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  1. I am not familiar with the ones in your area- I shop at the PV and Nuevo Vallarta Parasina and Modatelas. They have some of the same things, but I always check both because they also have things at one that they don't at the other. I find Modatelas (at least the branch I use) to be messy, with bolts of fabric everywhere that have to be stepped over or around, and very young employees who know nothing about fabric and would rather chat with each other than serve customers. Parasina is much tidier and cleaner, with more mature employees. But it probably all depends on the local manager.
  2. Then sorry, but I don't understand what this had to do with my post, which you quoted. I was talking about facturas and IVA. And yes, I do file and pay my taxes every 2 months.
  3. I don't know why you would write this- it is incorrect. I have been in business here in Mexico for 16 years- there is a category for small business wherein if you gross less than 100,000 pesos/year, which I do, it is not necessary to charge and submit IVA unless a customer requires a factura.
  4. A good idea, if you require a factura, is to ask BEFORE you make a purchase, if there will be any problem getting a factura at the time of your purchase. I.e there is a person on staff at the moment who can do that, their computer and printers are functioning, etc. Most places I deal with will give me a factura at the checkout. They also send one to my email address. You can request both. Walmart makes you enter your own information at the computer at customer (non-) service counter. The company I order supplies from that ships to me sends me the factura via email. So there are different ways that different businesses deal with it, but any large, legitimate business should give one if asked. If one asks for a factura for a service, though, you should be aware that the price may go up since they will have to add IVA. In my small business, with no employees, no one has ever asked for a factura, but if they did, I would have to add on 16% IVA, as I would then have to submit that factura to the tax dept and pay the IVA on the service. I still report and pay income tax on my earnings, but since I make under a certain amount a year, I am not required to charge or submit IVA unless the customer needs a factura.
  5. So , in fact, no Mexican, except one with doctorates in several disciplines, would ever be able to pass the Mexican citizenship test.
  6. Exactly, they are used as requirements for reimbursements. And if you get them for things pertaining to your house, i.e.construction materials, appliances, they can be used as capital gains deductions when you sell.
  7. I have always done the same, but you are confused about one thing. The transfer you get through xetrade IS an electronic funds transfer. It does not carry a fee. A wire transfer does.
  8. If a business tells you your RFC is expired, refuses to give you a factura when asked, or gives you the run-around, REPORT THEM TO SAT (Hacienda). It is totally illegal for them not to issue you or send to your email address a factura at the time of your purchase. And Hacienda wants to know who is scamming on their taxes. If they don't give you a factura, they are charging you IVA, but are pocketing the IVA, rather than submitting it to govt. A little mom and pop grocery store does not deal in facturas, nor do I think any of us would expect them to, but Farmacia Guadalajara? That's outrageous.
  9. Why do people insist on picking up dogs they have no intention of keeping? It's one thing if the animal is obviously in distress and you can't find the owner, but this dog looks like it is in good shape- not starving, injured, or covered in mange. There are many thousands of street and beach dogs in Mexico and some of them are perfectly happy doing what they do. There's a big difference between being a good Samaritan and poking one's nose into business that doesn't concern one.
  10. No, it's not mandatory- it is what you personally find necessary. If it was mandatory for survival, all the Mexicans and the other gringos who find living with fans to be adequate would be dead by now.
  11. He also wrote can he set up a Mexican bank account without being a resident. That would tell me he isn't.
  12. Whether you can open an account with a Mexican bank with only tourist visa status is something you'd have to ask the banks. If you can, as posted above, you can set up an account with an online currency exchange house. I use xetrade. Then you can transfer funds (use the EFT option as opposed to the wire transfer) pretty easily online, which will arrive to the Mexican bank account in pesos, within a few days. If you can't set up an account as a tourist, Scotiabank is the way to go for Canadians- there are no ATM fees for withdrawing from a Mexican Scotiabank ATM. You need to keep a minimum balance in your account (not sure what it is these days) or have a seniors account in order to have the no charge ATM usage.
  13. It really only works if the pieces you are trying to glue fit absolutely perfectly and you hold it in that position while it sets. If there are any irregularities in the bond (i.e. a broken piece of pottery that has had some tiny chips fall off when it broke, or an eyeglass arm that the plastic has deformed on when it broke), it doesn't hold.
  14. Charcoal pills often work well for queasy stomach stuff, although I'm not suggesting they would kill parasites or infections.
  15. Unless you are receiving the wire transfers from a third party, as opposed to transferring $ from your own NOB account to Mexican bank, and that third party needs to transfer by wire, you can opt for EFT transfers through an online currency exchange like xetrade, transferwise, etc. There are no fees for EFT transfers. The company makes its money on the exchange rate. You just have to research which will give you the best exchange. One of the advantages to this is that the US or Canadian $ is exchanged for pesos before it is sent. I don't know about other Mexican banks, but Bancomer charges something like 300 pesos "currency conversion fee" in addition to whatever exchange rate they happen to be using that day, if the $ arrives in something other than pesos.
  16. After 16 years in Mexico, I see this differently. I don't feel it's a matter of not wanting to displease, it's a matter of not wanting you to be mad at them or blame them. "No tengo la culpa" attitude is extremely prevalent. As is "Se rompio" as opposed to "Disculpame, yo lo rompi".
  17. My maid was quite happy to get her LEGALLY CALCULATED aguinaldo and vacation pay all these years. She certainly didn't laugh at it or me. You must hang out with Mexicans who see you as a mark.
  18. It doesn't matter how many days a week your employees work- the formula should work out to just a little over 2 weeks pay if you have done the calculation correctly.
  19. How about "incidences" instead of "incidents". Hear it all the time. And "orientated" when they mean "oriented". Both of the earlier examples are in fact words, people just use them incorrectly.
  20. You are correct. Previous poster is either math challenged or didn't notice that you were talking about a 340 gram bag. Friend of mine who has a twisted sense of humor was in charge of selling drink tickets at an event. The tickets were $1.50 each. He started telling people "$1.50 each or 3 for $5". You wouldn't believe how many people went for the 3 for $5.
  21. You say giving too much is not good, and then say you'd give them a month's pay, which is about double what is the legal requirement. Doesn't make much sense. There is no "enough" or "too much"- just follow the legal requirements. If one has an employee they feel they want to give more to as a bonus, do the legal requirement, have them sign that they received that, and then give them extra apart from that. Keeps it clean and proper.
  22. Thank you, I'll try that to find her another way. Am not interested in having anything to do with Facebook.
  23. Do you have any other contact info for this woman other than Facebook, which I don't use?
  24. Pardon my ignorance, but why do folks send checks in the mail? I haven't used a check for years. I can transfer money to anyone, anywhere through my bank account.
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