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  1. My ex, who was a carpenter, used to pad the bill with something he privately referred to as i-di-ot tax. (the dashes are so the bot doesn't delete that word) That was for the clients who wanted to "help", which generally consisted of getting in his way and sometimes creating a dangerous work site.
  2. True. Old habits are hard to break. Yes, I don't do any of that. Therefore I don't need the app. And facial recognition is exactly why I won't use their app, I find it an invasion of privacy.
  3. If it were actually unbearable, no one would or could live there. Opinions about climate are completely subjective. I've heard people say "you can't survive" on the coast in the summer without AC. What they should say is that they couldn't survive without AC, because other people somehow manage to survive without it just fine.
  4. I have had a Bancomer account for years. I do not use their app, I have never downloaded it and do not make electronic purchases. The few things I need to transfer money for, I do online using the little token device.
  5. And a wire brush is most definitely not the right tool for the job, even if one is doing the cleaning oneself.
  6. If you just need someone to clean your aljibe, and seem to think it will not take more than an hour, why did you say you were looking for a worker for 1-2 days?
  7. I assume you are aware that there are vast climate differences between those places, if climate is at all a factor in your decision.
  8. I wish mine hadn't been. The real bummer was that I had bought it from another Canadian 2 years previously, driven it back up to Canada that year to have the registration and plates transferred over to me, driven it back to Mexico, only to have them change the immigration regs a year later, forcing me to move to permanente status, and have to drive it back out of the country and sell it.
  9. Sure seems like a political reference. But I guess you think US political views are okay for you to post, just not others.
  10. Yes, I would have paid to nationalize my Honda CRV if I could have. Although it was about 15 years old, it only had about 130,000 km on it, and those vehicles go for a long, long time without major problems. Broke my heart to have to sell it.
  11. As far as my observation goes, the overloaded transport vehicles are the primary cause of traffic accidents in Mexico, even if they are not directly involved. When a vehicle is incapable of traveling more than 20 kms/hour where the speed limit is 60-80, with 2 kms of cars backed up behind them, drivers get so frustrated that they try to pass where it is not safe to do so. This why they have weigh stations up north that transport vehicles are required to pull into. I remember driving up the Olympic peninsula in Washington, where the highway is 2 lane and quite curvy, with very few safe places to pass- there were signs saying that any vehicle that had 5 or more other vehicles stuck behind them are required by law to pull off the highway and let those vehicles drive by.
  12. I live in Sayulita. There are many young foreigner families with kids here. There is a private school that has classes in both English and Spanish. Of course it is fairly expensive, as are many things in Sayulita, but public school in most places in Mexico is not known for high quality education. Housing here is also pretty expensive and not particularly easy to find affordable rentals. My daughter lives in Todos Santos, in southern Baja, which is a sweet little town, and there are also young families with kids, as well as some private schools, including a Montessori school. Those are the only places I am personally familiar with. I did live in San Miguel for a few months, but that was many years ago.
  13. Have you researched other areas of Mexico aside from places which have high ex-pat retiree communities? While I'm quite sure that a young family can find schools and activities that will serve your needs around Lakeside, there are plenty of areas in Mexico with a much higher concentration of younger, non-retired, ex-pat families.
  14. I don't think people are understanding this. What I think is going on is that all these entities like CFE, insurance agents, car dealerships are going to be required by SAT to use real RFCs on facturas. It isn't just about you, or whether you'll need a factura in your own RFC for something, it's also about the seller. Everyone has to comply, and stop using these generic RFCs, including the business you are dealing with.
  15. I can relate to not wanting to get rid of your solid car. It was really upsetting to me when I got my permanent residency and had to take my Japanese-made Honda CRV, that probably would have lasted me for the rest of my life, out of the country. But it really wasn't much of a hassle to find a decent used vehicle in Mexico. I paid my mechanic to come with me to one of the big Sunday car sales. He brought his diagnostic machine, looked under the hood and at the chassis, we took it for a test drive and checked online to make sure it hadn't been reported stolen, and he looked over all the paperwork to make sure everything was there and in order. I've been driving it for at least 6 years now, and while it has needed the occasional repair, as most used vehicles do, nothing major.
  16. No, I didn't sign up for anything when I went to Canada last summer. I bought a full 30 days worth before I left Mexico and when it ran out, I phoned *133# and bought more time online with my credit card. That's what I've done every summer for years. They may have some special paquete for when you are up north, I haven't inquired. But I hardly need it now since I use Whatsapp.
  17. You don't have to sign up for a Sin Limite Paquete. You only sign up for plans, not paquetes. You can buy more time at any OXO. And the message you get from Telcel as soon as you pay tells you exactly what time it expires. She says she opens at 8 and wasn't there by 8:03? šŸ¤£ Maybe she gets fed up with clueless gringos.
  18. Looks like it could be a fake phishing website, stealing one's id info. I would urge the poster to delete it asap. It is definitely not a SAT website, which is the only entity that can generate the RFC and constanccia info.
  19. You do say the strangest things. I post a photo of my clothesline set-up, where you can't even see the pulleys or any other parts close-up, and you determine that it's poor quality? All the parts are heavy duty metal. It's been there for almost 13 years now, working perfectly. About 7 years ago I had to replace the line itself (but there was plenty that came on the original roll I bought to do that) as the outside plastic covering eventually cracks in the sun, snagging the clothing and exposing the metal core, which can leave rust stains. I had the exact same type of clothesline in Canada, with the exact same parts, that I used for 25 years. I guess you have a quite high "quality" standard.
  20. So you think it's wrong for someone to charge the equivalent of $5 to provide a service to people who have not been able to do something on their own? People have seemingly spent hours trying to do this themselves, how nice that there is someone who is assisting people.
  21. I hit the wrong button and now am out of reactions today. Meant to post a sad face on that, not a like. Lest anyone think I agree with the advice to consult a lawyer when you have nothing to consult a lawyer about.
  22. Azucena isn't that unusual a name in Mexico. It's the equivalent of Suzanna. Better known as curtain twitchers. Alert to every siren, wanting to know what it was all about, which neighbor let their dog poop on the sidewalk, who put a piece of garbage in their outside garbage can, anything "weird" they see in the sky. I guess it's better than being a couch potato.
  23. 602 is Phoenix. The person who gave you the number wrote it wrong. You can either use what Chapalence answered, or use +1 and then the area code and number. +is used in place of the 00, the 1 indicates the country code. So if you call Mexico from the US, the prefix would be +52.
  24. You mean writing "facts" in all caps doesn't necessarily mean they are actually facts?
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