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  1. 43 minutes ago, bmh said:

    I am sick of spending money because bureaucrats cannot be bothered to do their jobs.

    Here here. If any of us ran our businesses or acted this way as employees of a normal business, we would lose our jobs.

    When my oldest daughter graduated high school, she worked for a year before going to university. She was one of those kids who was super responsible from an early age, i.e. in high school was the editor of the school newspaper who would stay late on a Friday afternoon to finish the articles her journalism classmates had failed to complete, so everything would be ready to go to press for the school newspaper deadline. 

    So she got a job as a temp secretary, who would called to work at various offices to fill in for employees who were out sick, or on vacation, or on maternity leave, etc. She was shocked when she got called to work in a federal govt. office and heard her boss spending hours on the phone one day making arrangements for a ski trip for her son. That's the kind of stuff they're doing instead of answering clients' emails or returning phone calls.

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  2. 18 minutes ago, Zeb said:

    Tomgates did no assume she is going to the US.  It was a suggestion.

    It was a clueless suggestion. She doesn't need to go to the US to get something notarized that will be accepted.


  3. 23 minutes ago, Mexicoafterlife said:

    Nice deflection... while saying I deflect

    Too bad you don't understand the meaning of deflection, which is countering with something irrelevant to the question. It isn't irrelevant to point out that while you ask others to answer your questions, you ignore theirs.

  4. 1 hour ago, Mexicoafterlife said:

    How about you answer my next post where I explain how oil companies loat money during covid.

    How about you answer all the questions that are put to you on this forum which you pointedly ignore and deflect from whenever you have no rational answer? 

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  5. 3 hours ago, Mexicoafterlife said:

    Why don't you talk to mtnmama about bringing in politics! She is reading a Democrat msm talking point word for word.

    It isn't politics- it's world economics. Everything you don't agree with you label "Democrat", "leftie", "fascist", etc. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, Mexicoafterlife said:

    In 2 to 5 years people will know about all the side effects. They can't hide them forever.

    🤣🤣🤣  I personally know about a hundred people in Canada and Mexico who have been double vaxxed and double boosted and not one of them has experienced any ill effects.

    But my anecdotal evidence, as all anecdotal evidence, is not science. Yes,of course some people may suffer ill effects from getting vaccinated. That has nothing to do with the Covid vaccine- it can happen to some people with any vaccine or any medication.

    The number of people who have suffered ill effects from the Covid vaccine are a teeny tiny percentage compared to the over 6 million people who have died of the disease, the millions more who are suffering from long Covid, and all the lives it has saved.

    "An investigation run by people who aren't brainwashed" sounds like trying to change the results of an election by installing fake electors who will come up with the results you want. 

    And "your" is the possessive form of "you", like "his" is the possessive form of "he".

    "You're" is the contraction for "you are". 

    But far be it from you to actually want to learn anything. You'll still be bragging about the job you had 40 years previous, as if it is relevant to anything, when you're 90 years old. 


  7. 7 minutes ago, Mexicoafterlife said:

    . Have you ran operations or equal level work for entire states? If not I guess my others skills are more important.

    And you make exactly the same grammar error once again. Anyone can make grammar or spelling errors. But when they stubbornly refuse to learn when corrected, and put forth the notion that it's unimportant because they have other skills, it says a lot about their attitude and level of intelligence.   It's "have run", not "have ran".

    You just can't stop acting as if whatever you did for a living before moving here is somehow important, and makes you superior, can you? It's really pathetic.

  8. 20 minutes ago, Mexicoafterlife said:

    after a real investigation ran by people

    "Run by people", not "ran by people".

    You would actually appear more intelligent if you were open to improving your grammar and spelling. 

  9. Congratulations. However, it would have been useful for you to have asked to see what she did so you could start to understand some of this tech stuff you need to do. Many of us are not particularly tech proficient, but if you don't bother to pay attention to the solutions, you can't ever hope to be able to become more knowledgable and self-sufficient. 

    My 91 year old stepmom navigates her smartphone like a teenager, Facebooking, booking flights and accommodations, etc. If she could learn this stuff, we all can.

    And BTW, it is good online etiquette to thank all the people who took the time to try to help you out.

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  10. 14 minutes ago, lakeside7 said:

    am at a loss as to how many people are coming up with different observations/answers/speculations etc etc from a poster that is passing on info third hand..

    If you notice, I only weighed in for just that reason- the responses that followed the original topic post all condemned the seller, and even asked for his name so they could avoid buying anything from him, simply based upon the OPs account of second-hand information. 

    Declaring someone guilty of terrible behavior based on one third-party account, without any other evidence, or having both sides of a story and adequate first-hand information is unfair and ridiculous.

  11. 2 minutes ago, Mexicoafterlife said:

    Ok then it's a supplier's problem

    You keep contradicting yourself. You first said that in your work up north it was the contractor's responsibility to check that the materials ordered were the same as the ones delivered. Then you said it was the worker's responsibility not to start nailing down materials without checking that they were the correct materials. 

    Now you say it's the seller who should take the hit.

    Both parties have responsibility here- the homeowner who never bothered to check that what she received was what she ordered (and probably doesn't know the difference anyway) and the seeller who screwed up the order. Instead of this becoming some nasty adversarial situation,  I would suggest that the seller and buyer should try to work out some reasonable terms.

    Unless the seller is simply scamming, it would seem that the customer now has superior materials to what she actually ordered, which will perform better over time and probably save her money in the long run.

  12. 12 minutes ago, Mainecoons said:

    Isn't that correct?

    That's certainly how I understood the situation. 

    And if that is true, condemning the seller with no information to go on aside from the original post here, which isn't even his own experience, but hearsay from his friend, is rather unfair. 

    We don't know what happened. Did the homeowner not check to make sure what was delivered was what she ordered? 

    Perhaps the seller had 2 truckloads of roofing materials go out at the same time and mixed up the addresses when giving them to the drivers? 

    I'm certainly not defending a seller rudely demanding a customer pay an extra 11,000 pesos for a delivery error, but in fact, no one here knows if that was indeed the way he phrased it. 

  13. 15 minutes ago, Mexicoafterlife said:

    You insult by saying someone is ignorant. Then when they show you how wrong you are you start talking bragart.  Hmm so no one can defend themselves from you insults then? And I doubt you have anything to brag about why you all go straight to insults.

    First of all, "ignorant" is not an insult. It doesn't mean stupid, it means that someone does not have knowledge about a subject. We are all ignorant on thousands of topics. 

    Pointing out that someone is wrong about something is done by posting relevant information, not by asserting that you are right by bragging about one's past accomplishments. 

    One's past is only relevant if it relates to the topic at hand. Someone who worked as a construction contractor being qualified to opine on construction for example. 

    Their past as a construction contractor is entirely irrelevant in proving that their opinions on Covid  must be valuable.

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  14. 3 hours ago, Mexicoafterlife said:

    But your brain only receives messages from the liberal fascist dem party. 

    From your first post on this thread. No one else had posted insults up til then except MC in his topic post. (You guys are quite the pair) So in fact, you and your ilk are indeed the ones who "start it".

    1 hour ago, Mexicoafterlife said:

    You all start I finish by pointing put how your insults are all bs.  


  15. 2 hours ago, Mexicoafterlife said:

    Never said I was a English major. 

    You don't have to be an English major to know that "I have did" is incorrect. The average 5 year old gets that right. You must have been raised by some highly illiterate people where everyone around you was also illiterate. 

  16. 1 minute ago, Mexicoafterlife said:

    They took the job and agreed to do the work.  THEY didn't check on the equipment THEY used so THEY are responsible. 

    A couple of Mexican workers are not responsible for this. They would not necessarily have any idea what materials the homeowner ordered nor how much they should cost, nor would they have any idea how much the homeowner paid for them. 

    Your NOB ideas do not apply to how things work in Mexico.

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  17. 19 minutes ago, Mexicoafterlife said:

    Dude I have did more educated things in my life then you have.

    "I have did"???

    Yeah, man, all your uneducated grammar and spelling errors really bolster your claims of intellectual superiority.

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  18. 2 hours ago, Kiko said:

    Some Mexican buyers will not bother to transfer ownership into their name anyway. 

    It would be foolish of the seller to sell the car without signing it over and removing the plates. That's how you can get in trouble if the buyer has an accident- the seller, who appears to still be the legal owner, will be held legally responsible.

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  19. 11 hours ago, Mexicoafterlife said:

    It's not the customers job to check materials. It's the contractor job.  So how things have always worked with means it's on the contractor. He should have checked himself or had a worker he trusted on site

    You are talking about a completely different situation. There is no "contractor" involved. This isn't some big project. It's a homeowner who hired a couple of guys to put some roofing materials in place. Neither she nor the workers obviously had any idea of how much those materials normally cost. It would have been the homeowner's responsibility, in the absence of a contractor, to check that the materials she ordered are indeed what was delivered. I suspect she never did that, nor as another poster pointed out, got quotes from other places for the same materials, to get an idea of what is a reasonable price. So it isn't all on the seller. 

    And what happened up north in your business is irrelevant. A Mexican hardware store owner can ill afford to eat 11,000 pesos, if that, in fact, is what happened.


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