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  1. I second that- white vinegar woks great and costs centavos compared to these other products.
  2. When I have smelled leaking gas, the culprit has always luckily been one of the hoses that connects to the stove or from the gas cylinder to the hard pipe. Cheap and easy to replace.
  3. P.S. Even the glossy one isn't super duper shiny like that useless Sellacril stuff- it has a sort of natural looking sheen that suits the saltillo tile.
  4. When I originally started using Wismar, 9 years ago, I got the blue label one, it was the only one they had at that point, or at least the only one I encountered. At that point, there was no polyurethane listed on that one, just a mix of waxes. Now I see it has polyurethane in it as well. Not sure why they list one as "Industrial" and the pink label one not. I know the blue label is satin finish and the pink is glossier, but sorry, I can't answer your question. Maybe you can contact the company to find out the difference?
  5. Yes, I'm in on the coast, but if you Google Wismar, I think they are based in Guadalajara, so maybe you could call them and ask if they have a distributor lakeside. By the way, it goes on milky but dries clear. And when it is wet, it looks milky as well, but when dry is clear again. Don't make the coats thick- many thin coats works much better. Also, it dries really quickly- you could easily apply 4 coats in a day. Might try to hang some tarps during the application so it's not in the beating hot sun.
  6. I can't fathom handing 3500 pesos pesos to a car washer just because he asked for it. I'd have handed him 300 (about what a construction worker makes for humping 5 gallon pails of cement up a ladder all day, so more than generous for half an hour's work) and driven away.
  7. There are 2 types of Wismar sealer, Pedro Malo- the one with the blue label is just a mix of waxes and has a satin finish, the one with the pink label also contains polyurethane and is shiny. If you put down about 4-5 coats of the pink label one, it should seal well. The first coat absorbs, the subsequent ones build up the waterproofing. Apply it with a good quality sponge, that way you don't waste any, you can keep squeezing the excess out of the sponge. Brush application takes longer, and drips all over. Then you can easily reapply a coat or 2 each year before rainy season, no need to strip off the old stuff. They probably just used used a cement mix as grout when the tiles were laid- real grout has polymers in it that reduce that cracking around the tiles. And tiles should be wet when grouted, so it sticks well.
  8. Home Depot does sell Bemis wood toilet seats, but they are not natural wood color, they are white. But at least they are not those flimsy plastic things and they are about 465 pesos not dollars. Have had one for about 10 years and still in perfect shape, Just bought another not long ago to replace a plastic one in 2nd bathroom.
  9. Just because 9 out of 10 of your friends does not fall into this category in a basically law-abiding retired ex-pat community does not necessarily make the report untrue. Mexico is a big place.
  10. So if it's not allowed in the US, that would indicate that it's highly toxic, no? I can't understand why people would willingly use products, simply because they are available, that are dangerous to the environment, people, pets, possibly carcinogenic, etc.
  11. I know it would be not only a libelous thing, but also a nasty thing to accuse someone of these poisonings without any real evidence, but really, who walks around carrying a dead rat in their hand?
  12. Blame the Dog- I think that was really nice of you to take the time to explain all that to the OP, who made it clear that he doesn't understand anything about these things. Too many people, when answering questions about electronic device stuff, just throw out terms that for many of us are just gobbledegook.
  13. You don't need a smart phone for that. My cheapo Mex. Nokia dumb phone has an alarm and timer.
  14. One problem is that people want to paint walls too soon after they have been built or repaired. Cement takes a long time to cure. If you paint too soon, the moisture has nowhere to evaporate and you seal it inside the wall behind the paint. I waited about 6 months to paint my walls after they were plastered, and like I said, no salitre anywhere after 9 years except where my french drain failed (and it was dirty river sand I can assure you). Also, they like to mix paint and sealer together for the sealer coat here. Don't let that be done! Sealer is designed to absorb into the plaster, paint sits on the surface. One coat of sealer after the plaster has cured for months, then 2 coats of high quality paint is the way to go.
  15. Problem with booking through Expedia or Travelocity type sites is that if for some unforeseen reason you need to change your ticket, it costs more than if you booked directly through the airline webpage. And I have never found those travel sites to be any cheaper, unless you want a flight that stops in 3 different places with an o'nite somewhere. Ticket looks cheap until you add on the taxes and fees (most airline sites already have that factored into the price they post) and find out what would normally be a 5 hour flight will take you 30.
  16. It seems very irresponsible to me for anyone running this type of business to take on more dogs than she can adequately (enough exercise, outside time, food, etc) care for, simply in order not to turn down $.
  17. I have a simple, inexpensive, one door Mabe fridge that I bought 9 years ago. It opens from right to left, but has capped hinge holes on the right side of the fridge and freezer compartment and hand holds on both sides of the doors, so was obviously made to be reversible. I actually can't believe how many poorly designed kitchens there are in Mexico, even in what are otherwise upscale houses. The fridge placement seems to be like some afterthought, opening the wrong way, with no counter next to it to put the items you take out or to put your groceries on when loading it after shopping.
  18. P.S. My house was all built with unwashed river sand and I did not have a speck of salitre anywhere for 8 years until my french drain got plugged up a couple years ago and that is the only place I now have salitre. You can't get rid of it for long until you actually eliminate the source of the moisture.
  19. Salitre, as in Sal, as in salt, not Selitre. Having lived in Mexico for about 16 years and been involved in construction here, my own and others, I can tell you that I have never found any "expert" on dealing effectively with this, although many seem to claim they to know the fix. NachoOE's advise is pretty good, but you really should apply a good quality "sin salitre" product before painting. Stuff they sell at Comex and Prisa doesn't seem to work, Home Depot sells Sika brand, which is good and I believe Fester also puts out a good product.
  20. Gosh, I've never read that definition of ignorance before. (P.S. born and raised in the USA)
  21. What if States rights leads to each state invoking its own immigration policy? "Oh, you're from Texas? Sorry, we don't let Texans cross into New Mexico. You'll have to try scaling the wall."
  22. Rick Mercer, Canadian comedian/satirist, used to do a TV thing called "Talking to Americans", where he would go across the border into the US (they probably won't let him in anymore) and interview people on the street re their knowledge of Canada. These were folks who lived very close to the US/Canada border. When asked "So how big is Canada?" he got answers like "It's a little bigger than Texas". Almost none could name the Prime Minister of Canada. Prez GWB once referred to PM Jean Chretien as PM Jean Poutine.
  23. I see giltner68 didn't answer El Menudo's request for explanation on how he and his partner fit into g68's new normal world, just accepted the lunch invite.
  24. No, it's a fine grind. I have been making French Press coffee for 30 years and while they say to use coarse ground, I have always used fine with no problem. I've noticed that most people don't bother to loosen the plunger part and wash it out between the screen and the hole plate above it, which gets full of old grounds and results in the sediment not being pushed down properly. IMHO using coarse ground is a waste of coffee.
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