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  1. Eric, once again you seem to think that a public forum is the place to post a blow-by-blow of your daily life. Perhaps you should start keeping a diary, instead.
  2. Then Mr. Google was wrong. Those are variations of "and" symbols, not ampersands.
  3. Not true. They like to be misted in dry weather. I have a bunch of bromeliads in a tree and they certainly don't rot in the long humid rainy season where I live in Sayulita.
  4. I don't know the specific ratings of various types of masks, but from all I have read, wearing a mask is far more effective in preventing the mask wearer from spreading their germs in the form of aerosols than they are at keeping those aerosols from entering the wearer's mask. But they do provide a barrier which is far better than nothing. Doctors and nurses have long worn masks, having nothing to do with COVID, so as to avoid exposing hospital patients to their germs as much as to protect themselves. And visitors to hospital patients are often asked to put on a mask in order to not expose the patient to whatever they might be infected with.
  5. Dichosalocura- almost all of what you have said in your post above regarding the death rates and the efficacy of masks is incorrect. And saying you'll cease to wear a mask if the govt. mandates them makes about as much sense as Obrador saying he'll wear a mask when there is no more corruption. Masks are worn to safeguard public health and keep the infection rate down. They have nothing to do with politics and govt. power.
  6. Unless you are personally acquainted with the OP and his property, how could you possibly state how much a gardener should be paid for "the job"? The grass that needs mowing could be 10 square meters or 300. The plants that need trimming could be extensive or just a few. The job could take 2 hours or 10.
  7. Perhaps not to the same extent, but don't be so sure about that in general. Many years ago I had a rep from the Mexican tax dept. show up at my shop. He said their records showed I had a missing tax payment. Now at that time, the taxes due for a small business were a flat fee of 200 pesos every 2 months (that changed several years ago). I knew I hadn't missed any payments, but what had happened when I checked my records is that I had had an accountant when I first set up my business, who dealt with my reporting and payments. After paying her for a year, I realized that I could do myself what she had been charging me $500 pesos for ( not to mention having to bring in all my receipts and payments and sit in her waiting room for 15-20 minutes each time)in about 3/4 of an hour, so I stopped using her and do the reporting myself now. She simply hadn't remitted my last payment, even though I had given her the money. Anyway, I showed the guy who showed up at my shop the receipt that I had give the accountant the money, then I asked him, "They really sent you all the way here, a 2 hour round trip, plus about 100 pesos in gas, because of a missing 200 peso payment? The tax dept spent more money sending you here than what I owe." He thought that was pretty funny and ridiculous, too, and we had good laugh over it.
  8. You have to understand how IVA works. If you go into a store to buy a fridge, the store owner has already paid IVA on that item to the manufacturer. If that store owner says if you don't need a factura, you don't have to pay IVA, it doesn't mean he isn't paying taxes on his sales. It means that because he isn't charging you IVA, that he remains the one who paid the IVA on that fridge. If he issues you a factura including IVA, he then has to pay that IVA he collected from you to the tax dept. But he can also deduct the IVA he paid to the manufacturer on that fridge. IVA is a tax that starts at source, and is passed along to the end user, who is either the seller or the customer. IVA doesn't get paid more than once on an item, no matter how many times it changes hands. Now sure, there could be business owners who aren't declaring the sale of that fridge at all, but as a business owner, you can't simply not declare any of your earnings because all your customers pay in cash. The tax department would wonder how you were able to stay in business if you didn't earn any money and would investigate.
  9. Because the majority of ex-pats don't run businesses here and therefore don't know how the taxation works for that, as you said you didn't. I wanted to make it clear that just because a business doesn't charge or pay IVA doesn't mean they aren't declaring their earnings and paying taxes, which was the implication in the topic post. So while I quoted your post in order to answer your question, my response was not solely intended for your benefit.
  10. Just saw a video from Canada where a doctor was asked about whether it was okay to pull the mask down around your chin or neck when you don't need to wear it. He said that's one of the most dangerous things you could do-, which seems pretty self-evident to me, yet I see it all the time, even with those who think they are taking good precautions. If the mask has filtered any viral material, it's now on the outside of your mask, which is now likely touching your chin or neck. Take the mask off by the elastic if you don't need to wear one right away again, put it in a bag to be washed, clean your hands and put on a fresh mask next time. I can't tell you how many people I've seen take the mask off, stuff it in their pocket, at which point you've contaminated your hands and your pocket, then pull it out of their pocket and put it back on again. Now, if there was any virus on the mask, you're breathing it in. It occurred to me that a very good way to teach people mask safety would be to smear something on the outside of the mask, like jam or how about dog poo, and pretend that's virus particles. Then see if anyone thinks it's a good idea to stuff it in their pocket, or pull it down around their chin, or touch the outside of the mask and then handle something else without washing your hands.
  11. I was talking about the Mexican tax system and IVA and what I have to do to comply, so obviously I was referring to my small business in Mexico. I didn't say I don't pay taxes on my profits, I do, but that's different than being required to charge IVA.
  12. Did I say you could straight line it? I said it could give you an idea. 122,300 excess deaths in 3 months makes it evident that coronavirus isn't some overblown paranoia.
  13. I run a small business and while I pay IVA on many of the materials I use, unless someone wants a factura, which means they have to have a tax number, they are not charged IVA on my labor. I'm not doing anything wrong- in my tax category, because I earn under a certain amount a year, I don't have to charge or submit IVA on my earnings unless the client wants a factura. So don't be so quick to assume these businesses are cheating if you aren't familiar with the Mexican tax system. When I lived in Canada, BTW, small businesses often asked me if I was paying by cash and if I needed a receipt, and if it was cash with no official receipt, often didn't charge the GST. So yes, they weren't reporting those sales or paying taxes on them.
  14. The excess death rate in the US from March1 to May 30, was 122,300. That gives you some idea of what it would be for the year if things continue as they have been. And with the numbers they are seeing in Texas and Florida since May 30, I would imagine the excess death rate at the moment is far greater. https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamainternalmedicine/fullarticle/2767980
  15. Personally, I don't care about people following rules if the rules are senseless. Anyone who has a high enough fever to be infected with COVID, rather than a slightly elevated temperature because they have a gum infection, is not likely going to be out and about anyway- they would feel too sick.
  16. I wouldn't be too concerned about temperature checks. There are many reasons why someone can have a slightly elevated temperature, and according to numerous medical reports I've read, many patients infected with COVID have no fever whatsoever. Doctors in NY said that 70% of their patients who tested positive never presented any fever. Masks, distancing and hand washing are the most important ways not to spread this virus.
  17. The bad stuff that peels is Sellacril.
  18. Thanks for posting this- They are now issuing warnings that these masks with exhale valves are not to be worn- they do nothing to protect others from your breath.
  19. Says the wannabe moderator. I believe the no crime reporting refers to local crimes, not online or telephone scams. And trying to scam someone isn't actually a crime if the mark doesn't fall for it. I don't think anyone can be prosecuted simply for lying to a stranger on the phone.
  20. When my kids were little and went to daycare, parents would drop their kids off, hand the daycare teacher a bottle of antibiotics, telling her the child needed to be given a spoonful at xx time because they had strep throat or something. Used to really piss me off. And I have a friend who's a elementary school teacher who says she gets censured by the administration because when she has a sick child in her class, she calls the parents and tells them they need to pick their child up, as she's quite ill. When the parents protest that they're at work and don't have anyone who can do that, she tells them that's their problem to work out- that it's school, not a babysitting service, that their child can barely stay awake or concentrate, and that she has a family at home who she doesn't want to bring an illness home to, nor should the other children in the class have to be exposed. When I was a child, people stayed home when they were sick. I was kept home from school and I remember my dad, who was generally a strong, healthy guy, calling in sick if he had a bad cold. I don't know what's happened, that so many people these days act as if there's nothing wrong with spreading their germs around.
  21. Interesting times indeed, when avoiding confrontation takes precedence over public safety measures. Maybe police should start "avoiding confrontation" and ignore drunk drivers weaving all over the road. Or how about WM start avoiding confrontation by letting shoplifters just walk out with whatever they fancy without paying for it. Actually, since no one NEEDS to shop at Walmart, I think it's a great idea if all the anti-masker, COVID is a hoax bozos all go shopping there, infect each other to their heart's content, and let the rest of the more intelligent population shop in stores that do their part to safeguard public health.
  22. Yet you have never offered anyone any requested advice on this forum, as far as I'm aware, never been helpful, engaged in any topic in any meaningful way or even been conversational in any way. You bring nothing to the table. Your entire motivation for posting seems to consist of giving your opinion on the appropriateness of other's posts. You're like some "church lady" who's set herself up as arbiter of "niceness" and "nastiness", as if you think there was some job opening for that position here that needed to be filled.
  23. All those weekenders from Guad you see sitting around maskless and crowding?- guess where their COVID cases will be reported. Not in Chapala. They'll infect a few of the locals who came in contact with them who will be counted as Chapala cases.
  24. Bingo. For those who have never heard of it, it is actually a house- there are rooms inside. It as now been painted up, quite beautifully. Google La Mona, Tijuana.
  25. We have a choice not to shop at stores where the employees are not following the safety protocols. Don't bother talking to the customer service staff- they are usually just as clueless and uncaring as the rest of the staff. Ask to speak to the manager, let him know they are losing your business because of this. Go once more to see if that made any difference, and if not, boycott them. There are many places to go shopping. Let's reward the businesses who are being responsible and not put our $ in the pockets of those who aren't.
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