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  1. Yet you have never offered anyone any requested advice on this forum, as far as I'm aware, never been helpful, engaged in any topic in any meaningful way or even been conversational in any way. You bring nothing to the table. Your entire motivation for posting seems to consist of giving your opinion on the appropriateness of other's posts. You're like some "church lady" who's set herself up as arbiter of "niceness" and "nastiness", as if you think there was some job opening for that position here that needed to be filled.
  2. All those weekenders from Guad you see sitting around maskless and crowding?- guess where their COVID cases will be reported. Not in Chapala. They'll infect a few of the locals who came in contact with them who will be counted as Chapala cases.
  3. Bingo. For those who have never heard of it, it is actually a house- there are rooms inside. It as now been painted up, quite beautifully. Google La Mona, Tijuana.
  4. We have a choice not to shop at stores where the employees are not following the safety protocols. Don't bother talking to the customer service staff- they are usually just as clueless and uncaring as the rest of the staff. Ask to speak to the manager, let him know they are losing your business because of this. Go once more to see if that made any difference, and if not, boycott them. There are many places to go shopping. Let's reward the businesses who are being responsible and not put our $ in the pockets of those who aren't.
  5. Playful sarcasm is totally wasted on that poster- complete inability to ever grasp when people are being sarcastic or goofing around.
  6. It doesn't sound to me like a situation where finiquito or any other benefits are required. (Free to work for others doesn't enter into it- regular maids and gardeners usually work for many homeowners, but because they have regular days and hours, they are employees and are owed all the benefits). I agree with some others- he's just trying it on, so let him come after you. Maybe he's lost a lot of work because of the pandemic, or maybe someone's been whispering in his ear. I had the same sort of worker- he worked for lots of us in the neighborhood. We'd just call him when we needed some s
  7. The OP said that this man worked for him on an as-needed basis. That would not necessarily be a situation where finiquito is required. A casual laborer, who doesn't have any set hours and just shows up if he's free to work when someone calls him isn't an employee- they are an independent contractor and things like vacation pay, finiquito and aguinaldo don't need to paid. Of course, we don't know the exact circumstances of the employment, so hard to say what category this worker would fall into.
  8. Thank you for the reply. I was aware that an adult child could sponsor a parent, but that seems strange to me- that an adult child can sponsor a parent, but that a parent can't sponsor an adult child. I guess maybe the thinking is that the adult child needs to look after the parent, but that wouldn't necessarily be the case.
  9. I bought a gallon jug of hand sanitizer at Costco a couple months ago, which thankfully isn't on that list of 77. What I've been doing since these reports started coming out, is I take the small container of it that I refill from the jug and keep in my car with me when I go into a store so I can put it on in front of them if they try to insist on squirting me with theirs. So far I haven't had to do that, I've just said that I just used some in my car before entering the store and they've let me pass.
  10. Not saying she can't help, but the OP's issue has nothing to do with immigration matters, it has to do with labor law.
  11. Sonia, could you clarify something, which doesn't pertain directly to this but is related. I am a permanent resident and a few years I inquired at INM about sponsoring my adult daughter. I was told that to sponsor a child, that child has to be a dependent- either under-age or dependent because they are handicapped or something like that. In other words, if she had been 16 instead of 32, I could have sponsored her. Does that hold true whenever mention is made of sponsoring a child?
  12. Well, yeah, I could just get a board wide enough and of the correct length and keep it in my car, but I was thinking a heavy-duty plastic ramp might be lighter to move around.
  13. So sorry you lost your beloved buddy. My dog is getting old, too and has trouble now jumping up in the car, so I'd buy it from you if I didn't live in Sayulita. But where do you purchase something like that, I was wondering?
  14. That chart makes no sense in terms of comparisons, which it purports to do, because the age groups vary between diseases. COVID 25-34 compared to Flu 18-49? COVID 35-44 compared to Flu 50-64? That's like comparing the price of one container of juice to another container of juice purely looking at the price, while ignoring the fact that one container holds 1 liter and the other holds 1.5 liters. In order for a chart like that to have any value, other than to those who have an agenda of dismissing the seriousness of COVID, the age groups would have to be the same- COVID 15-30, Flu 15
  15. That could work fine as long as the employer has a realistic idea of how long something would take to do well. Someone who has never done a bit of gardening might think that it should only take 2 hours to accomplish what would actually take 4. Most people don't bring their car to the mechanic and start off by telling him how long you think fixing your car should take and what you are willing to pay. To have a realistic idea of how long work you aren't familiar with ever doing yourself would take, rather than say "I'm willing to pay this much for that job", it would be more informative to
  16. Good to know, except I haven't had any reason to go to Guad or lakeside for several years. Here's something quite funny- I saw a jar of Mexican-made zatar at La Comer. I looked at the ingredients, and it wasn't really the zatar I know, which is just ground thyme, sumac berries and sesame. They had substituted jamaica for the sumac, which seemed like a decent substitute, they have similar flavors and I've never seen a sumac tree in Mexico, although that doesn't mean there aren't any. On the label, they had the ingredients listed in Spanish, then supposedly in English. They had translated
  17. That's exactly how often and long my neighbor has her gardener come. He's very good, and very efficient and her place looks great. And I've never seen him holding the hose 😜 In fact, he suggested she get soaker hoses and laid them out for her, so only a few things now need hand watering.
  18. Now that would be a perfect trade. Not familiar with Persian food, but I love all the others. (I'm almost out of my stash of zatar I bought in Canada last summer) Too bad I live in Sayulita.
  19. I've been stung about 4 times now. The first time was no big deal, the second was worse, the 3rd was really bad. I know that can happen with wasps and bees, too- the more often you get stung, the worse the reaction each time. The third time it took 4 months to get the feeling back in my thumb. I never went to the hospital for any of them, but my throat burned really badly for a couple of days after that 3rd sting. The fourth one was different. It was the only time I put ice on it immediately, as well as a plant poutice. The pain went away in about an hour and had no more bad reaction.
  20. Yes, I don't like to kill things that are harmless, like my house spiders, or ants that are just moving through, but I do draw the line at scorpions and cockroaches in the house and they all get smushed. I look after a little cabin next to me for the owner and had a girl renting there who would carefully carry all the scorpions outside to "rehome" them. I told her I was pretty sure that scorpions weren't an endangered species, and that I really wouldn't care if they went extinct.
  21. I heard that that is one of the reasons that Mexicans put those glossy, decorative tiles on the outside stair risers- it's not just for decoration- it's because it's hard for scorpions and other crawling insects to climb up.
  22. Well, we are all different. I don't even have a gardener, just hire one for a day when I need tall things cut or piles of debris moved because taking care of my garden is something I really enjoy, it's not work to me at all. But I sure would love to have a full time cook because cooking bores the heck out of me and I can think of a hundred things I'd rather do.
  23. Those are really designed to be used around the edges, where the walls meet and where they meet the ceiling. I've never seen them advertised as being used to paint an entire wall before, and can imagine that they wouldn't work well for that purpose.
  24. There are so-called gardeners who do little more than walk around and hold a hose and rake up debris, and there are some who are quite knowledgeable and efficient. I won't keep a gardener who thinks his job consists of walking around holding the hose. The hose can be left in one area, turned down to a small dribble, while the gardener attends to cutting dead leaves and trimming things, then go back and move the hose to another area. Ideally, you would have sprinklers to water most of the plants and the gardener watering would take a very small amount of time. So you really just have to t
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