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  1. That wasn't my intention. I was simply responding to the post that made it sound like we can rest easy knowing there are plenty of ventilators available. You are quite correct- by the time someone is ill enough to be put on a ventilator, they are quite ill. Also, one of the reasons ventilators are saving so few, according to what I've been reading, is that this virus isn't simply a respiratory virus, as was first thought. It appears to attack the blood vessels. Which explains a lot of symptoms and deaths that didn't necessarily present with the fever, coughing, respiratory, etc. distress. If the patient's lung walls are already full of blood clots, a ventilator isn't going to save them. And autopsy reports on COVID deaths show lungs that are as hard as cement.
  2. If you don't care, and have more serious things to be concerned about, why do you bother to respond?
  3. 85% of Covid patients who get put on ventilators die.
  4. Unfortunately it will take those partying 20-somethings giving the virus to their abuelos, who then die, for them to maybe wake up. But then there's always the "It was God's will" excuse.
  5. That one certainly gave me pause as well. A raise for showing up? Isn't that what an employee is supposed to do, show up to work? An employee who doesn't show up for work would be an employee I'd fire. Rewarding someone simply for showing up to work is a bizarre concept.
  6. Perhaps your medical procedure is essential, but if it's not, I would seriously consider rescheduling, if possible, at the present time. Regardless of the rules (and no one can say what they will be a month forward), coronavirus is on the upswing, not the downswing, in Mexico, and it seems really risky to have a treatment done in a hospital (if that is where it is to be done) that may be full of coronavirus patients.
  7. I think it was pretty obvious to most intelligent people that staying home and maintaining distancing in public, when there is a highly contagious deadly pandemic out there, was going to save a lot of lives. But I guess a lot of other people need to have studies to prove that to them. Which they probably still won't believe, because it doesn't fit their agenda.
  8. I saw some in a hardware store in Puerto Vallarta, so I'd assume not.
  9. Good thing to post, I guess, but all of it just seems like really obvious common sense to me.
  10. So aside from 3 countries which are "under review", Mexico and Serbia are the only countries in the world which have no travel restrictions due to COVID. Wit an over 11% death rate. How stupid.
  11. You are confusing race with nationality. Of course all Mexican citizens are Mexican. Just like all American citizens are American, all Canadian citizens are Canadian. That's what it means to be a citizen, duh. There are Mexican citizens who are white, who are of Chinese heritage, , who are of Arabic heritage, etc. You should get out more.
  12. And you don't think that's by design? How else would all these apps convince people to download their stuff, by making them difficult, unfriendly and expensive?
  13. Not really. It's definitely about police brutality, but it's not about systemic racism, which is what the US protests are about. The young man beaten and murdered by the police was Mexican, as were the cops who did it.
  14. And you know for a fact, do you, that if licensing offices were all closed in an area, that a transito, who would be well aware of that, would fine you anyway?
  15. If an official office is closed for COVID reasons, I don't think you need to worry about being penalized because some paperwork expired. It would obviously not be possible, no matter your responsible intentions to renew on time.
  16. I've lived in Mexico for 18 years and never felt the need for a weapon.
  17. Thanks. I didn't say they were maggots, though, I said they were maggoty-looking. I guess I didn't see the heads.
  18. Okay, so for those who are familiar with such things, I have something eating my table- I can see them sometimes- they are little white maggoty looking things, but what comes out of the furniture isn't like sawdust- it looks like finely ground coffee- more like tiny grains than dust. Ideas?
  19. Try the boric acid solution someone suggested in this thread. The worst that can happen is that it doesn't work. But it probably will, at least for awhile. The Mexican standby is used diesel- smells awful for quite awhile, needs to be left outside where you aren't breathing it, but it does work and smell does eventually disippate. After living in Mexico for years, you learn to buy furniture or have it made, with woods that the bugs don't like.
  20. You are referring to pentachlorophenol (sp?). Highly toxic, can't be sold without an exterminator's license in Canada. Linked to pancreatic cancer, among other nasties. protective gear required if you value your health. You couldn't pay me to use that stuff. There are much less toxic alternatives.
  21. Of course, sometimes what was just part of everyday life people can find they need help with as they age, depending on their state of health. But the part of the article I referenced wasn't saying that- the woman said that even a simple thing like paying a phone bill in Mexico can be frustrating. Had she said that it would be better for them to be around family to offer assistance, as the simple things in life aren't as easy for her as they used to be, that would have been quite understandable. But she was specifically making it sound like it's some big hassle to pay a phone bill or some other simple thing in Mexico. For sure there are things that are frustrating in that they seem to be so inefficient- like that it seems to never take less than 15 minutes at a teller's window at a bank, even for some simple transaction that would take about 4 minutes NOB. But I've had equally frustrating experiences dealing with official stuff in Canada as in Mexico.
  22. Those who find simple tasks, like paying a phone bill, frustrating, might consider learning enough of the language of the country they are relocating to that those tasks are not frustrating, or perhaps consider that they are ill-suited for life outside their own country.
  23. No, not an assassin or kissing bug. Those look quite different.
  24. That doesn't sound strange to me at all. People would feel safer travelling and living in their own rig than risking infection by taking public transportation and staying in hotels.
  25. Carnivores will eat what they kill, or end up purposely killing and eating what they chase or play with if they are hungry. I imagine a mouse or a lizard isn't that enticing or flavorful to actually consume if a cat is used to a couple bowls of yummy Whiskas every day. I'll bet a lion wouldn't bother chasing down and killing and eating a gazelle if you threw it a fat juicy steak every day.
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