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  1. Of course not. Spanking is what parents who have no parenting skills do. Same goes for empty threats. Children learn how to be civilized from positive reinforcement of good behavior and natural consequences. A spanking isn't a natural consequence. If your child doesn't do his chores and goes off to play with his friends instead, a natural consequence would be the parent saying, next time the child wants the parent to drive them somewhere "Remember the other day went you went off without washing the dishes and I had to do the dishes so I'd have a clean kitchen to make dinner in? Well, I was pla
  2. Oh yeah. The men here in Mexico seem to slather on way more perfume than the women do.
  3. I don't see why restauranteurs shouldn't be able to decide for themselves whether they want to have a smoke-free environment or cater to smokers. Then there's no need for special set-ups, smoking areas, etc. If a smoker wants to eat at a non-smoking establishment, they simply can't light up anywhere on the premises. If a non-smoker wants to go to a smoking-allowed restaurant that would be their choice and they would have no valid reason to complain. These aren't public places, they are private establishments. If the restaurants who would choose to cater to smokers saw their business plumm
  4. FYI Susan: Vacation pay and Xmas bonus, mentioned above, as well as severance pay, are not something employers just do out of the goodness of their heart- those are govt. mandated benefits, not a choice. Some may choose to give extra, but there is a formula for what you are required to pay.
  5. How about banning heavy perfume wearers? Just as hard to enjoy a meal, and likely also a health issue when there's the overpowering smell of someone having doused themselves with what would appear to be a entire bottle of cologne.
  6. Likely neither can she- she probably pays others to do those mundane tasks. And if she's like most of the Mexicans I know (of all socio-economic classes), their dogs never get walked. They are either free to roam around, or they are in the yard and the gardener cleans up the dog poop. Mexicans don't generally have the same attitudes around dogs that gringoes do.
  7. Not required, but it would be the socially responsible thing to do. How would you feel if you ended up being responsible for inadvertently infecting a bunch of other people?
  8. Nope. I walked into the Telcel office today and they tried to squirt my hands with their sanitizer. It said clearly on the bottle "Blumen".
  9. In other words, you don't trust that their sanitizer is actually sanitizing? Of course that's possible, I wasn't suggesting that people shouldn't do what makes them comfortable, but I guess I don't understand why doing something that doesn't make logical sense would make someone feel more comfortable. Since you carry a bottle of sanitizer with you, instead of letting them squirt you with their no-name possibly harmful stuff, next time maybe try pulling out your bottle in front of them and applying it, saying you've read that some of the sanitizers are harmful and you prefer to use your ow
  10. I doubt it's going to harm anyone if it was something they used once in a blue moon, but since people are using hand sanitizer lavishly these days, it's appropriate that the information is out there and that people don't use it if it's on the warning list. There's also the added danger that if people are using one with methanol, because they then are confident that their hands are sterilized, they may not think twice about wiping their hand across their mouth, etc. Just because you put something on your hands, doesn't mean it only stays on your hands.
  11. Why? I've not read anything to indicate that methanol doesn't kill the virus, simply that it's dangerous to your health. So far I've gotten away with telling them, when they try to squirt me with their unknown brand, that I just put some on in my car before entering the store.
  12. I was going to ask the same question. I appears that no one can answer what insect they actually are.
  13. Gee whiz, and why do you think that might be? I wouldn't believe much of anything coming from the CDC these days. https://www.rawstory.com/2020/09/maddow-exclusive-busts-cdc-director-for-shocking-corruption-scandal-and-has-the-documents-to-prove-it/
  14. You look for a Telmex truck and offer them 200 pesos to come fix your problem. Or you can spend weeks trying to do it the official way.
  15. I would be skeptical of the "testimonial" above, too, Rick. And in response to a post that's over a year old, no less. I do have a neighbor, though, who has been getting stem cell treatments in the PV area and says they've helped him a lot.
  16. I don't quite understand any of this for those who have their own property. When my old dog finally passes on, I plan to bury her in my yard, with a nice little memorial altar. I'd tell my family to do that with me, too, if it were legal.
  17. Spot on, RV. I'm coming to the conclusion that humans are possibly the stupidest animals on the planet, in spite of our supposedly superior brain.
  18. Go Solar- it doesn't just have to be insulated from the bottom, but also on the sides. It'll be cool winter nights when this would most likely be most welcome, so best to make sure it's well insulated all around.
  19. As such things aren't something common in Mexico, you have to be really careful about what someone tells you they could build. I know several people who had bathtubs "built" when they built their houses and none of them are useable. You can't, for instance, build one out of stone, as my neighbor did, because the rocks take so much time to heat up and suck so much heat out of the water while doing so, that you don't get a hot bath. Same goes for building it out of cement blocks. Then there was the friend whose workers built such a big bathtub, that there was only 5 inches of water in it by the
  20. Another thing people can do if they are trying to help out a favorite small business is to let them know that everyone doesn't use Facebook and if that is the only place they advertise and list their phone number, hours of business, etc, they are losing potential business. And that if they list certain hours, they need to be open those hours, and if they aren't for some reason, to leave a note on the door saying why and when they will be open. I went to buy something at a specialty store and although it was normal business hours, the door was locked. I had just turned around and was start
  21. As RV says, totally pointless unless you've solved the moisture problem above. And then it's still pointless to treat the salitre right away after the moisture issue, as the dampness needs to be able to escape somewhere once the roof is well-sealed, so the salitre will just come right back. But if it's flaking off on your head, I can understand that it might be necessary to clean it off now, even if you have to do it again. Once you do treat the salitre with the muriatic acid, you can apply a sin salitre product, which vary as to effectiveness. Some I've found useless-the one I like is th
  22. Ask some 10 year old to watch the videos and explain it to you 😜 Sorry, just kidding, but I'm amazed at the stuff my quite young grandkids "get" right away, while I'm still on Step 1.
  23. vista lake- the word in English for diseño is design (which is pronounced as if it were spelled in Spanish something like "disayn"), not desing. This is a really common mistake among Spanish speakers, which is understandable since so many words in English end in 'ing.' I thought you might like to know since you comment so often on building matters. I can't tell you how many times I have seen "desing" on furniture stores, architect and engineer's offices, which are assuming they are translating to English, but there is no such word as "desing" in English.
  24. I don't know the building laws Lakeside, but when I built my house in Bahia de Banderas, if you kept the size under a certain sq.mtrs, as vista lake said, there are different regulations. In my case, I kept the house under 90 square meters and therefore didn't need architect plans, but I did need an engineer's drawing, which the engineer did off my own design I submitted to her.
  25. Try to avoid the Telcel Alcatel phone. They are really bottom of the line phones and the battery runs down really quickly- you end up having to plug it into the charger pretty much every day. I had a Nokia before that that was awesome and worked great for 10 years until I dropped it on the tile floor. That Nokia lasted a week without recharging.
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