being connected for 2 months, was zero consumption and only the connection fee.. I knew that if they put it all on one bill some time in the future I would be in the high rate. I phoned the office, explained that I had been using the electric for 2 months, but the bill was zero. She said "don't pay that bill!
  21. Vacation pay: # days worked in the year divided by 365 x # vacation days (8 for someone who has worked for you for 2 years) x 1.25 x daily pay ( what they earn in a week divided by 7).
  22. I'd have to agee with Al Berca's response. You are being taken advantage of. And guy sounds way too slow, if you can rake the garden in half the time. Sounds like you might want to look for a new gardener if this one continues in his ways.
  23. mudgirl


    Yes, Computer Guy, I totally concur, Mexican butter smells totally rancid. My daughter, who also lives in Mexico and is not so fussy, bought some when she came to visit- I could smell it every time I walked into the kitchen through the closed fridge door. Made her put it in the freezer, could STILL smell it, made her throw it out.
  24. I have had a Mex.plated car for 3 years now, but when I had my Canadian vehicle insured through Lewis and Lewis, I definitely read in their policy that vehicle needed to have valid and current registration. Perhaps they have changed this since then.
  25. It clearly states on Lewis and Lewis insurance policies that vehicle must have current and valid registration in home state or province for said insurance to be valid. So may not be necessary as to aduana rules, but I'd sure not want to drive without insurance here.
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