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  1. I don't live Lakeside, but the very good dentist I use in Puerto Vallarta charges half that for a crown. Of course, charges can vary a bit, depending on the state of the broken tooth.
  2. The title of your post is "So much for my road trip idea..." That implies that you are now scared to travel.
  3. I would assume that words most educated people have no trouble understanding the meaning of doesn't have value as a way to impress anyone. Only those who resent the value of education, and who they perceive as "elite", see words and phrases they don't understand as being used to impress anyone. Other people look up things they don't understand., as they appreciate gaining more knowledge.
  4. It's a colossal waste of time to try to point things out to people with opinions set in stone, closed minds, and a penchant for cognitive dissonance.
  5. Uh, no. My cat gets swatted if she scratches me. There's something wrong with "cat people".
  6. Maybe you need stronger glasses? 🙂 Sorry, couldn't resist. Yes, sometimes those "not a robot" letters are hard to make out. But most capital letters are obviously different from small letters. I haven't checked out this particular page, but I've had to sign in to SAT a hundred times- if you get it wrong, they just give you a fresh page with a new combination of letters and/or numbers, which hopefully will be easier to distinguish.
  7. Are you supposed to read it out loud with your microphone turned on? If not, just move your eyes across the page as if you were reading. It doesn't matter if you can actually see it, if they are just trying to get a scan of your iris.
  8. Is this supposed to be an online iris scan? That's what it sounds like to me. That's why they want the glasses off.
  9. No they aren't. They said they have not seen monkey pox spread through sexual contact before now. You have a serious reading comprehension problem. Nowhere is it said that is the only way it has been passed in the current outbreak. You seem not to know what "bodily fluids" includes, nor that "orifices" are more than one's sexual apparatus. Odd for someone who claims to have been a first responder. It includes saliva, fluid from lesions, regardless of where on the body they are. Equating the correction of misinformation with "spreading fear" or insinuating that anyone is going to wear a mask to protect them from monkeypox is ridiculous. But thanks for confirming that you really are that stupid.
  10. Yes, that is what all the scientific information says and that is exactly what I said. Can't you read that? No one said it is spread through breath, no one said it is a purely blood-borne disease, no one said it is spread the same way Covid is, so why are you even talking about that? And why do you keep saying it is only spread through sexual contact, when that is a lie? Are you really that stupid that you can't absorb simple information?
  11. Why do you enjoy spreading lies? Are you unable to comprehend what you read? Is there a filter in your brain that distorts all information in order for it to fit into your prejudices? It's spread through close contact, of any kind, with bodily fluids. It is transferred by coming in contact with the lesions produced by the disease, regardless of where those lesions happen to be. Sexual contact is only one of the ways it is spread. Nor is Aids only spread through sexual contact. It's a blood-borne disease. People contracted it from blood transfusions, and other ways besides sexual contact. You could come to the assistance of someone who had an accident and was bleeding, and happened to be HIV positive, and if you had a cut and their blood got in it, you could contract it. Now back to our regular programming- the stupidity and lies right-winger love fest.
  12. ??? "Iffy" in what way? I stand on the terrace, hang up the clothes while reeling out the line. It's been there for 12 years. You say some strange stuff.
  13. It's a Govt. of Canada number straight off their website.
  14. Thank you Thank you, but I already did a search and found threads that listed the toll free numbers to use,but 833 was not among them, which is why I am asking.
  15. You heard wrong. There is no timeline. The SAT offices don't open their appointment booking calendars 6 months to a year ahead, only 2 weeks ahead, at least in my area office, so there is no way to book way ahead, and therefore no way to assess when one might be able to attend their offices. "I heard" among ex-pats means nothing, it's usually baseless chatter, totally confused, or outright incorrect.
  16. Very clear and informative video, aside from his advice to just pop into a SAT office. You can't get an appointment these days.
  17. Yes, and there is also a creek, just past Don Pedro's restaurant, that we locals all called the Rio Hepatiti. They cleaned that up, too. Discovered some homes whose sewer pipes were discharging directly into it. BTW, that isn't a river in Sayulita, although everyone seems to refer to it as such- it's an arroyo- it's seasonal- only has water in it part of the year. Dry as a bone right now, even where I live, a couple kilometers up it, where we usually still have a small stream flowing for longer than you see in town.
  18. Yes, it seems to be under control now since they booted out the crook who had been running the water system and sewage treatmennt plant for 18 years. I know the system has been upgraded and a few years ago what I heard was that the plant was actually capable of doing tertiary treatment, but that that guy was only using primary treatment, which is basically raw sewage. He pocketed vast sums of money that were intended to be used to run the system. And you are right- those who profited greatly from the tourist trade here tried to downplay or deny the seriousness of what was going on, which is unconscionable, IMO. But that wasn't really going to work, as we live in the age of social media, where, "We all got sick in Sayulita", posts all over travel review sites, and other social media is seen by millions of people. To be fair, though, tourists getting sick here was always blamed on the sewage issue, when there are many reasons tourists get sick. You can get food poisoning, Norovirus, sunstroke, overdid it at the bar one night. In fact, Norovirus was only an issue during high tourist season- they didn't get it here, and locals weren't all getting Norovirus, the tourists brought it down with them. They were probably already infected when they got on the plane, even if they had no symptoms yet. Then they are all sharing a vacation home and spread it among themselves. And there were many instances of a group of tourists all getting sick, but many in their group never went in the ocean at all.
  19. Personal RFCs are 13 characters, RFCs in the name of a company or business are 12 characters, so maybe you are in the wrong portal, or the site is just poorly programmed.
  20. Long time, 20 years. Everywhere is different and more crowded now. And that's not just due to expats and foreign tourists- there seem to be more middle-class Mexicans now who are weekend tourists in their own country. Here where I live in Sayulita, the tourists used to just be foreigners, except for holidays like Semana Santa and Christmas. Now Guadalajarans and other city-dwelling Mexicans seem as prolific every weekend as the other tourists, and many own vacation homes here. But even back then, I used to hear people saying that San Miguel was just overrun with retired expat Americans and Canadians, however, that wasn't my experience, not the crowd I hung out with. Like almost anywhere, one's experience can differ greatly depending on what area they live, who they hang with, and the activities they pursue.
  21. Anyone have the number you have to substitute for an 833 Canadian govt. toll free prefix?
  22. That's what I loved about it when I lived there. You could go out and hear live music of almost any genre any night of the week, there were art openings all the time at the many galleries where you could go hang out and shmooze around and drink and eat free wine and appies 🙂 And the jardin (the main plaza) was a hoppin' place all the time where you were sure to run into friends or make new ones. I miss that kind of culture here on the coast. Surfing culture just isn't that interesting unless you're a surfer.
  23. I'm not having any trouble sleeping. And I'm not in any "situation of possible rule changes". I can assure you that the Mexican tax dept. lets taxpayers know when the rules have changed. There were many changes in the tax reporting system starting in January, and that information was readily available on the website. As they were, and which taxpayers were advised of, when they made changes back in 2008. In fact, it's so complicated now that I used to easily file my taxes myself, but recently employed an accountant, who explained all of the tax changes this year, and would let me know of any further changes. There is no need for a "very good tax attorney".
  24. ??? You, the newbie, are advising me to make sure I am compliant with the law here, and consult a tax lawyer? That's hilarious. I'm a permanent resident, have been for years, have never been retired, have every right to work here, am fully tax compliant, I file and pay business taxes monthly. You applied for permanente status as a retiree at a consulate. My situation is totally different from yours. It is perfectly evident to the Mexican tax dept that I have no employees- if I did, I would have facturas and deductions for their salaries. Go lecture to some other newbies, not people who've lived here and run businesses for 18 years.
  25. It is a myth that I have heard many times over the years that in order to open a business as a foreigner, you had to employ Mexicans. I applied for a working temporary visa back in 2004 (the first resident visa I had), saying I wanted to open an upholstery business, and I was never asked if I was planning to employ Mexicans. In fact, I said it was a self-employed business for myself. I have never had any employees. I wonder if under the new regs, you can apply to change your visa to working status at INM in Mexico. When I had my temporary, with permission to work, it was not a regular temporary- it cost about double.
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