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  1. If one has residency, why not set up Mexican bank account that you transfer funds into via an online currency exchange site, like xetrade, transferwise, etc? It seems absurd if you live in Mexico and have residency to have to constantly use ATMs to access money from your NOB account.
  2. JGiff- It's still called a Temporary resident visa when you get the card. That's the residency status- Temporal. What you get at the consulate is called a pre-approval.
  3. JGiff- You won't be issued a residency card at the Vancouver consulate. You will get a pre-approval and will have 30 days after you enter Mexico to report to INM and continue the process.
  4. Correct. He lost it in Mexico. Neither the OP nor you mentioned where you had lost your cards, only "while traveling". It's also possible to travel within Mexico, so I didn't make the assumption that it had been lost outside the country.
  5. CiBanco definitely has the lowest ATM fees. For Canadians, if you have a Canadian Scotiabank account, as long as you keep the required minimum balance in your account, you can use any Scotiabank machine without incurring any fees.
  6. The mental picture of hoards of retired gringos rushing out the door in their slippers when they hear the jingle of the marguerita truck is priceless.
  7. My neighbor lost his permanente card. He went to INM in PV and they issued him a new one. It cost him a couple thousand pesos, but he wasn't told he had to apply for a new one outside the country.
  8. They redid the main entrance street in Sayulita a few years ago. Took forever, and of course they started right at the beginning of tourist season and didn't get it done until Semana Santa. It was the best road in town, there was really no good reason to redo it. But they did, complete with bike lanes, benches, garbage cans and bike racks. The thingies on the street that prevent people from driving into the bike lane are all bashed up now, half of them turned sideways, people park there anyway. I've never seen one bike in the bike racks and not seen more than a few people ever making use of the benches. The garbage cans are always overflowing. The only thing that does get used is the new sidewalks. All the rest was money down the drain. The clogged up drain they put in that no one is assigned to keep clear. I've lived a lot of places in my life, but never seen a country where there are so many ill-thought out money-wasting projects.
  9. Was once going down a two way street with cars parked on both sides, so only enough room for one car to drive through. I was halfway down the block when a car full of young Tapatio boys started to turn onto the street from the other direction. Now, everyone who lives around here would just wait for the car that was halfway down the street to pass before turning. Not these guys- they turned onto the street and just kept driving until they were nose to nose with me, then shut off the ignition, leaned back, crossed their arms and put their feet up on the dashboard. I sat there for awhile in a literal Mexican stand-off, then backed up. I had things to do, otherwise I would have just sat there for hours if need be. Real nice, how their parents brought them up to feel so entitled.
  10. mudgirl

    Marisco Peters

    Sorry, Kyle, I didn't mean to hijack your thread- My first post after your topic post was actually meant to be in response to a post on another thread where someone was berating people for liking hamburgers and pizza and talking about how unhealthy they were. Not sure how that happened, but I apologize.
  11. mudgirl

    Marisco Peters

    Thank you. Of course I know what foods are healthy and what ones are not considered to be so. I just thought it was ironic that someone who was 103 years old lived a lifestyle most people would consider to be quite unhealthy. Actually I think that if you grow up on good, real food, without a bunch of additives, hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, salt and sugar, it tends to give you a strong constitution that can see you through a bit of bad eating. Someone who was 103 about 30-40 years ago when I read that interview would have grown up on real, unadulterated food. If he'd grown up on Kraft dinner, nitrate-laden hot dogs, chips, soda pop and Ding Dongs, he might not have made it to that ripe old age on the diet and habits he had.
  12. I suggest you reread the title of the post.
  13. Why? I don't consider my day to day life and interactions to be anything of particular interest to strangers on a public forum.
  14. It wasn't the sharing of stories about great service and reasonable prices that set people off, lakeside7, it was presenting it as something rare, as if the norm is bad service and getting ripped off. That's not how most ex-pats experience life in Mexico.
  15. mudgirl

    Marisco Peters

    I see some folks don't understand irony.
  16. mudgirl

    Marisco Peters

    Healthy food is relative. I remember reading an interview about 40 years ago with what was then the oldest living man in Canada. He mostly lived on canned beans and coffee and smoked cigarettes. He said he quit the cigarettes when he was about 95, cause everyone kept telling him how unheathy they were, but started up again a year later. I think he was about 103.
  17. It's fine to suggest Navajoa the first night, but really, drivers should have a list of places at various point along the way- things can happen that slow down your trip and you won't necessarily make it as far in a day as you think you will. Years ago, I was trying to make it to Navajoa the first night after crossing at Nogales, but due to a lot of people at the border crossing that day, taking more time than normal to get my TIP, and then extensive highway consstruction, it was already dusk when I was only just north of Guaymas. So I deeked off to San Carlos and spent the next night there.
  18. Pool tiles are made of glass, not ceramic. That's why a special cement has to be used for application and grout. Pool tiles are virtually indestructible and will last more or less forever if applied properly.
  19. Yes, I realize that now. I have a pretty thick skin and don't tend to take things personally, but I often forget that others do. Working on being more sensitive.
  20. I'm sorry, it wasn't intended to be a taunt or personal attack. What I meant by absurd is that if someone posts a completely unrelated question on an existing thread that has nothing to do with the topic they are inquiring about, they may not get any or very few responses to their question, because no one would think to look at a thread called "Mazatlan information" if they were interested in being helpful regarding a question concerning Shaw satellite TV.
  21. Although this has become a restaurant review, I respond to the original post- yes, many businesses open before they are really ready to serve the public properly. They have spent so much money getting set-up that they jump the gun, trying to recoup some of their costs. It's bad business sense and doesn't get them off to a great start. I've gone to restaurants where the food was fine, but the chairs were cheap and really uncomfortable. When I commented that they could really use some decent cushions on the chairs, I was told that they are planning on it, but they can't afford it yet. Business owners would do well to open small, but complete. They can always upgrade and add things later. Better to have 8 tables with comfortable chairs and a well-trained staff than 20 tables with hard, uncomfortable seats and staff that's just winging it.
  22. Why did you post this on a 4 year old thread about living in Mazatlan? I know threads wander and I have no issue with that, but this is absurd.
  23. I have found some in past years at Mega or Walmart.
  24. I see, well that may be true. I don't have a pool myself, but I tiled my shower floors in pool tiles, used the pegavenicianos for both the cement and the grout, and have never had the grout stain and it's a very light color- construction is 11 years old. The pools I've seen where tiles have fallen off and grout is stained were ones where white cement was used, as opposed to the pegavenecianos.
  25. Mainecoons- there is a special adhesive/grout specifically for pool tiles. It's called pegavenecianos. It is used to cement the tiles to the pool walls and is meant to be put on thickly enough that it squishes up between the tiles and also serves as the grout. Sometimes they have to add a little after the tiles are set in spots where it didn't squish up enough, but there isn't any need for a different product for the stick-um than for the grout.
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