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  1. I actually prefer Kleenex toilet paper, which I have only found at Mega in 4 roll packs. What I don't get is that Costco sells Kleenex paper towels, but not toilet paper. And I'm not pleased that they seem to have replaced the Edwards frozen key lime pie with "Jon's", which is grainy and not nearly as good. Also one of the reasons I joined Costco was for their multigrain bakery loaves. Now, at least at the PV Costco, they only make it on the weekends, when I never drive into PV. They also stopped carrying their own Kirkland brand of packaged multigrain bread and now only carry Orowheat, which is so sweet it's disgusting, or very expensive organic multigrain. I still like Costco, but they don't seem to be nearly as consistent with their stock here in Mexico as up north. But yeah, I know we're not up north.
  2. Canadians don't have titles, just registration. How do the agents deal with that? No more Canadian car tourists allowed?
  3. Guess I got my answer- man-made climate change deniers obviously get their info from sites which push a corporate agenda and feel very comfy and smug with their heads in the sand. Scientists can get grants for all kinds of research- they aren't that interested in promoting falsehoods, except the ones who are paid by the corporations who benefit from lying to the public. But do continue to enjoy your state of denial. Me, I fear for the world my grandchildren are inheriting.
  4. Sorry about your ordeal, but FYI scorpions do not bite- they sting.
  5. Yes, it's hurricane season, nothing new. But the strength of these hurricanes in the last couple of years is unprecedented. I'm curious- what do man-made climate change deniers think the VAST majority of the world's scientists stand to gain by lying to the public about the damage we continue to do by our greed? (whereas the companies that continue to cause this destruction have plenty to gain)
  6. It's not just a matter of cheaper or better- Costco carries items which are not available at Walmart or other grocery stores, unless they have purchased them at Costco and then mark them up. Aged cheddar cheese, large bags of snacks made with organic ingredients, marinated frozen wild salmon filets, good quality linens, to name a few. Plus their return policy, in my experience, is far superior to anywhere else.
  7. Yes, a whopping 7or 8 pesos. My grandma was an obsessive coupon clipper. She'd spend 5 dollars in gas to drive halfway across town to save 30 cents on a package of chicken.
  8. For some things it really doesn't matter if they slack off while you are away- whether your house is kept dust and cobweb free for 2 months is immaterial as long as it is nice and clean on your return. Gardening is a different story. If they simply let the bouganvillas get totally overgrown for your whole absence, for instance, and then hack them all back 2 days before you get back, they are going to look terrible. Or let the grass get so long it throws off seeds into all your flower beds.
  9. Additionally, most polished concrete, or concrete with cement skim coat countertops I have seen in Mexico have a very rough, uncleanable undersurface because they pour on top of supported rough boards. There is an easy solution to get a smooth undersurface- staple thick black plastic, stretched tight, to the boards before pouring the concrete. The undersurface will turn out smooth as glass. It's important to staple it on- if you don't, the plastic will shrink up as the concrete gets poured and you will end up with "wrinkles" in the concrete.
  10. Polished cement needs to be kept damp as long as possible. This will cut down on surface cracking, although not as far as the floor settling due to earthquakes or uncompacted soil under the subfloor. ( a friend who used to be a building contractor used to get the crew to compact the soil by hand with those heavy compactors that they just smash down on the soil- then one day he rented an electric compactor and the soil went down another foot!) Polished concrete, after it has set up and before it is sealed, should be covered in damp rags, old wetted blankets, etc. Leaving them like this for a week is not overkill. In fact, all cement and concrete work benefits from being kept damp for as long as possible.
  11. In my experience, many Mexicans do not have bank accounts. And, although REC obviously has had good experiences with his method, I have seen way too often what happens when people pay in advance- the employees do nothing for the duration of the employer's absence, then rush around getting things done a couple days before the owner gets back. Lakeside's advice was the best- find a friend who will pay them and return the favor or take them out for dinner for their time and trouble.
  12. Don't know about locally, but sewing stores like Parasina sell about 1meter square sheets of 1" rigid styrofoam. Used for craft projects, etc. But you said fiberglass?
  13. Thick or thin, hard or soft, when it comes to foam, has nothing whatsoever to do with the quality, i.e. how soon it will start to beak down or squash down in the middle. Foam quality is referred to as its density. Think of it as its "spring back" factor. You can have a thick, firm foam that is actually very poor quality and will not hold up over time. Or a thinner, softer foam that will maintain its shape for many years. Here in Mexico I have found foam in densities from 18- 40. Anything below a 30 density foam will not perform well over time. For something like a dog bed, it really doesn't matter. But if its for your sofa or to use as a bed mattress, it certainly does. You know those chair cushions in lots of restaurants that give so little padding that you might as well be sitting on the wooden seat? Usually 18-20 density- in other words, the cheapest foam the upholsterer could find.
  14. The pool tiles fall off when the builders use white cement and regular grout instead of the special cement that needs to be used for the glass pool tiles. Called "pegavenicianos".
  15. I have the "Libreton" account at Bancomer. No fee, balance required is 4000 pesos, not 8000.
  16. This may be true for some, or the majority of purchases, but when I ordered my washing machine part from a vendor on Mercado Libre, he gave me HIS acct. number, which I paid into at OXO, then scanning him a copy of the receipt.
  17. I haven't been in San Blas for many years, but when I stayed there for a month, we rented a small house in town. In spite of everyone saying how bad the jejenes were in San Blas, we did not experience this at the house. Several times we took the boat trip out to the peninsula and spent the day at the beach there (there's an old fort there as well), where there were no jejenes. Also took the "jungle boat ride" up the river, where there were gorgeous water birds and crocodiles. The end of the line is a restaurant where we had lunch before heading back. We quite enjoyed San Blas.
  18. There's at least 200 restaurants in Sayulita now. I can assure you that Don Pedro's, while good, is far from the "one great restaurant". Don Juan's, while not on the beach, nor in the centro, (a plus, in my book, as it's not noisy) is many of the locals' favorite. Tierra Viva, a block up from the beach, is also excellent.
  19. Most washing machines have a small, fine filter screen which sits just inside the water inlet valves where you would screw the hoses on. This will prevent any crud from entering your machine. If you find water is entering the machine slowly, this screen is plugged up. I pull mine out and clean it (I only have cold water hooked up, so only need to do one) about once a month.
  20. INM only processes from the point where you are going to get on an international flight. This actually makes total sense, as there is no way of assuring that you will actually be on that flight just because the first leg of your trip originates domestically.
  21. Make sure the building permit and IMSS coverage is for real. Go with contractor to get these things. My friend's contractor (who she fired halfway through the job for building incompetence) took money for a building permit at the outset, gave her the permit, then she found out that the permit was fake. Same with IMSS payment. By then, contractor was nowhere to be found. Don't make plans to move in on a certain date, or invite friends or family to come stay in your new house based on the finish date you are given. S**t happens, sometimes not the contractor's fault- materials don't arrive when promised by the distributor, things close down for holidays, etc. Strongly second "plan to be on site every day". While some things seem to move at the speed of molasses, it is amazing how quickly what you wanted can be mis-interpreted and incorrectly completed.
  22. Go to any OXXO, put the 150 pesos on your number. Then, BEFORE you make any calls or texts, TEXT (do not call) the message SL150 to the number 5050. You will get a message back, almost immediately, saying that your plan is activated. And FYI, it is not necessary to do it on the last day of the plan- you can let any amount of time go by after it elapses. Say you're sick that day and can't get out- just do it whenever you are able to. you won't be able to text or call, but you could still receive. Nor are you stuck with that amount- if you wanted to switch to the 100 pesos for 21 days, for instance, you just text SL100 after paying. As I use an old-school Nokia dumb phone, there is no need to switch anything to Roaming when I get to Canada. It just switches over to Rogers automatically and I can phone when NOB using the numbers as the above posters explained.
  23. That's strange. I am in Canada now and have been using my 150p SIN LIMITES regular plan since I got here, no problem. Same plan as I use in Mexico- pay at OXO, then text SL150 to 5050. Have been able to call Canadian #s and text while here, no special travel plan, as well as calling Mexico.
  24. Your first reply to this thread certainly sounds to me like you were just recommending that she go to the pharmacy, buy some (no prescription needed, you state) and try it. I did not assume anything about the OP's intelligence level.
  25. Why would anyone recommend that someone else just go to the drug store and take some drug without them consulting their doctor? Incredibly irresponsible and dangerous. Lyrica is not some benign thing to self-administer as if it is aspirin. Has extremely dangerous side effects (40pound weight gains, hair loss, just to name a couple), ADDICTIVE, almost impossible to stop taking without horrible withdrawal symptoms. Harder to kick than heroin.
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