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  1. The taxis in Sayulita are now charging 120 pesos from the center of town to my house, which is about an 8 minute drive. No wonder people are looking for alternatives.
  2. They're just too lazy to scrape the out-of-date ones off. Seems like a driving hazard to me, too, when the back window is full of stickers.
  3. FYI the Uber vs. taxi driver issue may be going away in PV but a few short weeks ago 6 taxis swarmed an Uber driver in Sayulita. I happened to be right there, so saw it with my own eyes.They were blocking her and blocking the main entrance to town. Word is the taxi drivers here won't allow it.
  4. I like the sign that says Respete Mi Entrada Y Yo Respetare Su Coche (Respect my entrance and I'll respect your car). A friend used to have a stack of business cards in his vehicle to slip under the windshield wipers of those folks who can't seem to manage to park their cars in a space without being over the lines, therefore taking up 2 parking slots. It said "If you f**k like you park, you'll never get it in".
  5. Do. It looks exactly like what you describe.
  6. Does anyone else remember the experiments they did back in the 70's where they fed spiders various drugs and compared the webs they made? There were photos in a popular book back then, can't remember the name of it. As I recall, the spiders given THC made webs with big unfinished spaces, the ones on caffeine made really messy jaggey webs, the ones on LSD made perfect detailed ones. There were more. They used the same type of spider in all the experiments of course.
  7. Actually Sonia, I do personally know a man who drove in on a tourist visa, then had to fly back to the States for a week after he was here for a couple months. When he went to get his visa stamped at INM before flying out (the airline requires that to board), he was asked where the car was that he had brought in under the tourist visa. He said it was in Sayulita, that he was flying back in a week and had the return ticket to prove it. They called over the Aduana agent. He was fined, I'm not sure how much. Maybe this was just someone looking for a money grab, but this did happen.
  8. Your photo resolution is not good enough to see what kind of spider it is.
  9. CFE also has a slightly lower summer rate, as long as you aren't in the no-subsidy DAC rate. I guess that is to give average Mexicans a bit of a break in the hot months when they need to keep fans running?
  10. What you are describing sounds like what is called "mother of vinegar", which forms naturally in fermenting wine (you don't indicate that is tasted vinegary, though), and is used to turn wines into vinegar. Goggle it- there's more.
  11. Well, there are people from every country who talk loudly, but American tourists seem to have a corner on the market. I'm originally American, born and bred, so I'm allowed to say that :-) Mexican men, when working on a construction site, tend to yell when talking to each other even when they are not working that far apart from each other (I think a lot of them are actually hearing impaired from the high decibel music they've grown up with). And loud when partying. But I've never noticed them being loud when eating at a nice restaurant.
  12. The loud table next to us consisted of only 2 couples and they didn't seem drunk, yet. One of the guys sounded like he was talking through a megaphone. It baffles me why so many Americans talk so loud. I've seen them in little Mexican stores asking for something in English. When the shopgirl obviously doesn't understand, they just repeat it louder, as if they think she's deaf or retarded. They seem not to be aware that they are in a foreign country where English is not the official language.
  13. My party of 4 had to change tables at a restaurant last week because the tourists at the next table were talking so loud (yelling, basically) the whole restaurant was forced to listen to their conversation. As I got up to move, I said to them quietly that they were incredibly loud. Later as I was passing by their table after going to the ladies, one of the guys motioned me over, saying that they were celebrating an anniversary. He actually felt this was a viable excuse to dominate the airwaves. I told him that probably half the people in the restaurant were out celebrating something and that his attitude was unbelievably entitled.
  14. It was also curious that when I phoned Interjet to clarify the confusing email, the agent I talked to had what sounded like a heavy East Indian accent, definitely not Spanish accent. I had to keep asking him to repeat what he was saying, I couldn't understand him. Even Mexico finds it cheaper now to source out to an Indian call center?
  15. I used to live within range of a very loud venue. Closing all the doors and windows, turning on the fans, putting in earplugs and taking a valium, it was still impossible to sleep. Sounded like the amps were right under my bed, and my whole house vibrated.
  16. A friend in Canada had a rubbery overlay for her laptop keyboard with BIG letters for us older not-so-keen-eyed folks. It was awesome. Don't know where she found it.
  17. Fortunately, no one uses leaf blowers in my area. Aside from the godawful noise, the concept of blowing the leaves off one's yard onto the neighbors' property or the street, where it just blows back again, has always eluded me. Instead of asking your gardener to leave the leaves in the garden, try taking some time when he is not there to spread it around your plants as a mulch, and then point out to him that that's how you want it. I find Mex. workers respond much better to visuals rather than verbal instruction. Might take a few reminders. Sometimes I think they just assume that gringos have weird ideas, or don't understand how it should be done, and that can't possibly be what you want. And they tend to be stubborn in sticking to their old ways. A friend told his gardener that he would sadly have to look for another gardener if he wasn't willing to use the leaves as mulch instead of raking and burning. That worked.
  18. Can't help you out on a dirt source, but as far as naked dirt, there are many nice groundcover plants you can buy that spread quickly. I am a great believer in mulch- rather than rake up all the dead leaves and plant cuttings, and burning them or putting out with the garbage as so many are wont to do, I spread and pile it around my plants. It retains moisture, meaning you don't have to water so often, keeps weeds from sprouting up, and breaks down and feeds and lightens the soil. In my experience, it takes a LOT of training and insistence on this to get a Mexican gardener to comply- they love to rake it all bare.
  19. Ah, the scoffers. I bought a bar of rattlesnake skin soap advertised as good to stop itchy skin and it works.
  20. Wow- 6 pages of Korean bot posts tonite on Mexico General forum.
  21. Guess you've been lucky. Like the 1% of passengers who haven't had any problems with Air Canada. Thanks for saying you're sorry this happened. Will let you know how your certainty that Interjet will solve the problem works out.
  22. I am reminded of a poster about a year back who had been advised by his "relocation expert" in the US that moving to Lakeside area was easy. I recall he had a host of medical problems and wanted to hire a whole entourage of people to look after him when he arrived- maids, gardeners, cooks, handymen, etc. plus a house with all the bells and whistles. Doable, but certainly not easy, and not something one could put together within a few days of arriving. With no Spanish.
  23. UPDATE: Just got an email from my stepmom from Mexico City airport where she is awaiting her British Airways flight to London with a large glass of whiskey. The 1:30 Interjet flight that was delayed until 2:45 never actually left the tarmac until 3:59.
  24. My 86 year old step-mom came to visit me from England 2 weeks ago. She flew British Airways to Mexico City, then Interjet to PV. 3 days ago she received an email from Interjet informing her that her return flight time had been changed and was now leaving at 1:30 PM today. As this was the original time and date she had booked for, we were confused (not to mention the "English" they had sent it in was a really bad translation). Nor would the supposedly new itinerary they had attached download or print. And the confirmation code was different than her original. So I called them. The agent said that her 3 PM flight was now changed to 1:30 PM. I told him she had never booked the 3 PM flight, that I had her original itinerary right in front of me. He said, oh, okay. End of call. Today I got her to the PV airport at 11:45, at which time they told her that she had 2 bookings on the 1:30 flight, one that had been on the now cancelled 3 PM flight. She told them she had never made 2 bookings, only the one for 1:30. They insisted that she had made 2, that it was impossible that Interjet had made a computer error and that there was nothing they would do about it. They didn't even offer to look into it. She never would have made the 3 PM booking, as she was afraid that would not leave her enough time in Mexico City to catch her flight back to London, should anything go awry. And she never at any time received any email confirmation, receipt, or itinerary for a 3 PM flight from PV to Mexico City. And when we arrived at the ticketing counter, we found that the 1:30 flight had been delayed until 2:45. She never received any email notification of that, either. This woman, though she is 86 years old and has a little trouble walking, is totally with it mentally- she travels extensively internationally, is computer savvy, has booked scores of tickets online, checks her email and facebook accounts daily. She was a career nurse, working her way up to chief administrator in London, received the Order of England (her title is Commander!), and served as a volunteer magistrate for 20 odd years. Interjet's attitude at their main counter (not the ticketing counter) in PV when she told them she had NOT booked on the 3 PM flight AND the 1:30 flight was dismissive and rude. I would never fly with them, and she certainly won't again. And she is more than ready to fight with them via email when she gets back to England. (I told her good luck, but she's a fighter of injustice, not to mention them docking her credit card for a flight she didn't book.)
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