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  1. Yes, they drop their leaves. Beautiful trees for about a week a year, but make a mess of leaves and dead flowers. Same with Amapa (the one that flowers pink).
  2. I don't live in Ajijic, but stopped buying street chicken when I saw the street chicken lady flop a cooked chicken ready to sell on top of a raw chicken. There's a lot of ignorance re safe food handling in Mexico. I prefer to cook at home.
  3. Some folks I know wanted to "do the right thing" and went down to register with SAT so they could pay the required taxes on the Mexican home which they rent out to tourists when they are not here. This couple is in their mid 70's. They spent about 4 hours in the SAT office (after driving an hour to PV), filling out the paperwork, the wife, whose name they were putting the account in, getting her irises read, etc, etc. When they were almost completed with the process, exhausted and more than ready to go home, it came up in conversation with the agent that the fideicomiso was in both their names, upon which the agent said oh, well, than we have to do all the paperwork over because the account has to be in both your names. They said, we'll make another appointment, and never went back. If Mexico wants people to comply with tax law, they need to learn not to make everything so convolutedly difficult.
  4. While no one is immune from getting sick on ingested bacteria, my experience and observation leads me to agree with you. One must build up a certain amount of resistance by ingesting some not-so-good things once in awhile- if one is too fastidiously clean, the immune system never has a chance to work on a day-to-day basis, then when you do ingest something that is tainted, you get really sick. People seem to think that street food is the most likely to make one sick, whereas my experience is the opposite- have never gotten sick from a taco stand in my 16 years in Mexico (meat is hot off the grill, they slide a clean plastic bag over the plastic plate, the person who handles the $ doesn't handle the food, no questionably washed utensils), but have gotten sick several times in supposedly "good" restaurants. I prefer places where I can see the food being prepared. Lord knows what goes on in a behind the scenes kitchen.
  5. Since you have no way of knowing where the electrical conduit or the plumbing runs in the walls unless you have built the house from scratch, I suggest that you shut off the breakers to the area where you are drilling (Just turn on some lights and the fan in the area you want to drill, then start flipping the breakers one by one until those lights go off) and use an extension cord for the drill (unless it is cordless) to an outlet that is on a different circuit.
  6. I don't know if it is available Lakeside , but it is available in fabric stores and is called Jute (pronounced Yutay). It is very stiff when new, as it has a lot of sizing in it, but if you wash it, it goes soft (and also shrinks considerably). It comes in tons of colors, but I'd advise getting it in "natural" color, as the dyes they use aren't colorfast, so they bleed color into the wash, or wherever you are using it when it gets wet.
  7. I have never bought meat of any kind at Walmart (or any food, except for packaged stuff), but I do buy meat at Mega, and have never had any problem with it. However, even at Mega, they do the same, the meat is frozen, they thaw it, but there is never any indication that it has been previously frozen. In Canada they have to put a "previously frozen" sticker on it.
  8. Nice idea, Camille, but some people really don't have any interest in cooking (hard to believe for those that do). I can and do, cook perfectly well, but there is nothing about it that I enjoy. At any given moment I can think of about a hundred other things I'd rather be doing. My kids' big compliment to me used to be, Wow, Mom, you didn't burn the rice tonight. Even though I can prepare very tasty and healthy full course meals, it bores me to tears- I usually wander off to do something else, hence burnt pots.
  9. Did you obtain your RFC# from the SAT office? They gave me several pages of stuff, including my "Inscription", etc. I didn't have to try to go print it somewhere else.
  10. FYI if you have an RFC # and you also have Mexican bank accounts that you opened before getting your RFC, or did not show the bank your RFC# when you opened your account, Mexican banks just issue some kind of generic RFC to foreigners, assuming they don't have an RFC. I went to my bank and got them to change that to my actual RFC#, just in case the discrepancy led to some unforeseen future bureaucratic hassle.
  11. Yes, the notario will be able to tell you how it all works. But I do know that capital gains exemptions are based on selling price, the gains, as well as the amount of time that it has been your permanent residence. You can't just get a blanket exemption simply because you are a temporary or permanent resident.
  12. They revamped the tax system a few years ago. You will still have the same RFC # (if in fact the one you have from 2006 was legitimate) but SAT will probably have new forms for you to fill out. I don't know how they are in the SAT office in Guad, but the folks at the SAT in PV are very helpful and efficient.
  13. Thanks for the replies, folks. I think the seller of this unit is obviously uninformed about what kind of water heater he bought, as he keeps claiming it is a "normal" water heater, not an on demand. And of course I would buy a propane gas powered heater, lived in Mexico for 16 years, so I have at least learned that much.
  14. This is why I am confused. The seller insists that it is a normal water heater with a storage tank. It is the size of a normal water heater (a small one, which is what I need, and he sent me photos).
  15. Can someone explain to me what a "Del Paso" water heater means? This is one that someone has for sale that they hardly used before realizing it was too small for their needs. He says it is a normal hot water heater, it is a tank, not tankless and has a push button pilot ignition. But I am confused about the "del paso" part.
  16. Yes, a ropero, very traditional, altho the photo you posted is of a modern one.
  17. Like the closet issue, traditional Mexican style homes, even if they have fairly large rooms, have kitchens with hardly any counter space. A house my friend rented had a tiny living room, an ENORMOUS bedroom, an ENORMOUS bathroom, but the kitchen had about one square meter of counters.
  18. Food poisoning is not that difficult to identify. You eat something bad and almost right away you are in the bathroom coming out both ends. When this happens right after you eat, it is not from something you ate yesterday or a stomach virus you came in contact with sometime in the past week.
  19. Don't forget all your gluten free products which you have to eat even though you aren't a celiac, but have been led to believe that gluten is some kind of poison, like lead or arsenic.
  20. I don't buy containers with tight fitting lids for leftover paint. I use empty yoghurt containers, empty glass jars, etc. Those big plastic 1 litre jars that nuts are packaged in from Costco work well, too. I have a big plastic tote in my bodega where I keep these kind of useful containers. When storing paint, I find it also works well to drop a piece of saran wrap over the top of the paint before closing the container, keeps it from drying out or forming a rubbery film on top.
  21. When I have leftover paint from a project, I usually transfer it to a container with a tight-fitting lid that is a more appropriate size for the amount left. Not only does it take up less space, it stays in better condition for future use. If the container is opaque, or even if it isn't and not easily identified, I'll put a label on the outside i.e. "North Bedroom Walls". And if I know the brand and code number or formula, I'll put that on as well. When I was fixing up my old house to sell in Canada years ago, I scrubbed down all the walls, then went around and filled in all the holes and dings, then went to my paint stash as I described it above. Some were only small jars with maybe a quarter cup of paint, but it was enough. I took a small paintbrush and daubed the filled holes, feathering it out so it would blend in. Everyone thought I had done a total repaint of all the walls! BTW the real estate agent told me I should repaint all the walls white, but the folks who bought it (first people who came to see it) said they loved all the colors.
  22. With what is currently happening in the US re ICE, immigration "sweeps", etc. while this may have been true in the past, it is sadly not true now. There are many Mexicans, who have lived up north for many years and speak English, who have either been deported, or have left before they will or might be. There are some in my community- upstanding folks with a good work ethic, just never legally immigrated and were caught and deported. As for how to know if someone is scamming or not, sometimes it's hard, but there are safeguards. Just because someone tells you their mom died last month and their wife is sick in the hospital, for instance, I would never just believe their story- I would check it out to determine if it was really true. One of my rules of thumb is, no one works for me if I don't know where they live. Not just them telling me where they live, but I actually KNOW where they live.
  23. My house is 10 years old and my roofs have never leaked. Most of them slope, but the one over my bedroom is flat with a small dome in it. But I have been diligent about powerwashing and putting another coat of high quality "5 year" impermealizante paint on them every 2 years. They don't have any membranes under the paint, either.
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