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  1. FYI Burma, Liberia and the USA are the only countries in the world that don't use the metric system.
  2. Thanks for that link. But as I read it, turning on metered connection is one of the solutions given and it says any of the solutions will work. So you're saying I need to do something else as well? Because I can tell you that not one Windows update has downloaded using the "Metered Connection". Which I didn't just do for the sole reason of stopping those updates, but because I actually do have a metered connection, so I don't want anything to automatically update.
  3. Why buy a used cell phone? Seems like for the price difference it would be worthwhile to buy something new with a warranty instead of who knows what you're getting.
  4. I've never downloaded a single Microsoft update since getting my new laptop 3 years ago. Set on "metered connection" and they don't automatically update.
  5. Getting (if you have a valid out-of-country license) or renewing a drivers license in Mexico is super easy. I was also in and out in 30 minutes. And there's no "temporary" license. They take your photo right there and hand you the laminated card. Can't imagine why anyone would need a facilitator, but maybe people assume it will be more of a hassle than it actually is.
  6. A "plan" with Telcel means signing a contract and paying them every month (or you can prepay). A "paquete" is what you buy at any OXO convenience store and many other stores. It's pay as you go- when your time runs out, you just buy more. Personally, I'm not into signing any contracts with Telcel.
  7. Have never owned an Apple product. Refuse to buy anything called an ipod, iphone, ipad- such a blatant marketing gimmick to appeal to and foster the ever increasing culture of narcissism.
  8. Here's an at-home zipper repair that can sometimes work. As long as the zipper pull is still there, but the zipper simply isn't zipping up anymore (you zip it closed, but it just separates), move the zipper pull back as far as it will go, then take a pair of pliers and slightly squish the two sides of the pull where the zipper itself goes through. These zipper guides get opened too much after a lot of use and that's why it doesn't pull the zipper closed anymore. Most often it's the pull that's the issue, not the zipper itself.
  9. The SIM may not even be good anymore depending on how long it's been since you used it. Used to be if they weren't used for 6 months, they were defunct. Not sure if that' still the case. And if it's still good, the credit would no longer be good, it has a time limit. So if the SIM still works, just go put more $ on it. with the Sin Limites option, it's unbelievably cheap- unlimited calls and texts anywhere in Mexico, US and Canada.I get the 150 peso option, it's good for 25 days. And calls aren't long distance just because the phone number is from another part of Mexico- if you're physically present Lakeside, calling someone else Lakeside, that's local- it's where the phone is situated, not what the number is.
  10. Just saw this post, although it's over a month old. They're Findlays. They used to make the cast iron wood-burning cookstoves, too, as you're likely aware. Ah, the days before cheap crap made in China.
  11. If it's black and white, it's gecko poop. Please stop spraying- those geckos eat mosquitoes and other bugs- they are an important part of the ecosystem.
  12. The washing machine repair guy told me that a new motherboard for my Samsung wasn't available anywhere in Mexico. He was the technician that the Samsung distributor uses. I found them, new, on Mercado Libre with a 5 minute search and it was delivered in 2 days. Most of these guys just don't want to bother to do any research.
  13. Large and tasty would be a plus. Large and bad wouldn't 🙂
  14. Sure, why not. No need to get into the perfectly legal situation of dual residency. I think I may have even filled it out "Mexico/Canada" before. Never had any issues with any of it.
  15. If affordable, I would most definitely go with the aluminum. The metalwork is a constant upkeep of rust removal and repainting. And in my experience, while the Mexican metalworkers may do a beautiful job on the metalwork, they tend to suck at the painting aspect- they use grey primer, which is intended for galvanized metal, rather than the orange primer that is known here as "mineo" because it's cheaper, and they thin out the primer and paint too much so it gets easily through their paint sprayers., or if they're hand-painting, it's easier to apply thin. So it doesn't last well. Even the professional painters do this. After paying 3 different "professional" painters to repaint my outside staircase over the course of 8 years, only to have the paint start coming off and the metal rusting within a few months, I finally spent a week and seriously hard labor doing it myself. No flaking paint, no rust now for almost 3 years.
  16. sls- Yes, all you said in your original post is correct. Hnad the INM agent your resiency card along with your passport and filld out form. And it doesn't matter that you left by car and are flying back- just fill out the FMM on the plane (actually when I flew down a couple months ago, the airline said Mexico hadn't given them any forms, so people had to fill them out on arrival). INM doesn't relly cr that the top and bottom halves of the form don't match, so you dn't need to concern yourself with that. And I don't think it really matters which line up you go into at the airport- I've gone through any of them- if you get in the citizens and residents line-up and another booth becomes free, they'll just direct you there anyway.
  17. And what about all those folks barrelling down the highway with their kids in the back of the pick-up truck? That one always blows my mind. If they're on holiday and have a bunch of luggage with them, they put the luggage up by the cab and leave the kids sitting right by the back truck gate, so they'll be the first to go if they get rear-ended. I understand that a lot of people can't afford a vehicle with seats for all, but you'd think it would occur to them to at least pile the luggage at the very back to protect the kids.
  18. What's the point of a locking door if the whole thing is just mosquito screening that anyone can cut in a second? What am I missing here?
  19. There's nothing that turns me off of ever going back to a place (and I've walked out of some after ordering, but before they actually had time to start preparing the meal) like flies. As a customer, I don't feel it's my responsibility to bring some spray along when I go out to eat to keep the flies away- that's the owner's job to make sure it's clean enough that it doesn't attract flies. Flies don't land on a really clean table, sorry. Those tables are obviously getting wiped with unclean rags.
  20. You ARE lucky. Ate least none of my 3 kids were fussy eaters- that would have been way more aggravating than just trying a different brand bag of pet food 🙂 Maybe if pet owners buy whatever brands are decent and available and on sale, rather than just sticking to the same brand for years, that's the ticket to them not ending up fussy.
  21. Sorry, I don't live Lakeside or I would have told you where to find one.
  22. Most mercerias (notions shops, where they sell thread and other sewing and craft supplies) carry these. I can't imagine it would be worthwhile ordering something like this on Amazon or Mercado Libre, when all that's wanted is 6 of them. You'd probably have to order a box of 100.
  23. I've always suspected that dog and cat food manufacturers must put some addictive substance in their foods that makes a pet refuse to eat anything else:-) My dog has gone 3 days without eating, just because I changed brands. One thing I know, though- in hot weather, you shouldn't buy such large quantities of pet food that you can't go through it in a couple of weeks. The oils go rancid and the pet will not want to eat it, which is smart, because rancid oils are really unhealthy to ingest.
  24. Thanks for your reply. I know you said "about this subject" And I was not bitter, angry, or pessimistic, I was stating what I felt was the reality. I actually might very well have not responded to this topic post at all, but for the fact that the OP said their daughter was really upset about them "making plans to move to Chapala". Which says to me that the daughter wasn't included and consulted in the planning- the parents seem to have just gone ahead and made plans and now want to try to convince her that it will be fine, by soliciting info on the teenage scene Lakeside. It was that attitude that inspired my replies. It's quite disrespectful to a 16 year old, whose life you are planning to pull the rug out from under, not to make her a part of the planning process or to go ahead and make plans without her input carrying weight. It can actually make all the difference to someone that age to feel that they are being treated as an equal whose opinion and feelings are of value and that the decision will be a "family" one. It's one thing if the kid is 12, quite another when they're 16.
  25. I'd love that as well. Would be great to be able to call my 87 year old stepmom who lives in England. Unfortunately, Telmex has kept declining to extend their lines out to where I live, even though a neighbor went to them years ago with a list of 25 households who would all sign upfor phone/internet plans. Now there must be 3 times that many. And still no lines.
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