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  1. I hope you mean a water filter/purifier, not a distiller. It is not good for you to drink distilled water, it has no mineral content, it is essentially dead water.
  2. All the Mex. brands I have tried perform poorly.
  3. Also fatal to shellfish, fish, and some birds.
  4. The tourism tax will be added to the NOB-Mexico portion of a return ticket originating in Mexico, or on a one-way flying into Mexico. It is nice that some airlines have forms to fill out and re-imburse you- as I previously posted on another thread, Westjet will only deduct the tax at time of booking, which means you have to call them to book your ticket (find the one you want online first, reserve it for 24 hrs, then call before you pay and do your booking by phone.).
  5. Computer Guy, I am pretty much a computer :() and you obviously are not, and what you say about websites running slowly having to do with the connection or the computer itself makes total sense, but I can confirm that Yahoo takes forever to load. Other websites do not. I figure it's cause Yahoo has to load its mountains of useless "news" and ads and videos before it will actually let you open your mail.
  6. Tourism tax is applied only on flights into Mexico, not exiting.
  7. A few months ago the stores started requiring that we enter the pin number when using a debit card. Before that all you had to do was sign. The clerk is supposed to hand you the machine to put your card in and enter the pin number. Do not tell the clerk your # and let them enter if, and if they do ask you to do that, report them to the manager.
  8. Maybe a regime that figures it's likely to lose the next election and has statistics to show that non-resident Canadians are likely not to vote Conservative? Just a guess.
  9. Money grab for who? Westjet does not actually charge more to book through an agent on the phone if you have an issue like this or any other problem booking online. Telcel receives the benefit of the extra expense I incur when doing this.
  10. Wasps and bees go dormant at night. If the nest is somewhere you can reach it, I go out just before dark, carefully lift a large garbage bag up and around the nest and the leaf they are attached to, tie or hold the top tight, then cut the leaf above the bag. If you are too scared or infirm or don't trust yourself to do this, perhaps your handyman or a friendly neighbor could do it for you. If the wasp or bee nest is just there, but they are not actively bothering you, please don't kill them- they are an important part of the ecosystem.
  11. There has also been a lon-running case in Canadian Supreme Court re the constitutionality of Canadian banks releasing information on accounts of Canadian citizens who are also considered "US persons" by the IRS. Google "Isaac Brock Society" for some fascinating reading.
  12. Just went through this with Westjet. Booked my ticket and paid for my ticket online, then called them re refund when I got to Canada. They told me they would not give me a refund, but would give me a Westjet credit "this time", but to give them a call next time before I booked if I wanted to not pay the tourism tax. When I used to fly Alaska, they actually had forms you could fill out at the boarding gate with your residency info and they would post the tourism tax back to your credit card. Really wish Westjet and Air Canada would do this, as I don't have a house phone in Mex, and the "toll-free" airline #s don't work from a Mex. cellphone, so calling them when I book costs me a small fortune since I get put on hold for a long time.
  13. I have done quite a bit of cement work and think one of the reasons the exterior plastering cracks and crumbles here is that they use a far too rich a mixture. There seems to be the idea here that the more cement, the stronger. My workers were mixing mortar and sand at a 1:1 ratio, and indeed over the years it has fallen off in many places and cracked in many more. They also don't know that once you have the mix done and slaked, that you can't add more water just because you haven't used up all your mix by the time it is starting to set up- they were constantly adding water to the mix in their hods. When they watched me do some rockwork and tiling while they were working on other stuff, they told me that my work would fall apart because I was using too much sand- like 3-4 sand to 1 mortar or cement. In fact, none of the work I did has cracked or crumbled in 8 years. If you just need to do some small repairs, consider using pegapiso- the grey stuff they use to lay floors, what we would call thinset. Just add water and stir, easier than mixing up sand and mortar or cement. I plastered entire cement board walls with this, worked great and sticks better than than the mortar mix. However, if you are trying to match a sandy-looking finish, this will not match- it is much smoother, but you could always add some screened sand. And wet down the area that you are patching first.
  14. My point was, that someone posted on this thread that the owner of the truck was only asking for something less than $500 and that the OP should just pay him. Maybe the person who wrote this is personally acquainted with the OP, but I am not, and for all I know, she earns $ in pesos, doesn't have access to US$, (not to mention this is actually a lot of $ for some of us). And I write in English because everyone else on this forum does. I do speak Spanish.
  15. Working in my garden is something I love to do and brings me peace and happiness. I wouldn't let a Mexican gardener touch anything, except to trim high palm fronds and I'm standing right there telling him exactly which ones I want cut. A friend kept telling his gardener that he did not want him to pile and burn the garden rubbish, but rather to put it around the base of the plants and trees to conserve moisture in the long dry season. He even brought him over to my house to show him what I do. The gardener paid no attention, continues to rake up and burn everything, nor does he use the irrigation system my friend put in, which all he has to do is turn it on every few days, but continues to stand and hold the hose for hours. He also does almost nothing in the garden in the summer- instead of pruning in the summer so everything leafs out beautifully with all the rain, he massacres everything just before my friends come back down in Oct., Nov. Just because someone calls themselves a gardener here and works as such, really doesn't mean they know anything about gardening. They just do it like their granddad did, so it must be right, yes? It would be okay if they were willing and interested in learning new methods, but in my experience, they are not. And yes, you can't pile dirt around a tree trunk, bad, bad.
  16. The tiles will not keep the tar paper underneath from being hot-they are baking in the hot sun all day, duh.
  17. Sunbrella makes a fabric called Sunbrella Shade- it comes in several nice colors and has a somewhat open weave that blocks the sun while still allowing air to flow through. Maybe you can find a good upholsterer who can order it (there are 2 distributors in Guad) and make you some curtains. Beware of fake "Sunbrella"- it fades out and doesn't come in that weave.
  18. Rick- what I was referring to was a situation where the owner of the vehicle is still temporal, hence their vehicle is still legal here, but they are planning to go to permanente status and would rather sell their vehicle to someone here who will drive it north, rather than make the trip themselves. Under those circumstances, I believe the driver has to have the same immigration status as the owner, as per Article 106. With a Retorno Seguro, as far as I know, anyone can drive it back with permission papers from the owner. The transfer papers I mentioned- A friend of mine sold me her Canadian-plated vehicle here before moving back to Canada. She had her dad in Canada send her the sale/transfer papers from Alberta, where it was registered, I paid her the $, but the vehicle remained in her name until I drove it north a few months later, at which time I presented the papers she had signed and got BC plates and registration in my name. Unfortunately, 2 years later the immigration rules changed, I went permanente and had to once again drive the car back up north and sell it. Was some P****ed, I can tell you.
  19. Fixing a dent and a new tire doesn't cost 6000 pesos. This guy is indeed treating Camille like a rich gringa and trying to get more $ from her than the damages cost to repair, from how she described them. And really wish people would stop translating everything to US dollars. We live in Mexico. Some of us earn our money here in pesos. Some are Canadians. Whatever the peso is in US dollars is irrelevant to us. Good luck, Camille.
  20. xetrade.com. essentially a currency exchange house. EFT transfer from your NOB bank, EFT into Mexican bank account, no bank fees here because $ arrives in pesos. No bank fees at either end. Have Bancomer acct. here.
  21. "The country where you are resident for tax purposes" means something totally different than taxing citizens, no matter where in the world they happen to reside.
  22. It always amazes me that people assume that just because they are retired (for instance), that everyone else is. "Essentially all permanente does is save you a couple hundred dollars" is not true for all of us. I have had my own business in Mexico since 2004 and I can tell you that permanente status saves me more than a couple hundred dollars, as before that I had to renew my "lucrativa" temporal status every year at twice the price of a normal temporal, not to mention a couple days of lost work having to go to INM every year. So lets say more like $350 every year for 9 years, do the math. It also allows me to work without having to ask permission. Broke my heart to give up my Canadian-plated, Japanese-made CRV, though.
  23. As the Driving pick-up truck to Ajijic topic was locked, I had to start this new one. In 2013 when I got my permanente status I did in fact talk to Karen Villasenor, as Sonia advised doing in the previous topic. She told me that my Canadian plated vehicle was now illegal, advised that I not drive it until I was ready to get a retorno seguro to drive it out of the country, and that no, there was no way around any of this. Never did she mention that I could legally sell it in Mexico. So if you can do that now, they must have changed the law in the last 2 years. And for those of you who still have a valid tip but are heading for permanente status, if you have an American or Canadian buyer who you know and trust, just get the transfer papers online, or have someone scan them to you, fill them out, get your $ from the sale, then have the buyer drive it back across the border still in your name (with a notarized permission letter stating that you are not able to personally drive the car out of Mexico, but that you anticipate your deposit being returned, and of course the driver has to have the same immigration status as you, and they need to send you the export paper), then you can still get your TIP deposit back. They can then go to the DMV NOB to get the vehicle registered in their name, with the transfer papers you have already signed.
  24. Listened to a dermatologist interview on CBC radio years ago- he said anything above 15 Sunscreen is unnecessary and just a marketing ploy, as the number protection level is exponential- i.e. 4 might be twice as protective as 2, but 30 is not twice as protective as 15, the difference is miniscule. The protection level between the numbers decrease significantly as they rise. A friend's sons were on her case about quitting smoking- they were both surfers and she asked them to read out the list of ingredients that were in the sunscreen they smeared all over themselves constantly, then asked them if they knew what any of those chemicals were, which of course they didn't.
  25. FYI people who are allergic to cats are not allergic to their fur or dander, but rather to their saliva, which is ever present on their fur. Good that this info was posted so no one is caught unaware, but come on, small dog lovers, bigger dogs have had to be kenneled in cargo forever. Yes, I'm sure a few dogs have expired on the flight or on the tarmac, but then so have people.
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