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  1. Perhaps the guy is some kind of scammer or perhaps he did make an honest mistake. Sounds to me like both parties are taking an adversarial approach, rather than trying to come to some equitable terms. The homeowner should price out what the materials she used costs at other places, to get an idea of whether he is just trying to scam her, or she really did get much more expensive materials at a ridiculously low price. I couldn't in good conscience take advantage of someone's legitimate error, if that happened to be the case.
  2. My friend's mom was not allowed to have actually flatware to eat with in her assisted living facility , because her natural penchant for nastiness she had had all her life intensified with her dementia. She used to chuck the utensils at her fellow residents in the dining room. So while the dining facilities and food were good, she was only given plastic utensils đŸ™‚
  3. My old stomping grounds, the Comox Valley. lived there for 25 years. Three of my granddaughters were born in St. Joe's hospital. That site would also have a view of the water. Nice.
  4. She wasn't aware of what materials she ordered for her job and just went ahead and had the "wrong materials" installed? I would assume there are two sides to this story and I wouldn't be so quick to condemn the seller, nor publicly out him as some scammer, without knowing the whole story, not just based on the OP's post.
  5. Yes, true, but if the electric is out, meaning you can't charge the phone, it will use up the battery. Years ago, when I bought a new laptop at Office Depot, it came with an extra perk of a small battery pack. I never would have thought of purchasing such a thing, but I have used it many times to get phone or laptop juice when the electric has gone out for extended periods of time and keep it charged up.
  6. Definitely works best to transplant stuff in the rainy season. I like to prune stuff back then, too. Has a chance to leaf out again nicely before the dry season.
  7. Yep, they want everyone to use the app but I suspect they still have those fobs, you just have to talk them into it. I did a year ago. Exactly the opposite of you (what else is new in Mexico?), the woman I was dealing with told me it was free of charge, but they made a 250 peso charge for it that appeared on my bank statement.
  8. That is your issue as far as not connecting with the Wifi off. As others have said, 20 pesos on Sin Limites expires in 24 hours. It's virtually useless. If you don't use your phone for calling or texting, only to connect to data and use your banking app, you can buy an Internet Amigo paquete, rather than the Sin Limites paquete, that will give you data, but no ability to phone or text. (although you could use Whatapp to phone or text, because that only requires a data connection). For 200 pesos, you will get 3.5 GB of data, which lasts for 30 days. I'm not sure how that compares with the paquete ferret mentioned above, how much data you get on that. If you only need to connect to the BBVA app occasionally, then you could continue only buying 20 pesos worth, but you would have to do that on the day you want to use the BBVA app, because it will only last for a day. If you need to use the app 10 times in a month, then you are better off spending the 200 pesos/month, which will enable you to connect as much as you want without running out to buy 20 pesos worth every time. I'm curious as to why you don't use your phone for anything else. I'm not a techie, either, and really resisted getting a smart phone, using my old dumb phone for ages when everyone thought I was weird. But like you, I needed a smart phone for something- I moved to where there are no phone lines or fiberoptic, so couldn't get an internet connection without using my phone as a hotspot to get an internet connection on my computer. That's really all I used it for for the first year, then realized all the things I could do on the smart phone. Like look at the traffic on Google Maps if I need to go somewhere, to see if it's bottlenecked somewhere so I can take a different route. And take photos and use Whatsapp to call or message friends and family all over the world. And I definitely use it for calling and texting, and can look at this forum or other websites I frequent while I'm standing in a bank line-up or having to wait somewhere. I use it for the alarm clock, the calculator, and to listen to podcasts while I'm working out in the garden. There's so many things you can use your phone for, if you have any interest in doing so.
  9. When I was in the market for a used car some years ago, I answered an ad for a used Nissan X-Trail. As far as I was concerned, she was asking way too much for it, and I didn't have that kind of money to spend anyway, so I just thanked her for her response and said it was beyond my budget. A couple weeks later I ended up sitting next to her on the bus and we struck up a conversation (I didn't know her at the time, but turned out we had mutual friends) and when she told me her name, I asked if she was the same person who had the X-Trail for sale. She said yes, she still had it, and tried to talk me into it, saying it was a great vehicle, totally worth the asking price. A week later my mechanic came with me to find a car at the Sunday car auction some hours away, we found a Ford Escape he checked out as good, and I bought it. (half the price this woman wanted for her car) A couple months after that, when I was in his shop to get a small thing checked out, the mechanic had that X-Trail in his shop, which someone had bought. He said "Good thing you didn't buy this one, it has a ton of things wrong with it and needs a lot of expensive work".
  10. Nice deflection. Your standard M.O. whenever called out on your BS.
  11. Nope, the innumerate are everywhere. Playing with their lack of mathematical ability, even something so simple as basic 3rd grade multiplication, can be entertaining and profitable!
  12. Yes, I know how it's supposed to be done, a friend who can do it at ear-shattering volume tried to teach me, but I just can't do it. My tongue doesn't fold back like that. I can't vibrate my tongue to make the Spanish double r sound either. And that has nothing to do with it not being a sound in my native language- it's something kids used to do when playing cars when I was little, and I never could do it.
  13. Like you disparaged the poster who dared to mention they loved Mario's?
  14. I used to work with a group in Canada that hired bands and put on dances. We served alcohol, and sold bar tickets. A friend who was on the bar ticket job one night started telling people the tickets were $1.50 each or 3 for $5. You wouldn't believe how many people went for the 3 for $5 "deal".
  15. I could never figure out how to whistle like that.đŸ˜’
  16. You have to open Chrome on your phone and do it just like when it is connected to your Wifi.
  17. A network is the system your device is connected to. For instance, some people may use Telcel, some may use ATT, some Moviestar, etc. It is the company you are signed up with. When your phone is connected to your home Wifi, it is running on the Telmex, Ilox, Total Play, or whoever you get your internet from. When you turn off the Wifi connection, your phone is using the Telcel network.
  18. The speed test isn't specific to any site. It shows you how fast the speed is on your phone, regardless of what site you are on. Some apps and websites are more data heavy than others, so if your speed is too low, some may not work, or take too long to connect to, so they stop loading. For instance, a site or app that just has some text can easily connect, those that have a lot of images may require higher speeds to load. It can also help if you clear stuff out of your phone's memory that you don't need.
  19. Yes, Telcel. You don't have to "find" its connection to the internet. If you have a Telcel plan or paquete, it comes with a certain amount of cellular data each month. This is your phone's cellular internet connection whenever you are not at home or somewhere you can access a Wifi connection. So your phone already receives cellular data without you having to do anything. If you are switching from your phone working off your home Wifi to working on its cellular connection, you have to go into your phone's Network settings and switch off the Wifi connection. Then it will be working on the cell signal. When you want it to work off your Wifi connection, you turn the Wifi setting back on. In fact, if your phone keeps losing your Wifi connection, go to this setting and try turning it off and back on again, which might reset it. When I am at home, my phone data works off my Wifi connection. As soon as I am not home, and it is therefore not picking up my Wifi connection, it just automatically starts using the cell signal to access data. I can assure you I am low tech, too. But this is pretty simple stuff.
  20. One thing for people to understand rather than thinking that the mRNA technology is something totally new and experimental is that it isn't at all. Here is a good, simple explanation of mRNA history.
  21. High dosages of vitamin D should not be taken without some research into contraindications. There are heart, cholesterol, psoriasis, and other medications that are contraindicated with Vitamin D. 10 minutes of exposure to sunlight provides enough of the recommended normal daily allowance. So unless you have lily white skin and never go out in the sun, or slather yourself in sunscreen, most of us who live where the sun almost always shines don't have a deficiency. If you want to up your intake in the form of supplements, just be sure to read up on side effects of Vit. D toxicity and make sure you aren't on any medications on the list. Vitamins you get from food are never going to be a problem, because you can't eat enough to overdose them, unless you drink 3 glasses of carrot juice a day, for instance, and cause Vit. A toxicity. But supplements are not necessarily something benign that you can just take with abandon. Also there are water soluable vitamins, like B vitamins, that you can't really overdo, because you just pee out the excess that your body doesn't need. But fat-soluable vitamins are something that you can take too much of, because they build up in your body.
  22. Didn't need what? A picture, signature, iris scan, etc., or an RFC and a Constancia? If a foreigner owns a home here and ever wants to sell it, it is in their best interest to get facturas under one's RFC for any materials and labor that is spent on the house, as well as appliances, AC units, and so on that went into the house, as they can be used as deductions on any capital gains owing.
  23. I don't know why you insist on saying what is incorrect. I was given a new electronic token a year ago. It is different from the old ones, in that it reads the QR code off the screen, then generates a number you type in. The old ones just generated a number when you turned it on.
  24. It isn't an article, it's a satire. You can't even tell the difference between something serious and something that makes fun of your erroneous ideas. Not surprising you fall for every conspiracy theory out there. And you just keep repeating the same exact stuff over and over again.
  25. That isn't true. I have had a BBVA account for years and I do not use the app at all. I log in to my account on my PC using the electronic token. I do understand that they seem to be making anyone who wants to open a new account use the app, but that doesn't seem to hold true for users who already have accounts. When I had to go in a couple years ago for a new token when the old one had a bad battery, they did try to tell me I needed to use the app, but I told them I didn't have a smart phone (which wasn't true) so they backed off on that. I never get sent codes. Not sure what those are for. But I do get SMS notifications of deposits and withdrawals on my old dumb phone, which I keep charged up but never put any time on.
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