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  1. Mexican websites are often browser-fussy. It's always worth trying a different browser if a site isn't working properly. And people can often offer advice as to how to do something if you mention what you tried and what happened, (got an error message, got nothing, couldn't fill in your CURP) rather than just "I couldn't do it".
  2. I'm not a vegetarian and I don't subscribe to that view. But I do know lots of vegetarians, and many of them eat eggs. Nor have I have ever known any vegetarians to "attack" those who eat eggs. It's vegans who don't eat eggs, but that isn't because they consider an egg a living being- they don't consume any animal products at all. You really should stop making pronouncements about things you don't know anything about, but that never seems to stop folks like you.
  3. It isn't until about 10 weeks of pregnancy that the heart is formed. What is detected before that isn't a heartbeat, it is just electrical impulses, which is why it is medically referred to as an embryo before that time, and a fetus after it actually has a heart. But I would guess you aren't actually interested in medical facts.
  4. Does that stroke your already overblown ego? It must, as I've never seen any other poster, regardless of their views, find it necessary to mention the private messages they have received..
  5. I think they should exchange email addresses so they can enjoy each other's nonsense, egotistical drivel in private.
  6. Same here, and I live in a different area of Mexico.. I don't think they understand what topsoil is. It's either full of clay or really sandy when they scoop it from the arroyo beds, or it's like dust. I also make my own compost, which is essentially enriched soil. There is lots of soil in it, from the soil clinging to the roots of the weeds I throw in there.
  7. You "found out" nothing. You know nothing about the posters here, except for the views they express. Most people don't need to try to lend credence to their views by bragging about their accomplishments in life. Nor do they "hang their hat" on what career they might have had or do have, how early they were able to retire, or how much money they have. What does what someone has done for the USA have to do with the topic of this post? And I would have no qualms about saying to your face what I have said here.
  8. While I totally agreee about the kindness and helpfulness of Mexicans ( I would add to that easy-going natures, sense of humor, and not taking themselves too seriously) as a Canadian, I don't find it unusual- people in Canada also are generally caring of and helpful to their neighbors. So that isn't a factor than would keep me in Mexico if I was considering moving back up north.
  9. One would think with all the reading you do that you would be able to write one sentence without 3 spelling errors. Not big words you have trouble with, either.
  10. What total BS. No doctor or hospital registered a death as Covid when someone died in a car accident. You are getting so absurd with your lies. That isn't what comorbidity means. It means a patient had a condition or disease that made them more susceptible and less able to fight off the virus. Obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, lung issues, not friggin' car accidents. And the majority of those people may have gone on to live another 20, 30, 40 years, had they not contracted Covid. So yes, they died of Covid, they were just too weak or compromised to fight it off. It's like saying that if you get hit by a drunk driver while crossing the street, but happen to have a liimp and can't run fast, you died because of your bum leg, not getting hit by the car, because you couldn't run out of the way fast enough. Ridiculous.
  11. Yet another anti-vaxer who seems to have a great deal of trouble with reading comprehension, so intent they are in their unwavering adherence to their unsupported opinions. The smallpox vaccine did not prevent people from contracting the disease- that was the entire point of ferret's post. It meant that if they did contract it, they did not get nearly as sick as those who were unvaccinated. Just like the Covid vaccines. But kudos for learning the correct spelling of vaccine.
  12. Just seems like if you are going to rant about vaccines, you might want to learn how to spell the word correctly. It's hard to give credence to people's point of view when they appear to be poorly educated.
  13. Love how this post says you edited it due to mispelling, yet it still has 4 spelling errors.
  14. That's really the worst part of electrical outages for me. I can manage without lights, using candles, if I remember not to open the fridge unnecessarily and open and close it quickly, the food doesn't go bad, and I can even do without fans during the day, but trying to sleep when it's hot with no fan is awful.
  15. One of my first years in Mexico I asked at every paint store and hardware store in town for steel wool and no one had any idea what I was talking about. Weeks later, found some, quite by accident, as I'd gone in for something else, in a dollar store.
  16. Unfortunately, you can't trust regular salespeople to know about the products they are selling. For a high ticket item where there was a crucial detail like that, the customer should either research the item themselves, or pay someone knowlegeable, in your case, a gas fitter or plumber (in Mexico the plumbers also do gas work) to go along with you. I once was in the market for a DVD player, but wanted one that played all regions (most of the ones you buy in Mexico only play region 4). I perused the selection and asked the salesperson which, if any, played all regions. She told me they all did. I purchased one, took it out of the box, only to see on the info on the back of the machine that it only played region 4. I took it back and asked why she had told me it played all regions and she just shrugged. Another time I was in Costco and a salesman had a booth set up with sheets he was promoting. I asked him if they were cotton, and he said yes. I then checked the tag, which said 100% microfiber. When I pointed that out, he claimed that microfiber was "a type of cotton". He either had no idea what he was selling (which is what I suspect), or had no qualms about lying. There was a large independent building supply store where I lived in Canada, and what was great about it was that most of their employees were extremely knowledgable, as they hired former plumbers to work in the plumbing dept, former electricians in the electrical dept, etc. Then they sold out to the Home Hardware chain, who hired no-nothing employees for minimum wage.
  17. Yes, I like a timer for that, too. I once went out for hours and forgot the sprinkler was on, coming home to an empty tinako. I bought a timer at Home Depot you attach to the outside faucet, and attach the hose to that. There are expensive versions, which you can set to turn on and off at specific times of day, or inexpensive ones you reset each time to only the length of time you want it to stay on. I prefer the hose timer to just an all-purpose timer, as you can set it and leave the house and the sprinkler will turn off on its own.
  18. Saw a line of kitchen gear (aprons, tea towels, etc) in a store in Canada that said, "Dog hair is both a fashion statement and a condiment" Had them for cat hair, too.
  19. Yes, I misread. However, not everyone has nor needs a toaster oven and no one would go buy one just to use the timer. But I suppose if someone already has one and it hasn't occurred to them they could simply use the timer, your advice would be useful.
  20. I was just razzin' you, Natasha. But I don't understand this new reasoning either. Unless someone is baking or cooking all day long, which no one does unless they are running a commercial food business, there is no reason why they would need to keep the phone in the kitchen all the time or keep it turned on. You would just turn it on when you needed it, just as you only turn yours on when you want to use whatsapp. And it takes one second to turn a phone on or off.
  21. There are many things that one cannot bake or cook in a toaster oven. Like a 20 pound turkey.
  22. Why would anyone need to use a kitchen timer 16 hours a day?
  23. Urine can be quite yellow if you take B vitamins.
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