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  1. Slippery Elm, a bark in powder form, actually works amazingly well as an expectorant. Don't know that you'd find it in Mexico, though.
  2. Most, if not all, cell phones have that option somewhere in the menu. Sometimes under "contacts", then scroll down til you hit "No. screening". Could be in different places on different cell phones. If you don't have the manual for your phone, you can usually find it online.
  3. If one puts value on their time (as well as gas $) having to deal with ongoing BS like this, the cost of living in Mexico is not really all that much lower than NOB.
  4. Yes, you've had to dial using the area codes in British Columbia for years now. And, in my experience, Mexicans just divide up phone numbers willy-nilly, I really think they are just unclear on how to do it, not that they do it differently. I've noticed that many modern businesses actually use the 3-3-4 format, whereas small town folk, who maybe as little as 15 years ago just had some central caseta where you had to go to make a phone call, do it however.
  5. Do be aware that they have sent crews from CFE all over Mexico to deal with downed power lines, etc. in areas severely effected by the earthquakes. When I spoke to a CFE agent a week and a half ago as to why they hadn't yet come to cut the coconut fronds that are lying on a major power line outside a property I manage, which I had reported over a month before, and was told "10 days", she told me they were short staffed because of the earthquakes. I didn't get the sense that she was BSing, and in fact my electrician confirmed this.
  6. It is extremely confusing to me, and I think to a lot of people, when North American ( US, Canada, and Mexico) phone #s are divided up as johanson posted above. In the above example, the area codes, in my mind, should be written 331, 332, 333, and 334, then the 7 digit personal phone number. Just because there happen to be 4 area codes for Guadalajara area doesn't mean that they aren't area codes. Now that there are so many phones everywhere, of course they need to add more area codes for big cities and their environs. There are at least 2 area codes for some large cities in Canada, and probably in the States as well. That doesn't mean that they suddenly start dividing them up differently when written out. I have seen phone numbers in Mexico divided up without rhyme or reason (2 digits, then 3 , then 2 , then 2, then 1, or any possible permutation thereof). I have to rewrite them in the 3-3-4 combination to make sense of it. It's still 10 digits (barring country codes and int. prefixes). Why not standardize the format?
  7. While the pyrethoid family of insecticides is certainly safer than a lot of other insecticides, as you quote above, it is very toxic (actually fatal) to fish, also crustaceans, and some birds. All my friend's fish in her inside fish tank died within hours of one of these pyrethoids being sprayed outside near her home. Same with a another friend's parakeet. And just because one doesn't have any fish or birds, if you spray outside, the run-off, especially during rainy season, can enter streams, lakes, ocean water, etc. Boric acid solutions, cinnamon, and other stuff which is completely harmless to all but the insects you are trying to get rid of work, so why not use them? Also, as far as ants go, while they are bothersome, they don't carry disease, they clean up all the crumbs and other dead insect bodies, and I have found, over years of living here, that they have a cycle and that if you can calm your aversion to having them march through your house, they will totally disappear on their own to do whatever is next in their life cycle. My neighbor told me he was killing all the geckos in his house cause he was sick of the gecko poo. A week later he was complaining about how awful the mosquitos were. I live right across the road and I had virtually no mosquitos. Personally, I try not to disturb the balance of nature, as everything has a purpose in the scheme of things. I do draw the line at cockroaches and scorpions in the house, but prefer the manual solution- a hard hit with a shoe. I've also had success just scraping down the ant nests I find with a shovel and pouring boiling water over them.
  8. I have been able to get an English speaking agent when calling 071. The last time the Spanish speaker could tell I was having a little trouble understanding (I do speak Spanish, but they talk SO FAST on the phone) and on his own initiative asked me to hold for a moment while he transferred me to an English speaker.
  9. I said Bancomer does not EXCHANGE US dollars, as in walk in with US cash and expect them to exchange for pesos, not that they don't accept a US dollar check for deposit. I have also had a Bancomer account for 10 years. I've never had any problem with them, aside from one time several years ago when they changed the minimum balance to have in your account without incurring service charges, yet didn't bother to notify their customers of the change, and charged me a 300 pesos service fee.
  10. Fill the obviously bad cracks with a crack sealer like Fester "No Mas Goteras Pasta". Then seal with a good quality roof paint as above poster recommended and USE MEMBRANE!
  11. A friend of mine told me that when she was in her 20's traveling around India, she was the only traveler she met who hadn't gotten sick there. She carried a spray bottle of Dettol and sprayed every door knob before she touched it. Ever had Dengue? Your whole body aches like every bone is broken, even your skin hurts to touch. Headache behind the eyes. Chills and fever. Upset stomach not usually part of it, though you may not have any appetite. Nor do you start to feel better after a couple days. 6 days minimum (I was lucky there), some feel ill a lot longer.
  12. The traffic rules for roundabouts are exactly the same NOB as here. These folks obviously don't know how to drive anywhere.
  13. Sobre (used as a noun) means envelope. Also used for mailing envelopes. A little confusing, because sobre (used as a preposition) also means "over, above or upon".
  14. I guess some people have normalized text speak.
  15. I know it's no laughing matter, but really, our entire bodies are potentially "pre-cancerous". Pre-cancerous does not mean it WILL turn into cancer.
  16. As I understand it, the OP will get a 30 day permit for the vehicle under the Canje status he will be entering under. As that is the amount of time a person has to attend an INM office in Mexico to complete their visa process. The 15 days comes into play when you actually have that visa or it is in process. As another poster mentioned, paying Spencer to assist with this, as he knows the time constraints, would be wise. BTW, years ago when I had my Canadian plated vehicle in Mexico under a temp.visa and had sent off all the required paperwork to Aduana within the required time period, I never got a confirmation that it had gone through. Repeated calls over the course of a month and a half to Aduana were met with "It's in process". Finally I just emailed Banjercito asking if they had received the extension. I got a reply within 24 hours confirming that they had.
  17. You are posting incorrect information which will only misinform or confuse the OP, who has stated that he has a TEMPORARY RESIDENCY visa approval. His car is perfectly legal to remain in the country and he will get his deposit refunded when next driving out as long as he notifies Aduana of his temporary visa within the required time period.
  18. Unfortunately people would prefer to have a weed free yard than concern themselves about spraying toxic, carcinogenic chemicals around. Beyond my understanding. Monsanto is actually being sued right now for its false claims that it is safe. There are communities in Canada where it is now illegal to use. Of course one can find dismissive studies funded by Monsanto and Dow. My friend did her nursing thesis on Glyphosate, and confirmed that it is very dangerous.
  19. Actually, you never specified in the Paint can thread that you were looking for 2-4 liter containers. Neither did I suggest that you use empty glass jars. I said that's what I use. And many nurseries carry various sizes of Arecas. Not aware of the bug issue. But if the Walmart plants don't have bugs, I'd assume it's because they are sprayed with insecticide. So, in fact, one could buy plants at the nursery and spray them with insecticide themselves.
  20. My 20 pound tank doesn't need any special fittings to fill. Has the same fittings as my 100 pound cylinder.
  21. Plants are much less expensive at a nursery than at Walmart or Home Depot, etc. My local nursery sells a small Areca palm for about 40 pesos.
  22. Another reason not to buy high-ticket items at Walmart is that when someone returns something that doesn't work properly, they just put it back on the shelf for another sucker to buy!
  23. I feel bad for the people who get taken by these scams, but I really can't understand why anyone would transfer money to someone via OXO on the basis of a phone call. Someone you actually know who might be in trouble would be open to having you deposit or transfer $ to their bank acct. (which could be traced). Perhaps the acct.# to which you deposited the $ at OXO could be traced as well. Has anyone who has been taken by these scams given this information to the police? Not talking about municipal police, who seem to not care too much about things. State police or federal police.
  24. I never heard of "purging" a new propane tank. I bought a small one new at Home Depot a few years ago, had it filled at Sony Gas, and have never had any problem with it.
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