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  1. And once again, a right wing conspiracy site reprinting stuff from another right wing conspiracy site. 不
  2. And once again, a right-winger uses a right-wing site and claims that it presents "both sides". You guys are so predictable and pitiful. "Overall, we rate the Mises Institute Right Biased based on strong advocacy for free-market capitalism and limited government (Libertarian), as well as right-leaning positions regarding climate change. We also rate them Mixed for factual reporting due to the promotion of Pseudoscience and misleading statements regarding race and climate change." (from Media Bias fact check)
  3. 不不不 https://fullfact.org/online/nazis-socialists/ With each new post, you advertise more of your ignorance.
  4. He doesn't even know that the word fascist refers to extreme right wing regiemes.
  5. Lol is right. The CDC article they linked to says nothing of the sort, in fact it says the opposite. You should try reading the source material sometime instead of your discredited news sites' disinformation interpretations of it.
  6. These days, when I use the term right-winger, I am using it to mean the extreme right conspiracy theorist Trump-supporting Q-anoner, libertarian types. Unfortunately the GOP has brought this on themselves by not disassociating themselves from this seemingly large and growing lunatic faction, instead appearing to almost all agree with it. There will always be people with liberal and conservative viewponts, and many people have some of each. Nothing wrong with that.
  7. Oh how adorable- a link to a far right website article that includes back-up references to two other extreme right websites.
  8. A Mexican upholsterer friend of mine paid no attention to wearing a mask until he got Covid and was not only super sick for 2 weeks, he still feels terrible months later. He now always wears a mask when clients come to his shop and when he goes out. Unfortunately, some people have to learn the hard way, but at least they are smart enough to learn.
  9. It has been pointed out to you several times why someone might do this for perfectly logical reasons, rather than them doing something pointless and stupid. Yet you continue to ignore that and continue to judge and demean others based on your own ideas and opinions. You just continue to repeat the same BS endlessly.
  10. His arguments are full of holes and contradictions and quite racist. Like he doesn't make the connection between "poor" Mexicans and lack of education- the uneducated are far more likely not to understand why mask wearing is recommemded and important. And he assumes that white faces with non-black hair aren't Mexican? There are plenty of Mexicans who have whiter skin than I do and lighter hair. And there are black and Asian Mexicans, whose families have been here for generations. I didn't find anything hilarious about this article-it was stupid.
  11. You are free to believe whatever you want, and also free to be self-satisfied that your beliefs have some basis in truth. That you "refuse to believe" something you know nothing about is a shining example of right wing mindset. That's exactly the attitude that leads people to go down the conspiracy theory route.
  12. Yes, we already know you only watch and read the things that bolster your own opinions.
  13. JP Sear's parodies of all things new agey are quite funny. Then he went down the exact same path as what he parodies in those "Ultra -spiritual" videos- the new ager "I do yoga and meditate and eat healthy, so I'm immune from Covid" stupidity.
  14. Why would I be talking about a Skillsaw, when your post is about a Workforce tile saw, which is pictured? Are you unaware of your own posts? I have exactly the same tile saw. I bought it about 15 years ago and used it extensively- I laid every tile in my house myself when it was built. Floors, countertops, showers, all of it. I think I paid 1500 pesos for that saw new at Home Depot all those years ago. The used ones I saw on line now were in the 1400-1800 peso range. I'm sure it would be useful to a local builder- this forum is probably not a great place to try to sell those things, as retired gringos don't seem to do much of anything themselves, they hire other people to do it.
  15. Being a doctor or scientist does not preclude one from being crazy. https://fox5sandiego.com/news/coronavirus/doctor-in-virus-video-shared-by-trump-has-preached-on-alien-dna-sex-with-spirits/
  16. It's only complicated for those who didn't have an RFC number to start with, or thought they did, but didn't know or weren't sure what it was. Otherwise, it's simple to generate a copy of one's Constancia.
  17. A bunch of cells without a heart is not a human being. But if you wish to believe it is, that is only your opinion, it has nothing to do with scientific fact. You can't deflect from the fact that conservatives are constantly trying to tell others what to do or not do by using what is only your opinion as an example to try to prove they don't. Well, you can, far be it from me to tell you what you can and can't do, it just makes you look ridiculous.
  18. I've brought seeds down for years, too. I just take them out of the original packages, make little plain paper packets or them and tuck them into a manila envelope with paperwork. Never been a problem. They never look through an open envelope full of papers.
  19. 不不不 Except for telling women they can't get abortions, proposing making contraception illegal, trying to stop immigration, trying to insist that a private business can't make rules that a mask is required inside their store, banning books they don''t like, banning hormonal treatments for transgender youth, etc, etc, etc.
  20. Maybe your personal shorthand. Have only ever seen it abbreviated as cc before.
  21. You aren't very bright, are you? Both my grandfather's parents (my great grandparents, in case you can't figure that out) and his sisters were gassed by the Nazis. No I don't. I call out the misinformation you post. And the difference between "your" and "you're" got taught in 2nd grade.
  22. My ancestors were gassed at Auschwitz, jerk. Discredited by "my side"? The sources I posted above regarding your "information" source were US Intelligence, Bloomberg, and Reuters. Hardly "my side".
  23. Uh huh. The families and friends of the over 6 million people who have died from Covid must just be paranoid or unlucky. And your topic post is BS from a discredited far right site. As per usual. "Zero Hedge (or ZeroHedge) is a far-right libertarian financial blog and news aggregator." https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-02-15/us-accuses-financial-website-of-spreading-russian-propaganda https://www.reuters.com/article/china-health-twitter-idINL4N2A20FU
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