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  1. Yeah, there's that. Takes some people a long time to grok the fine points 🙂
  2. Wrong. More bleach doesn't mean it will kill the virus better. the recommended amount is 4 teaspoons per litre of water. The water is essential to the efficacy of sterilization. Eric, I'm not sure what you meant, "even gloves don't protect you". Of course you can't touch your steering wheel or anything else with gloved hands you've just touched things in a store with. That would seem to be self-evident. I've been wearing gloves in stores, then remove them carefully after I've unloaded the groceries which haven't been sterilized yet, and only then touch the steering wheel and other areas in my car. My steering wheel doesn't need disinfecting because I haven't ever touched it with anything but freshly washed or sterilized hands.
  3. In any case, assuming that those were the people who introduced COVID to the area is a monumental and seemingly racist leap of logic.
  4. Oh, I'm glad someone got a photo of that. My next door neighbor had to go shopping in PV yesterday, and said they were there when he drove home. They just let him drive past- he was alone and obviously not coming to Sayulita to party for Semana Santa. Maybe some of them recognized him.
  5. I'm not the least bit interested in what governments "want people to do" if it means that this virus is just going to keep spreading and killing. No one has any idea at this point if it's going to be safe to resume work by May 1st, and from all the medical and scientific info I've read, there's no way it will be.
  6. mudgirl

    DYI Facemasks

    I wouldn't trust them in a hospital setting with a bunch of COVID patients around, but I figure any barrier is going to be better than none. And there are all kinds of cottons- some are more tightly woven than others.
  7. You're planning to move in the midst of a pandemic? Are you aware that all of Mexico is on shelter-in-place orders? Are you aware that Mexicans aren't being at all friendly to foreigners they see travelling, as they don't want them spreading more virus cases here? Are you planning to quarantine for 14 days when you get here and then self-isolate for as long as necessary?
  8. How are you going to social distance in a car with others, Judy?
  9. This isn't a very accurate representation of the general population. Of course people with Internet access are going to be more informed, or potentially more informed, and the elderly are going to be much more attuned to what is going on since they are in the high risk group. I invite you to come to my town, where people are standing around with their heads all together, laughing at something on their cell phone, spitting indiscrimately on the street, serving food with no masks or gloves. ATVs full of teenagers, and my Ciel water delivery guys started laughing when I told them to just leave the garafons on the end of the porch, as I was being careful to distance because of the virus warnings.
  10. You completely missed my point, or I didn't explain clearly. They didn't mean that a pillow case is appropriate material to use and shouldn't have said that. It isn't. Pillowcases are made of various fabrics and any one of those fabrics can vary wildly in how dense they are. There are cheapo pilowcases made of fabric that is loosely woven which would be totally useless as far as protecting you from the virus. What they meant was the type of fabric that is used for the pillow itself. Which is called ticking and is very dense- the threads are woven really tightly together. If I could show you a sample of the ticking versus a regular pillowcase, you would understand immediately what I'm saying.
  11. Yeah, and that was just a part of the whole operation. When I got home, I got my wheelbarrow, loaded everything I'd bought into it, leaving the non-perishables I didn't need to use for several days in the car, then spent a good half hour wiping down the outside of all packaging with a bleach solution, and washing all the fruit and veggies with soap and water, then bleaching down the surfaces where I had put the items down in the first place. The bags I had put all the groceries in, including the cooler bag, then went outside to sit in the sun until the next time I need to go shopping, which shouldn't be for a week or more, by which time, if there was any virus on anything, it would be inactive. Then I washed the masks and gloves with soap and water and also hung them outside in the sun. It's definitely all quite time-consuming and mind boggling.
  12. The photo you posted doesn't show a pillowcase. What it shows is a pillow. Pillows, particularly down and feather ones, are covered in a fabric called ticking, which is a very tightly woven cotton especially designed so that feathers can't poke through. So what they are actually recommending are pillow coverings, not pillowcases, which come in all thread counts and the low thread counts would give very little protection as the fabric is very loosely woven. It's too bad and dangerous that information like "pillowcase" is put out without making things clear.
  13. Here is the company: https://www.cumnda.com/ There are photos on their website. The ones I saw and bought in Mega are clear plastic. They really don't look like any other shower heads I've seen. They don't have any water saving washers in them (I hate those and always had to remove them in past showerheads). They do have a small screen up near where it screws onto the water pipe outlet, which needs to be cleaned from time to time from grit and mineral buildup, but I just do that when I soak in vinegar to remove the calcium deposits from the holes. They still don't have the kind of pressure you'd get from a totally pressurized system, but they work far better than anything else I've tried here.
  14. What I did when I went out the other day and wore mask and gloves every time I entered a store was to first unload my purchases into a part of the car not near the driver's seat, then remove the gloves, carefully not touching the outside of my gloved hand with the now ungloved hand, then unhooked the mask by hooking a finger under the elastic holding the mask on and slipped it off. Both the mask and gloves went into a bag I had brought for that purpose. Then I washed my hands well with the soap and water I had brought with me and used one of the clorox wipes I had brought long to wipe down the door handles I had touched when unloading the groceries. I had enough masks and gloves with me to don fresh ones every time I went in a store. I really thought a lot about what I was doing as far as the order and way to do it so as to not unwittingly contaminate anything, but it's hard to wrap your mind around unless you're a health professional, which I'm not, and trained in these things. Wearing the gloves made me aware not to touch my face or any other part of my body, even though I had a mask on. Of course everything I touched when I had them on was theoretically contaminated. The point was that I could take them off after I had unloaded everything, so I wasn't touching anything in my car with contaminated hands, including the soap and the water jug I'd brought along. The hand washing was just a double precaution.
  15. I think the same could be said for many doctors elsewhere, as well.
  16. There's only one line coming down from my tinako. It's split at first floor to feed the hot water tank. BTW, if your water is gravity feed only, I found some fantastic shower heads at Mega (don't know if they have them at all Megas, but worth a look). They are made by a Mexican company that makes ecologically sound stuff and it is specially designed to give good shower pressure on gravity feed. I can't tell you how it works, all I know is that it does. They are fairly small, and totally plastic, with rubber gaskets between the various sections. I have to remove and soak them in vinegar every couple months to remove the hard water deposits, but that's true with all showerheads unless you have a water softener. They're about 180 pesos and well worth it. I always had decent pressure in my downstairs shower because my tinako is quite high and it's 2500 liters, so quite a large volume of water, but my upstairs shower was always quite wimpy until I put one of those shower heads on it.
  17. You can reuse a cloth mask. It should of course be removed in a safe way and put directly into a bag or pail which you don't touch until you are ready to sterilize the mask so it can be worn again. If thorough hand washing with soap kills the virus, it stands to reason that thoroughly washing a mask with soap and water achieves the same thing. A hot dryer or bleaching are other alternatives. And of course you need to wash your hands thoroughly after removing the mask. I made myself 3 cloth masks which I am rotating in this way. I did find myself adjusting the mask from time to time while I was out, but I did this with my gloved hands, only touching the outside of the mask. The outside of the mask, and my gloved hands were already theoretically contaminated anyway. As another poster pointed out, that's why you have to remove all of it carefully when you get home or before getting into your car and sterilize everything you've bought that you intend to use right away. Things you don't need to use for awhile can simply be placed somewhere out of the way to sit for several days and don't need to be sterilized.
  18. On my trip to PV yesterday to buy food and supplies for my upholstery business (I work from home, communicate with clients by phone or email, if they need to drop off or pick up anything, we're maintaining social distancing, and items are put in plastic bags where they can be left to sit for a few days before handling)., almost everywhere was open for business and very little social distancing was observed. In Mega, 3 produce dept. employees were all standing head-to-head, laughing at something on one of their cell-phones- 2 had no masks or gloves, the other had the mask around her neck. However, my upholstery supply outlet was complying with orders- I had phoned them in the morning, she said they were closed, but if I gave her my order, I could come in through the side door and they'd give me what I needed. She greeted me with a bottle of hand-sanitizer, and I wore mask and gloves the whole time I was in there.
  19. That's probably unthinkable to him- that any American wouldn't consider the US to be home.
  20. In the real world, if there are no employees, the company can't survive.
  21. Well, the photo shows up 3 times on my screen 🙂 Once near the beginning of the thread, then twice in a row lower down. But the 3rd is just because someone else quoted it in their response.
  22. Went to Puerto Vallarta today. Almost everything open, people congregating, sitting and standing right next to each other at the bus stops. The place I go to buy my upholstery supplies was closed, though. I called them this morning and they said they were closed as per the orders, but I could give them a list of what I needed, and pick it up around at their side door, which is what I did.
  23. Did you expect people to read your mind as to what you consider to be a hobby? If you had asked if anyone else made handicrafts, there would have been nothing to misunderstand. Merriam-Webster Dictionary : Definition of hobby : a pursuit outside one's regular occupation engaged in especially for relaxation
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