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  1. Says the guy who tells others they are suffering from TDS.
  2. You want to see them back at work even though they are high risk for COVID? Did you ever consider that perhaps they don't want to be out among crowds of people during a pandemic? maybe their health and staying alive is more important to them than tips?
  3. It's the Permithrin family of insecticides that are fatal to fish and crustacean and some birds. I have no idea exactly what they are spraying in your area, but it should be possible to find out.
  4. If they die of coronavirus, who will work and feed their families? If people want things to get back to normal, they have to stop pretending that things are normal. Wear a mask.
  5. My neighbor used to live in another part of town and told me when the spray truck woud come around, they had a loudspeaker that said to open all your doors and windows so the spray could get in. She'd be standing on the street talking with her Mexican neighbors and she'd run to close all her windows. They laughed at her, thought she was crazy. So much ignorance. Once she said she saw them spray all over a woman who was pushing her baby in a stroller. Find out what they are spraying. Here in Sayulita, they use a Permithrin-based product. It's fatal to fish, crustaceans and some birds. All
  6. There isn't conflicting information about whether wearing a mask in public and social distancing reduces viral transmission of COVID. It is a scientific and public health issue, not a political one, or a matter of some untrained person's opinion who doesn't "agree with you". So yes, anyone who refuses to wear a mask in public is severely lacking in intelligence.
  7. Just because someone observes and comments on something doesn't mean they waste their time trying to change it. You can't change the minds or ways of people whose belief systems are closed to new information or anything that contradicts their opinions.
  8. For starters, someone decided to reply to a post I made almost 2 months ago, so some things have changed. And yes, I live in the countryside and only go out among others once every 2 weeks, so you can take your presumptions and your sanctimonious attitude elsewhere.
  9. A 20 peso coin isn't new. There used to be some of them in circulation, but I haven't seen any for years. And yes, the old ones were also easy to mistake. They were a bit heavier, and I can't remember if they had a beveled edge.
  10. There isn't a "fine" for an overstayed visa. As far as I've ever known, they charge you whatever the cost of a tourist visa is. Do not show them your 3-year overstay visa. Tell them you lost it. And next time you go to a country not your own, show some respect for the laws of that country.
  11. In some people's view, it is everyone's job to look out for all of humanity. And do one's part so that others are not harmed by our own self-centeredness. Thinking you are the center of the universe is a normal state of mind for a 2 year old. Civilized people are supposed to grow out of that. But I know that's not a popular American viewpoint.
  12. Not all foreigners came here to be retired, you know. You just happen to live in a place where the demographic of foreigners is mainly retired. Not all communities with a large ex-pat population are like that. It's definitely helpful to use a facilitator or lawyer for complicated legal matters, just as you probably would anywhere. But it's only if you don't speak adequate Spanish that you need help with simple things like drivers' licenses or a simple TR renewal.
  13. What's nasty is the people on this board who think they know everything about everything, to the point that they will even tell you that what you personally experienced couldn't possibly be true.
  14. I imagine infections from seasonal influenza, chicken pox, etc. are also largely unreported. I certainly never went to the doctor if I got the flu, nor took my kids to the doctor when they got chicken pox. I wouldn't think most people would unless they were really sick, or now, to make sure it isn't COVID.
  15. Yes, there were always some income requirements to get TR, but as you stated above, the income requirements were much lower. And there were no foreign income requirements if approved for a working TR due to starting your own business in Mexico, or being hired by a Mexican business, as I explained above. My daughter got TR a few years ago because the school here wanted to hire her- she certainly had no foreign income at that time to show INM. Her TR was tied to that job, so when she decided she didn't want to work there anymore, she no longer qualified. And just because someone had enough
  16. Well, you are simply wrong. I know you have an impossible time believing such a thing could be true. I used a respected immigration lawyer- he told me that he couldn't guarantee that INM would approve a working TR for my own business, but that there was no reason not to try. It was approved without any problem. I know several other foreigners who had the same experience. Mexico seems quite amenable to having foreigners start businesses here, because not only do we add to the economy in the same way that retired foreigners do, we also pay income tax on our earnings. And lest you start bera
  17. Nice post. I may have been in Ajijic before anyone on this board, I don't know. I lived there for a few months in 1971. It was WAY different.
  18. I've lived in Mexico for 18 years. The first couple years I wasn't here full time, on a Tourist permit. I became a TR about 16 years ago, then segued to PR. The rules were different then. And my TR was a work TR- I started a small business- my income didn't come from out-of-country. I know you think you're really clever, but you don't understand everything.
  19. I never said I was a citizen. I'm a PR. And yes, I do live on that. I have no idea what you are talking about "based on previous posts". No you never qualified 12,000/month as poor. But the way you wrote it, it certainly sounded like you were using it as an example of someone who lives on what you consider to be a meager amount, but doesn't qualify.
  20. That's exactly what I meant about not making assumptions. You seem to think that 12,000 pesos/month is some amount that indicates a poverty level that no foreigner would be able to live on. I live on far less than that and so do lots of people I know.
  21. Regardless of each foreign-born person's financial resources? You may not be aware, but there actually are people in that category who are just as poor as Mexicans. I don't fall into that category, but I know people who do. There would be nothing shameful or greedy about them applying for this benefit. Don't judge other people's circumstances by your own personal experience where you happen to live and with the people you happen to know.
  22. I'd call that a park bench, not a settee love-seat.
  23. Chapala didn't post Chicken Little, mocking those who are rightfully concerned, you did.
  24. I've always thought that Ricanelas taste just like graham crackers, except with cinnamon. And they have the same crunchiness and texture. I'd think they'd make a decent substitute for the graham cracker crust as long as the cinnamon flavor would go well with the filling. The Canelitas I find way too sweet and they have a softer texture than the Ricanelas.
  25. That's an effective, non-toxic spray for many insects that attack vegetable plants. I used to use it on my plants for aphid control.
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