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  1. My 86 year old step-mom came to visit me from England 2 weeks ago. She flew British Airways to Mexico City, then Interjet to PV. 3 days ago she received an email from Interjet informing her that her return flight time had been changed and was now leaving at 1:30 PM today. As this was the original time and date she had booked for, we were confused (not to mention the "English" they had sent it in was a really bad translation). Nor would the supposedly new itinerary they had attached download or print. And the confirmation code was different than her original. So I called them. The agent said that her 3 PM flight was now changed to 1:30 PM. I told him she had never booked the 3 PM flight, that I had her original itinerary right in front of me. He said, oh, okay. End of call. Today I got her to the PV airport at 11:45, at which time they told her that she had 2 bookings on the 1:30 flight, one that had been on the now cancelled 3 PM flight. She told them she had never made 2 bookings, only the one for 1:30. They insisted that she had made 2, that it was impossible that Interjet had made a computer error and that there was nothing they would do about it. They didn't even offer to look into it. She never would have made the 3 PM booking, as she was afraid that would not leave her enough time in Mexico City to catch her flight back to London, should anything go awry. And she never at any time received any email confirmation, receipt, or itinerary for a 3 PM flight from PV to Mexico City. And when we arrived at the ticketing counter, we found that the 1:30 flight had been delayed until 2:45. She never received any email notification of that, either. This woman, though she is 86 years old and has a little trouble walking, is totally with it mentally- she travels extensively internationally, is computer savvy, has booked scores of tickets online, checks her email and facebook accounts daily. She was a career nurse, working her way up to chief administrator in London, received the Order of England (her title is Commander!), and served as a volunteer magistrate for 20 odd years. Interjet's attitude at their main counter (not the ticketing counter) in PV when she told them she had NOT booked on the 3 PM flight AND the 1:30 flight was dismissive and rude. I would never fly with them, and she certainly won't again. And she is more than ready to fight with them via email when she gets back to England. (I told her good luck, but she's a fighter of injustice, not to mention them docking her credit card for a flight she didn't book.)
  2. Might depend on the brand or model. My water is gravity fed from the rooftop tinako and my Samsung electronic machine works fine. The motherboard did give up the ghost after 5 years, due to electric brown-outs and surges, but I found a new one (wasn't easy) and changed it myself and has been going strong for the last 2 years. I now have it on a voltage regulator, but just to be on the safe side, I unplug it between uses. I also have better gravity fed pressure than many, as the tinako is a 2500 liter and has about a 6 meter drop to the washer outlet.
  3. My keyboard went totally crazy as well. Screen even suddenly flipped upside down without me touching anything.Then keyboard wouldn't work at all anymore. Even onscreen keyboard was crazy. I got my shop vac, used just the hose end with no attachments, and pressed down fairly hard all over the keyboard while vacuuming. Has been working perfectly ever since.
  4. Your doctor ordered you to? If I'm not mistaken, doctors are employed by the patients, not the other way around.
  5. I simply turn my call and message ringers off before I go to sleep, so no one can disturb me. Started doing this years ago after one of my clients texted me 4 times (kept resending when I didn't respond) starting at 6:30 AM on a Saturday morning about a totally non-urgent thing.
  6. Not snippy. Just astounds me that people who choose to make their home in a foreign country don't think it of any importance to attempt to learn the language.
  7. So you're advising that those who live in Mexico and want to know how to say something correctly in Spanish shouldn't bother?
  8. Yes, in the summer. Not this last summer, I did have to go through Calgary. But in years past there were direct flights. I save all my old flight info, and just checked.
  9. When I said the Scotiabanks were loosely affiliated, what I was referring to was that you can withdraw $ from a Scotiabank ATM anywhere in the world with a Scotiacard without incurring any fees, as long as you have a senior's acct. or the required minimum balance.
  10. I've been taking direct flights on Westjet from Vancouver to PV for years. They've had direct flights to lots of places in Mexico for many years.
  11. I second Scotiabank as a good choice. If you make sure you have a senior's account, or keep a minimum balance (don't know what that is right now) you will get no service charges when using a Scotiabank ATM here in Mexico. However, be aware that unless you actually open a Scotiabank account at a Mexican bank as well, just because it is all Scotiabank, you couldn't, for instance, get a new debit card at a Scotiabank here for your Canadian account if you lost yours. They are affiliated, but not set up that way.
  12. One thing I really like about Mexico is the lack of political correctness. If you're fat they call you Gordo, if skinny Flaco, if bald, Pelon, no one pretends not to notice that someone is 100 pounds overweight and those nicknames are given and spoken affectionately and no one takes offense. I use a plumber whose nickname is Gordo, but he isn't fat, so I asked him about that. He said, Oh, but I USED to be fat- I lost 40 kilos. They still call him Gordo and he couldn't care less. However, The poster's comment which makes the assumption that any woman on this board who has an interest in finding a comfortable bra must be old and saggy does not fall into the category of good-natured teasing. IMO.
  13. Will be sure to consult with you before opening up any further accounts.
  14. You have no idea what kind of bank card it was. I left my Bancomer bank card in a machine, had to cancel it, wait until the next time (5 days later) I was able to drive the half hour to the bank to get a new one, spent half an hour dealing with it, half an hour back, meantime wasn't able to access my online banking, and to reset the new card for online banking took another half hour. I can think of better things to do with my time.
  15. Just because you can't taste it doesn't mean the glue is not possibly bad to have in your mouth.
  16. If an honest person found my bank card in the machine, I'd definitely appreciate that they made an effort to contact me before having the card canceled. It can be a hassle getting a new one, i.e. having to make a special trip to the bank, fill out paperwork, come up with a new pin, etc.
  17. Actually I suggest Angus be forced to wear an ill-fitting polyester bra in 90 degree weather for a full 12 hours in a non-air conditioned room. :-)
  18. A whole rotisserie chicken with rice and salsa that I used to buy for 50 pesos 10 years ago is now 95.
  19. Yes, there is a commercial rate. When I had a storefront, I was charged a 32 peso base ( which is likely more now, this was several years ago, and was charged even when I shut off the electric completely for 2 months in the summer when I was closed for the season) and commercial KWH rates on top of that.
  20. The issue with farmed salmon isn't just the stuff they feed them that isn't exactly good for your health. The farmed stocks get diseases, break free of the nets and infect the wild salmon stocks. Google it if interested. Classic British Columbia bumper sticker- Real Fish Don't Eat Pellets
  21. Have never heard of those Uno, Dos, Tres designations. Just cross the border (you don't need to stop there to do anything), keep driving south 21 K and you'll see the building, it's marked. It's not like there is a whole village around it- it stands alone in the middle of nowhere, unless something has changed since the last time I crossed about 3 years ago.
  22. Or a dish not drowned in Balsamic vinegar, or full of goat cheese or pecans. All those things seem to make it "gourmet" and they're the 3 things I can't stand. Hard to find any salad in any nice restaurant that doesn't have one or more of those ingredients these days. And even if they are charging basically the same price for poutine here as in Canada at a sit-down restaurant, it is still overpriced, since labor costs, and basic food ingredients, as well as utilities are less expensive here. I seriously doubt, for instance, that anyone is paying their wait or kitchen staff in Mexico, even in an ex-pat area, the equivalent of Canadian minimum wage. More like a half day or more shift here for what Canadian staff earn (excluding tips) in an hour.
  23. Why a "lady"? Sewing skills are not exclusive to women. The majority of tailors are men.
  24. It seems like having one eye which works for close-up and one for distance would prevent accurate depth perception, no? Kind of dangerous for driving.
  25. Actually, I was on an Amigo plan, think it was 150 pesos for a month. Never got anyone to change the plan, although I now use Sin Limites. When I go put another 100 pesos on it for another 21 days, I get a bunch of messages from Telcel acknowledging my 100 p. payment, telling me that my calls will be something like 1.98 p.per minute, etc, etc. But I just text SL100 to 5050 and then I get a text back saying my Sin Limites has been activated and expires in 21 days. If I would forget to send that SL100 text, before making my first call, as I did once, I would be stuck in that old Amigo plan @ 1.98p/min. until the month expired.
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