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  1. Perhaps if the horse owner were tied up in a garbage patch in the heat with no water all day, he might have a better understanding of how to treat his horse?
  2. Actually, that exact thing happened to me years ago, Ferret. I was backing up in an alley behind my friend's house, and suddenly I hit a post, which was in a blind spot. Didn't hit it hard, cause I was barely moving, so I put it into drive (was an automatic) and without even stepping on the gas, the car shot forward and plowed right through a chainlink fence. The brakes weren't working either. It was so freaky and scary.
  3. I've noticed that Mexicans in general seem very tolerant of gays, lesbians, trans, etc.. I have no idea what the gay community is like around Lake Chapala but Puerto Vallarta is known as a very gay-friendly city.
  4. Cedros- don't waste another minute stressing over this. You don't have to even mention that you lost the other half of the one you left with. While in theory, one would think the top and bottom half bar codes should match, INM doesn't care about this at all. Not one bit. I have had this confirmed to me by INM agents, as I travelled from Mexico to Canada with my granddaughter, but then she returned from Canada to Mexico with her mom. I had no idea which of the return forms was hers and which was mine. When I flew back to Mexico I explained this to the INM agent and he said it doesn't matter at all, they don't care. You won't jeopardize your residency. The important thing is just to make sure you hand them your permanente card with the form when you re-enter Mexico and make sure you write RP at the top and check the correct box for that on the form. I've flown back and forth many times as RP and probably half those times the form I turned in on return wasn't the top half of the one I left on. It's a non-issue.
  5. My RLS ONLY makes itself evident when I am seated on a bus or plane. I have never had those symptoms at night while sleeping or any other time.
  6. I have no idea. I'm not techie and don't understand such things. All I know is that my previous laptop ran slower and slower every time I downloaded the updates. It 's not like my new laptop was some higher-end piece of equipment. Same brand and type as my old one. But the old one had Windows 7 and the new one Windows 10. And I don't have many photos or other memory using stuff stored on my computer, not the current one or the old one.
  7. Monesson, I can totally relate. I get that too, but only when I have to sit for long periods of time without being able to change position. I've never taken medication for it, but the 4-5 hour flight from Mexico to Canada really pushes the limits. I end up standing in the aisle from time to time. I have a brother who lives in Australia and a stepmom in England who I'd love to go visit, but the mere thought of 8-14 hours on a plane makes me feel crazy. In fact, I and a friend who also has it call it "Crazy Legs." I wonder if a nerve blocker like Neurontin, which is available OTC might work? Or is that something you've tried?
  8. And some pretend they don't understand English when they do 🙂 Never assume a Mexican doesn't know what you are saying about them or anyone else just because you are speaking English and are under the impression they don't.
  9. I also have a small amount of grass and do it all with an electric weedeater. Like RV, takes up little space hanging on a nail in my bodega. And no blades to sharpen, easy clean up. I make sure to brush out the air holes so they don't get clogged up with grass, but other than that no maintenance. The thing cost about 300 pesos at the time and I've been using it for 8 years.
  10. I've simply not rehired those who don't show consideration. Also, I no longer wait for tradespeople to show up. I tell them to call when they are 10 to 15 minutes away, so if I'm out, I can come home. If they arrive without calling, after not showing up at the arranged time and I'm not there, then they miss out on the work.
  11. I've never downloaded a Windows 10 Update since i got my present laptop, 2 years ago. Hasn't seemed to make an iota of difference aside from my computer not running at the speed of molasses, as it did with the last laptop when I was downloading all of them. Of course I have virus protections on, and all seems to work just fine.
  12. I wouldn't mind adding the point values by hand. Used to play a scrabble-like game with friends in Canada, called Upwords. You made words which had to connect to other words, just like in Scrabble, but the letters had no point values, and the Q included the "u". The letters were large and plastic (great for us oldens with failing eyesight) and stacked- you could change a word already on the board by stacking more letters on top, but one original letter (before you stacked) had to remain as is. Each tile was the same value, you score by adding up the number of tiles in the words you made and changed. It was great fun.
  13. Hey, I could use some of those- have 5 missing pieces from my scrabble set.
  14. "I've heard from people". Hmmm. Those people are obviously ill-informed. The tourist visa is max 180 days. There is no process for extensions. There is no "problem", just the immigration laws and policies, which are expected to be respected. You have to leave the country by the time your visa runs out and re-enter.
  15. Yes, that should be interesting. No cash allowed at the gas pumps or toll booths and their card processors not working. Can't wait.
  16. I'm pretty much a techno :() when it comes to such things, but my actual experience is this- I've been using cell-based internet at my place for 4 years and it worked quite well until about a year or so ago when Telcel came out with their modems for purchase and signed up a lot of new subscribers. Now it's unreliable, in and out all day and I've checked with my neighbors who use the service and they say it's the same for them. And it almost always works well and fast late at night and the wee hours of the morning when most people are asleep, so it would seem to me that the number of active users definitely has an effect.
  17. I've been carting around and using my cast iron pans for 50 years and they weren't new when I acquired them. They have yet to "chip, crack, shatter or warp". So I'm not too concerned about that.
  18. Roofs can start leaking at any time. It seems presumptuous to assume that the owners were aware that the roof leaked badly. I can't imagine that they wouldn't be concerned about fixing a leaky roof, as that could destroy their furnishings and belongings. I can't understand how so many posters here started talking about who was the "bad" guy. The OP simply asked if anyone had knowledge of where this couple could be, there was no accusation of them being some kind of untrustworthy people.
  19. I can't understand why people who live in Mexico at least a significant portion of the year fail to have a Mexican bank account. You don't have to keep any significant amount of money in it if you don't have confidence in the banking system here, but it makes life so much easier on a day-to-day basis and when things like this occur.
  20. Home Depot sells it as well as an oufit called Prevasa, which also sells drywall and all the fittings, tape, etc. I think Prevasa is a chain, not just in PV area. BTW, they call cement board Durock here. Or at least that's the brand I bought. And it was less expensive at Prevasa than Home Depot. In fact, Home Depot's about the most expensive place to buy anything in Mexico.
  21. I built an entire small shop building out of cement board. Wood framed. In a back corner of my yard- didn't want a construction crew slinging cement all over my gardens, nor piles of sand and blocks. No muss, no fuss. Taped and plastered the outside and you can't even tell it's not built of block from the outside. Didn't use it for the roof, though. It's incredibly heavy.
  22. There was a guy in my area (not lakeside) who was going around with a book of paint samples. He obviously had been tracking home owners' movements and appeared at my friend's house when she and her husband were out, only the maid there. He came to the door, told the my friend had asked him to come by and check out colors for her rooms and could he come in. The maid was savvy and told him the dueña hadn't mentioned it, so she'd have to call her first, at which point he said he'd just come back another time. Always be wary if something seems off. Trust your intuition- it usually proves to be right.
  23. Asbestos doesn't pose any danger as long as it is not disturbed- the danger is when the dry material, which consists of hair-like asbestos fibers is inhaled- the fibers stay in your lungs and cause asbestosis, which is fatal. Asbestos removal crews wet the asbestos down before removing, so the fibers aren't flying around, breathable. If your contarctor cuts or drills into dry asbestos, he's ignorant and putting himself and his workers in danger. If he keeps it wet while cutting, it should be okay, but he and his workers sould wear masks. It wouldn't pose a danger to you once it's all in place unless it gets broken. But I have no experience with that particular roofing as to whether it will keep the area cool. If the ceiling is high, it shouldn't matter. And regular roof tiles are just made of clay.
  24. Nice of you to care and hope you find somewhere or someone to help. The cat is probably riddled with worms or ill, rather than actually starving- stray cats are pretty adept at finding food- there are plenty of insects, lizards and rodents around to hunt, but if it was a pampered domestic cat that just got lost at some point, it may not be too skilled in basic survival.
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