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  1. I see your point, but it also shines light on what posts the moderator focuses on to delete and warn the poster about. IOW, it makes the moderator's prejudices fairly obvious. Even if the post has been deleted, if you are familiar with the user's views from their posting history, you can sort of extrapolate what the "offending" post might have said.
  2. Which is exactly why no one I know would fly anywhere unless they absolutely had to. And social distancing on an airplane is a oxymoron anyway. And don't you have anything better to do than stalk me around the forum? My post wasn't addressed to you.
  3. In case you haven't heard, international travel isn't really a smart thing to undertake during a deadly highly contagious pandemic. There isn't anywhere safe to go because anywhere warm you'd have to fly to or drive through the US. You couldn't pay any of my Canadian friends or family to get on a plane to anywhere at the present time, unless it was an unavoidable trip.
  4. All fabrics eventually do. Most of us have some golden oldie clothes we'd love to be able to wear forever, but at some point you just have to decide to throw it away or frame it and hang it on the wall.
  5. It makes perfect sense. If she had to send you $2088 US, she'd have to deposit $2754 CAN.
  6. As usual, your reading comprehension leaves a lot to be desired. I said I would be cautious about taking it, and was relating what I had just read on the drug manufacturer's own website about it. I didn't give out any medical advice.
  7. Yes, I'm perfectly capable when it comes to reading comprehension. I asked where she got that stat. As usual, you have nothing to contribute.
  8. My point was that one dentist was ready to gleefully pull out all my teeth so he could make a small fortune on an entire mouth full of implants, and my current dentist was behaving ethically by saying that there wasn't enough bone, rather than trying to just make as much money off me as possible, but I guess you missed that. I already have one implant, and while I haven't had any issues with it and it's been in place for years, I'm not at all interested, actually, in getting anymore. Far too invasive for me.
  9. That's the brand name. If you look up the actual name of the drug, it may be called something else in Mexico. Your friend may very well really need this, but if it were me, I'd be very cautious about taking this drug while there's a COVID pandemic going on. There are major warnings about it seriously lowering the immune system and making users very susceptible to contracting infections and viruses.
  10. Where'd you get that stat, Ferret? British Columbians and Albertans certainly don't fly to Mexico from Toronto.
  11. I was going to a dentist who billed himself as an implant specialist, but that's not why I first went to him. He started immediately talking to me about how I should have him pull out all my teeth (over half of which there was nothing whatsoever wrong with) and do full mouth implants. My present dentist, who is also an implant specialist, when he had to pull a couple of too-far gone teeth, told me when I asked about implants, that no, he couldn't do them for me because I didn't have enough bone left.
  12. Never inquired or tried. And I'm not in the "artisan" tax category. Sorry I can't be more helpful. Why not just ask IMSS?
  13. You don't understand the difference between a student and someone who has graduated?
  14. That happened to me in Canada once. A dentist had her student hygienist clean my teeth. The tip came off the cleaning tool and the student didn't notice, and she lacerated my gums. Using one's patients, clients or customers as guinea pigs for someone to practice on is highly unprofessional.
  15. Incorrect. The plastics industry pushed the use of plastic bags over paper and stores quickly opted for them because they were cheaper than paper bags.
  16. It depends on what work you were asking her to do. Not everything can be accurately estimated ahead of time. I'm a professional seamstress myself and I never give a contract price on a job, although I'm pretty accurate on my estimates. I never know ahead of time if the fabric a client chooses will be hard to work with, if it will require pre-washing and drying so it doesn't shrink the first time it's washed, there are some variables. And if a client just asks me for a ballpark figure on a set of cushion covers, for instance, I can't do that- I need to take accurate measurements myself, then do
  17. I guess that employee payroll and IMMS could complicate matters, but there is no reason why a small business owner needs to have an accountant, unless they would prefer not to have to deal with that stuff themselves. I paid an accountant once to run me through how to do it myself. And I've found the employees at the SAT office to be quite helpful if I've ever had a question or needed help with any of it. I've run a small business, with no employees, for 16 years in Mexico, and I file my taxes online through the SAT website myself (and any taxes owing, IVA, etc, is also payable on their si
  18. It does work for pain for a lot of people, but not for all. My experience has been that it just intensifies pain.
  19. Why? Are you under the impression that pot smokers don't smoke pot if it isn't legal, or that it's hard to come by?
  20. This is a discussion forum. However, you never have anything whatsoever to contribute to a discussion and seem to think your one-liners, almost always putting down what someone else has to say by making some flippant or judgemental comment, are clever contributions. Troll.
  21. The 3 Rs are "Reduce, reuse, recycle", in that order. So first, we should be try not to buy the things that come heavily packaged. For instance, you can go to the bulk food and spice stores and buy your spices which they will put in small plastic bags (or bring in your own to reuse, if so inclined), which is a lot less plastic than buying spices in plastic jars at Walmart. And don't confuse "the things I need" with the things you want. True environmentalists will decide that they can get along without something if the alternative is environmentally unfriendly and seek out places where they ref
  22. No one is forcing you to buy all that stuff packaged in plastic. And anyone who has yard waste obviously has a yard where they could devote a back corner to a yard waste pile, which breaks down and eventually goes back to the earth. Bagging it up in plastic bags is pointless and environmentally irresponsible but it's obvious you don't care.
  23. I don't need to read some report to know that bars, restaurants and gyms would be places to avoid during a global, airborne pandemic. That's just plain old common sense, something that appears to be lacking these days.
  24. It is in Mississauga. It's only 22 k from downtown Toronto, which isn't very far as big cities go.
  25. Yes, of course we should all be grateful for what we have. But reality is often not pretty. That's no reason to act as if we should only speak of things which are sweetness and light. And it still doesn't explain how you equate voicing reality and speaking of complacency , with fear.
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