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  1. I live in the countryside, a 5 minute drive from the center of town. I'm 2 kms from the ocean and there are hills between me and there, so I don't get sea breezes, altho I can hear the ocean some nights, but I'm right by the arroyo. Dirt roads out around my place. So I'm not surrounded by concrete, which absorbs so much heat all day and and makes the nights hotter. It's almost always cooler out my way than in town. I also designed my house so there are no big windows on the south or west sides and my yard is densely planted, like a jungle. All that helps. When I bought the land, it was a
  2. I remember when that bridge washed out. The Sayulita bridge washed out as well. Luckily it wasn't the only way out of town, as was the case in San Pancho. And one side of the Rio Ameca bridge into PV collapsed at about 3 AM. My friend had just picked me up from the airport about 6 hours earlier and we went over that bridge. Glad I didn't have a red-eye flight 🙂
  3. C'mon Ferret, that's a subjective, not objective, statement. I live in Sayulita, exactly the same weather as San Pancho, and I do not find the summers anywhere close to "hell". I don't have any AC or a pool. My house stays quite comfortable, as far as I'm concerned, with just my fans. I like the rainy, hot, humid summers. And this year, the nights stayed cool right through to the end of June, lots of people were commenting on it. And there were only a handful of nights all summer that I'd consider "steamy" and hot.
  4. Also telcoman drove out. As far as I'm aware, they don't fill out a FMM for you when you drive out, so there is no other half to retain for when you return. It's only when you fly out that you have to fill out the form at the INM booth at the airport and would have the second half to hand in on return.
  5. Yes, you're correct that you can get different answers at different times and places. But I was told this by the INM agent in the PV airport. What had happened was that I flew to Canada with my Mexican granddaughter for a few weeks, but she flew back with her mom who came up later. I had both the other halves of the FMMs for me and my granddaughter, but didn't know which was which as I never fill out the other half until I'm heading back down. I told the agent in the airport that I couldn't be sure that the one I retained was the other half of mine or hers, and the agent just waved her hand di
  6. You'll get a new FMM to fill out on the plane on the way back. It's not a concern. INM doesn't care if the bar code on the top and bottom halves don't match when entering or exiting. Just make sure you check the box that says TR and your reason for coming to Mexico as "Other" and write TR at the top. Hand it to the INM agent at the airport along with your TR card.
  7. Were you really watching so closely that you know for sure they didn't just drop a few pesos of the change back in the employees hand? I kinda doubt that.
  8. Are you talking about the TIP paper stating you removed your vehicle? There is no such thing as a "exit slip" as far as your temporal INM status goes. If you fly out you have to fill out a FMM at INM at the airport, but not when you drive. Your temporal card is what allows you back into the country- you don't need anything else.
  9. My dad always had a tremor in his hands, even when he was young. He didn't take any medication for it. Other than that, he was perfectly healthy and lived to 92.
  10. Ativan isn't an anti-depressant, though. It's a anti-anxiety medication. The anti-anxiety meds are addictive. Anti-depressants aren't, physiologically, but you're still supposed to wean yourself off them slowly. And although the anti-anxiety meds are physically addictive, it really depends on how you take them. Someone who takes a Valium or a Xanax before getting on a plane because they have a fear of flying isn't going to then be addicted. I used to take a half a Valium maybe twice a month when I was going through some sleep issues and would wake up in the middle of the night and couldn'
  11. No kidding. I can just imagine all the countless things that could go wrong during transport and the attitude-"Oh well, the temperature went up to minus 40 for a few hours because the truck broke down, but hey, who's going to know?",
  12. My point, which you missed, is that they, just as restaurant servers, shopgirls, and many others in Mexico do not get paid a living wage. I'm not talking about comparing it to wages in other countries, I'm talking about Mexico. It costs Mexicans the same amount to gas up their car as it costs you or I. They pay the same price for a litre of milk as you or I. They pay the same per KWH to CFE as you or I do. They depend on tips to make ends meet. I say this as someone who doesn't throw money around, overtipping generously "because I can" or anything like that. Those here who have said they
  13. But you have been repeatedly asked here for the name of the lawyer and haven't posted it. How is that helpful?
  14. Because their salary is like 20 pesos/hour. I was once chatting with one of the gals who pumps gas in my town and she told me she worked 3 jobs to make ends meet. I asked her how much she got paid for pumping gas. As I recall it was 180 pesos for an 8 hour shift.
  15. Funny, I've never had the need to to "get around the system" for my immigration, driver's license, setting up my business, or anything else. I just found out what requirements and paperwork were necessary and did it myself.
  16. Maybe she should explore ways to mitigate her anxiety, like yoga, diet change, more physical activity, vitamins and minerals, herbal remedies. Perhaps she has already. But Atavan is quite addictive and maybe the doctors in Canada know something about her that you don't.
  17. Do you really think anyone is just going to call some lawyer whose name you won't even give based on some strangers recommendation on a forum? A stranger who thinks getting a driver's license is a "government challenge" that one requires a lawyer for?
  18. No, doubtful. The Mexican skunks are quite small, very pretty (grey, black and white) and while they definitely put out a skunk smell, it's not as pungent as that of the larger skunks in the US and Canada. They are called civet cats (even though they aren't cats),Western spotted skunks, Pygmy skunks, and go by other names as well. There were 2 that would hang out at my place and run up on the terrace, grab one piece of dog kibble out of the dog bowl, then run back to their hidey spot behind a big plant pot where I could hear them chewing and chattering away to each other. Then they'd run
  19. You could add to that list having to tell the patient's family that they aren't going to make it.
  20. Occasionally I get a bad connection when calling Canada on my Telcel Sin Limites, but then I just hang up and call back and it's usually fine. I don't understand why anyone would pay an extra $34/month for Vonage when you can make calls to Canada and the US for free with the Telcel package.
  21. I don't sign any contracts for phone service in Mexico. I much prefer the pay-as-you-need-it options.
  22. I don't use the data on my phone, either. But I use the phone to tether to my computer as a hotspot so I can make use of those GBs that come with the Sin Limites package.
  23. It depends on how much internet data you need- I don't use much, don't need unlimited. What I do is a combination of the Telcel Sin Limites package, which gives me unlimited calling and texting anywhere in Mex, US and Canada, and the Telcel Internet Amigo. It's pay as you go, no contracts. I put 150 pesos on the Sin Limites, which lasts for about 3 weeks and gives me 2 GBs and 300 pesos on the Internet, which gives me 5 GB. So for about 500 pesos a month I get unlimited texting and calling and 7GBs.
  24. That's not even a living wage in Todos Santos, let alone a wage for anyone with those skill and education. Things are expensive over there. My daughter lives there, charges 400 pesos/hour for upholstery work and no one balks at paying that.
  25. Why is this even a topic of discussion? So there are differing opinions on how much a mask protects others and the wearer. So what? If there is a chance that it could lessen the infection and death rate, why would anyone object to wearing one? It's so incredibly juvenile. If anyone doubts that masks cut way down on the aerosols you expire, here's a brilliant little visual for you: https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/entry/face-mask-cold-air-demo-covid-19_ca_5fb04b71c5b6b956698ba643
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