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  1. Children don't live alone. If they get Covid they bring it home and infect their families. And chicken pox was something the adults had already had as children themselves, and were therefore immune to. Nor did people end up in the hospital on a respirator or dead from chicken pox.
  2. " A key revelation in the Alberta Health briefs is that while many factors can impact COVID transmission, school boards without mask mandates at the start of the 2021 school year had, on average, three times more outbreaks than those with masks. According to the documents, Alberta school boards with mask mandates had an average of 7.3 outbreaks at the start of the school year and those without had an average of 23.4 outbreaks." https://ca.news.yahoo.com/alberta-government-memos-school-masking-001143066.html
  3. Alan, I wouldn't waste my time posting any Covid info here anymore, as all the anti-vaxers, anti-maskers just instantly jump on to post their misinformation. Just leave them to their own little disinformation party, exchanging all the BS and selective reading they find to bolster their conspiracy theory laden opinions.
  4. Who are you talking to? And it really isn't a good idea to post your email address and phone number on a public forum.
  5. Those saws are available online used for half of what you are asking.
  6. Of course. But what I am saying is that I can use the SAT site now and check my account with the camera turned off, so they aren't using the retina scan to gain access to the site. And I had the retina scan in the SAT office way back in 2008. So they have never used it for access to the SAT site, because my camera is always turned off unless I am on a video call. INM takes your fingerprints, but you don't need to press your finger on the screen to access the INM site.
  7. The Scotiabank ATM I use beeps when it is time to extract the card. But I did one time forget to take my card from the Bancomer ATM,which didn't have that feature.
  8. No, it isn't. I have been using the SAT site since 2008 as I have a business. My laptop has the camera turned off.
  9. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.technologyreview.com/2021/10/05/1036408/silicon-valley-millionaire-steve-kirsch-covid-vaccine-misinformation/amp/
  10. Well, for example, I withdrew about $400 last week and the difference would have been about $20.
  11. For people who do not have Spanish keyboards, external keyboards are cheap. It's not a bad idea to have a Spanish keyboard you can plug in if working on a Spanish language site.
  12. A friend of mine once said "Mexicans were born to wait". Many years ago, back in my 20s, before the days of debit cards and ATMs, when we still used travellers' cheques when we travelled, I went to cash a travellers' check at a bank in Oaxaca. I was the only customer in the bank and there were 3 employees. I had to go to the first one, who did something, then walk a few steps down the counter to the next one, who did something, then a couple more steps to the next one, to get handed the cash after some more paperwork. Efficiency is generally an alien concept here. I order Sunbrella fabric for my upholstery work from a distributor in Guadalajara. The distributor then gives it to a shipping company who drives to PV with a truckload of stuff from many different places. I'm in Sayulita, so the transport truck drives right by here on the way to PV. Yet they used to drop off my package at their bodega in PV and then load it on a small truck a couple days later and drive it back to Sayulita, a one hour trip in each direction. I asked them, since the guy drives right by here, why not just leave it on the transport truck and driver can call me when he is on his way back to Guad., and 5 minutes from the turn-off to Sayulita, and I can meet him at the Pemex on the highway and retrieve it. They agreed that was a good idea, and that is what they now do. But it never would have occurred to them had I not pointed out how silly it was to do an extra 2 hours of unnecessary driving.
  13. Yes, the construction techniques were totally different here than in Canada, but I had done quite a bit of rock and tile work in Canada on my own place, so I was familiar with cement and concrete. And in fact, I actually knew a lot more about mixing up cement than my crew did, even though they have been doing that work for years. They do it like their daddy did it and their grandpa before him, but don't actually know anything about the chemical process involved. So they do things like mix up a batch of cement, then break for breakfast for an hour, and then add water to the mix that has already started to set up. or they mix up more than the maestros can use before it starts to set up, so they are adding water to the cement in their hods. You never add any thing to the mix after the first 10 minutes after it has slaked- that makes the cement weaker. So I tried to kibosh that stuff early on. They thought I was nuts, but there are cracks in all the stuff they did and none in the rock and tile work I did.
  14. It actually is pretty important. Mexico is a stickler for everything matching on all your paperwork, so I would try to change it to the correct address when you can. Also, I wonder if everyone knows that if you have residency status and move, you need to report the change of address to INM. It's not a big deal, just a form you fill out, and there is no cost involved, but it should be done.
  15. If you got it 3 years ago, but haven't used it for anything since then, i.e. not had any facturas issued to you during that time, nor done any financial declarations, and so on, it's possible that they may somehow mark it as "inactive", but that wouldn't mean that the RFC number is no longer valid. I have had an RFC number since 2004 and have paid taxes on my business all that time. I took care of all that myself, I didn't have an accountant. At that time, it was a matter of taking my income and expense receipts to SAT every two months, they gave me the paper to pay at the bank. Then in 2008 they changed to an online reporting system, and online tax payment, and at that point I had to have a password to sign in. But in my recollection, SAT did not issue me a password- that was something I set up online myself. They might have given some password which users changed to whatever they wanted, but I know the password I use and have always used was one I came up with myself, as it is a combo of letters and numbers relating to my kids' birthdays. For sure the Fiel expires, though, and has to be renewed after some time, which is possibly what the accountant you talked to was referring to.
  16. My neighbor had an architect/builder who collected the money for the building permits and IMSS payments from her, and totally faked the receipts. Then he disappeared and she had to pay it all over again. You are correct regarding it costing a lot more usually if you want official facturas. I suppose it depends on the building project and resale price- if one is under the limit to pay capital gains, it may not be necessary to have facturas to deduct. When I built my house, I had no architect and no contractor- I had a small crew of local guys, and I bought all the materials myself. So it ended costing me much less than what I would have paid had I had a contractor, who not only would have charged me for his own cut in addition to the workers', contractors add on a percentage to the materials cost as well. Needless to say I didn't get any facturas from the crew. I realize, though, that many people know zero about construction and don't speak Spanish, so trying to run the show themselves wouldn't be feasible.
  17. That means you are on the wrong page. RFCs in the name of a business are 12 characters, so you can't enter 13.
  18. Check your math. It's 3 letter/numbers. And not all RFCs are 13 characters. RFCs in the name of a company are 12. Some people have had an issue where the page they are on only has space to enter 12 characters, which means they are on the wrong page.
  19. If you had a legal business and filed and paid taxes, yes, of course you have an RFC. There are already a bunch of other threads here with info on how to find it.
  20. I read once that mother birds will push weak or ill babies out of the nest. I wonder if other animals like opossums might do the same- abandon a baby they sensed wasn't strong enough in some way.
  21. I don't understand- if the Mother comes in the barn to eat the cat food, why not put the baby in the barn near the cat food? Can you keep the cats in the house for the night? Or do you think the dead possum was the mother?
  22. Isn't advertising one's business against this forum's policies? And if someone is having a hard time getting their constancia, info has already been posted here about a papeleria that does it for 100 pesos. Also, why wouldn't someone just pay an accountant to get an RFC for them if they don't have one- why go through a middleman?
  23. What do you mean "found"? What makes you sure the mother isn't nearby?
  24. I also wasn't thrilled with Actinver, and saw the same things when they took over from Lloyds. And your experience with the missing money reminds me of what happened to my friend who was in the construction business here. Clients would wire him money for the house he was building for them. One time the clients said they had wired the money and after several days it hadn't appeared. Actinver kept giving him and his client the run-around until he finally told them if the money didn't appear in his account within 2 hours, he was going to the Federales. Guess what? the money was in his account an hour later.
  25. The first time I came to Mexico, I was a 20 year old hippie travelling with my then boyfriend. The second time I came I was a 23 year old hippie with a one year old daughter. Got a totally different reception as a mom everywhere I went. And my toddler got a lot of attention and fussing over.
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