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  1. My house is 10 years old and my roofs have never leaked. Most of them slope, but the one over my bedroom is flat with a small dome in it. But I have been diligent about powerwashing and putting another coat of high quality "5 year" impermealizante paint on them every 2 years. They don't have any membranes under the paint, either.
  2. There's a joke- If you lined up all the cars on the planet end to end, some Mexican would try to pass. Even Mexicans find it funny.
  3. Yes, my celiac friend and other celiacs get a laugh out of everyone going "gluten free", but are really pleased with the choices they now have. When she was first diagnosed (after years of doctors testing her for everything else but that), she had a really hard time. Way more food prep time, nothing she could eat at outdoor festivals, in spite of there being 20 food booths, etc. whenever she went out, she always had to have a stash of something she could eat with her. Not to mention, she was on a career path as a pastry chef!
  4. What's with the "Gluten Free" craze? People seem to be under the impression that it's just innately bad for you. They even put "gluten free" on bottles of water, yoghurt, and shampoo now! People who are gluten intolerant are called celiacs. It's a pretty rare condition. It's even called Celiac Disease.Their bodies can't process gluten, it destroys the cilia (hence the name) in their stomachs. The cilia absorb the nutrients from the food you eat. So if a celiac eats gluten, their stomach linings look like a linoleum floor, instead of a shag rug. And they won't absorb the nutrients in their food, so an undiagnosed true celiac, eating gluten, will be really thin and hungry all the time. Celiacs can't even eat packaged foods which list "spices" on the ingredient list because the spices are mixed with a little bit of wheat to make them distribute evenly, even though that's not mentioned on the ingredient list. I know all this only because I have a close friend who is a diagnosed celiac. (you can easily be tested for it, chances are results will come back negative) If people feel better when they don't eat wheat, etc. I'd suggest they are allergic to something else in the wheat, wheat itself, or chemical fertilizers or crop sprays used on the wheat. Or something else besides gluten. Not insinuating that the OP is not a celiac, he/she very well might be. Just think this gluten free thing in general is pretty silly. For anyone else who agrees, check out J.P. Sears' youtube video "How to Become Gluten Intolerant". It's hilarious.
  5. The Robert Zimmerman post was by Bob Dylan , who's obviously getting senile.
  6. I have to chuckle everytime I read how Lakeside has a "perfect climate" year-round, then every winter there are posters who say they are freezing and inquiring about heaters :-) Sounds like you found a comfy solution.
  7. P.S. I use Basic Yahoo mail. Not sure if the "Account Info" is in the same place in other versions.
  8. If you are being inundated with Spam on Yahoo Mail and want to block the senders, first open their email. (you probably know not to click on any of the links or attachments that are in them, but just opening the email isn't dangerous). Then highlight the email address it was sent from, right click and "Copy". Then go to the upper right hand corner where it says "Account Info", left click on that, then choose "Options" , then "Go". A page will come up and on the left side bar you'll see "Block Sender". "Paste" the email address you just copied into the line and you won't receive any more emails from that sender.
  9. Oops, typo. freespiritspheres.com
  10. And for those who enjoy checking out other interesting and unusual housing, take a look at freespiritsheres.com
  11. Well, he's lived all his life in Mexico, and doesn't have any address in the US to register under, so it wouldn't occur to him to try to do it that way. But cool that you still get it fro free down here.
  12. I don't have personal experience with this, but my 15 year old grandson, who lives in Mexico, told me he uses Spotify for 100 pesos/month. Country registered on the account is Mexico.
  13. Whatever, regular cheap latex house paint (not whitewash) would start to flake and peel almost right away, especially if someone was too lazy to sand off the rust and prime it. So twenty minutes to paint, and twenty minutes till it starts to come off :-)
  14. Why would anyone spend ANY money or the time to paint a metal tank with cheap house paint, which wouldn't last more than a few months at the most? Solajijic's recommendation probably extended the life of their tank for years, for a few hours work plus materials.
  15. As a professional upholsterer, I can verify that the sun is so intense here that all fabrics will start to fade pretty quickly, even when exposed to indirect sunlight. The only ones that don't are Sunbrella fabrics or other high quality indoor/outdoor fabric (not "Mexican Sunbrella", which also fades and gets moldy in high humidity/wet conditions). And I have made many huge sets of curtains over the years for folks who thought it would be a great idea to have banks of big glass doors or gigantic windows on the south facing side of the house. They quickly find out that this makes their homes unbearably hot. So if you simply must have those, be prepared to spend some $ on window/door coverings or awnings whether the neighbors can see in or not.
  16. I've stopped ordering fries in Mexican restaurants. They are almost invariably limp, undercooked, and/or greasy. Hamburger buns are also usually under-toasted so they end up all soggy.
  17. I usually buy the Kirkland aged cheddar at Costco, which is found in the dairy cases, not in the "fancy" cheese section. Admittedly, it's a lesser substitute for the Tillamook, which I occasionally buy when I'm feeling flush.
  18. If you have filtered and softened water, you can use filters in your shower heads. If not, sand, and mineral deposits will plug the screens up more quickly than you would probably want to take them out and clean them. I REMOVED all the filters in my shower heads and faucets.
  19. P.S. Your architect actually legally has to give you a factura if you request one, whether you pay him in cash, check or whatever. But he will then have to report the income, pay 16% tax on it, then add the 16% to your bill. And these factura issues are generally talked about when contracting a job- not really fair to spring it on him partway through the job.
  20. If guys are working full time, when would they have time to go stand in a bank line-up to cash a check? (Reminds me of when I saw a builder reaming out a transito who had given him a parking ticket- he yelled- "I have materials to unload, where do you expect me to park?" The transito was visibly shaken, but said he couldn't rip up the ticket. The builder then asked when the hell the transito thought he could pay the ticket, since he works full time. Transito suggested maybe the builder's wife could go pay it? Builder yells, "My wife works, too, {swear word}!") And it sounds like your architect is saying that if you pay him cash, he will not have to claim the income and pay tax on it, quite common and prevalent not only in Mexico, albeit illegal. If he has to cash a check, he has to account for the income and pay tax on it, which he will then turn around and add to your bill. However, a consideration for the homeowner is that you can deduct all facturas which reflect improvements to your property from capital gains profits if and when you sell in the future. For this you would need a tax number, so the factura is in your name. Are you sure your CURP# is not on your residency card? Mine is, and it's not like I asked them for it, it was just there, printed on the card.
  21. Got stung on the "drumstick" of my thumb six months ago. Took a Benedryl right away, as well as ice. Feeling did not work its way back to the tip of my thumb for 4 months! My first scorpion sting was similar to yours, Ferrret- a friend handed me a pair of shorts she said were too small for her if I wanted them- I went to try them on and there was a scorpion inside.
  22. Uh, yeah, that's called rich. This plus your hotel room, covers my basic living expenses for a month.
  23. Next time he calls one of you, ask him if when he was a little boy and people asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up, if his answer was "I want to be a sleazebag telephone scammer". Or tell him you kept him on the phone so long because you're sitting there with your son-in-law who's a federale and he was tracing the call.
  24. Smart move, CharlieG. When the washing machine repairman told me there was no new motherboard available "anywhere in Mexico" for my 5 year old Samsung, I thought I'd check on Mercado Libre. Found one, new, in 5 minutes, ordered it, and was delivered in 3 days.
  25. Was in Guatemala for the major earthquake in 1976(?) in which something like 30,000 people died, most from the tile roofs collapsing on their heads, as it happened in the middle of the night. There were aftershocks for weeks afterwards. We moved our beds out into the yard of the house we were renting, far from any walls or powerlines, set up mosquito net over it and slept outside for weeks. And since most of the gringoes fled as soon as they could, local Guatemalans were very impressed that we stayed and helped out.
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