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  1. Well, not everyone does. I made some new Sunbrella covers for a client, and though I had told her about the no dryer, her maid was ignoring that and those covers were irretrievably stained within 2 years, whereas Sunbrella looks new for many, many years if people deal with it properly.
  2. Are you aware that you should never put Sunbrella fabric in the dryer? The high heat will destroy the qualities that make it so durable- the non-fading, non-molding, stain and resistance. It can be washed un the machine in cool water and should be hung to dry.
  3. I don't think an abanil would take kindly to being cleaned by a handyman, regardless of whether he was collapsing or not. 🙂 Abanil= mason Aljibe= cistern
  4. One good reason not to build your house right on the property line.
  5. I read a fascinatung book on vision years ago. He explained what mostly causes astigmatism. The human eye is more or less designed to look at things straight on. We look to the side or up and down, but only briefly. If we really want to look at something that's not in front of us we turn our heads. Forcing the eye into a position it's not designed to be in for long periods of time deforms the eyeball and results in astigmatism. A really common example, which you'll see many children do, and which I certainly did, being a little bookworm, is lying on your stomach with the book flat on the
  6. Exactly. Does AMLO really think the criminals go sign up for a phone plan to use a phone to extort or threaten people or organize kidnappings? They use stolen or burner phones. How ridiculous. They apparently tried this years ago and it didn't work.
  7. I have astigmatism but not severe. I'm also nearsighted. I have never had glasses or contact lenses that were made to correct the astigmatism at all, and I can see just fine. I realize this likely wouldn't be the case if the astigmatism was worse than mine.
  8. Yes, give me a week or so- my neighbors are up in Canada, I'll have to email them for their friends' contact info. You could also grow lemon grass and even the other roots in pots on a balcony if you have one. I did that for years with a lot of plants when I was renting, then transplanted them into the garden when I bought my own lot.
  9. Do some research on exotic plant sellers in Mexico. My neighbor got a kaffir lime plant from a friend in Vallarta who grows and sells exotics. You could also likely find galangal, which would grow here easily, and lemongrass isn't that hard to find- I know many people here who have lemongrass growing, as did I (mine expired when a housesitter forgot to water it).
  10. Why do you assume the cashier would walk out of the store with it? It could be something they'd just eat while in the store. And even if they walked out with it, it's already been scanned, so wouldn't set off any alarms. I've never been asked to show my receipt when walking out of any store but Costco.
  11. That last one reminds me of a photo a friend sent me of her worker up a ladder using her brand new dustpan as a cement hod.
  12. Well known medical fact. You really need to keep up with the science, Bisbee Gal. 🙂
  13. Removing VIN numbers is illegal and removing them from the vehicle is pointless if the vehicle is in the Mexican customs data base.
  14. Okay, I've not lived Lakeside for 50 years, and then only for a few months, but I'll take a stab at Gigante, for one.
  15. OMG, they're coming to steal those jobs you wanted! You know, like crawling around a dusty tomato field in the hot sun all day, or looking after rich people's kids and scrubbing out their toilets.
  16. Okay, here's another riddle for you. If you already know this one, maybe not blurt it out right away. Let people strain their brains. You find yourself in a situation where you are presented with a door to life and a door to death. There is one guard in front of each door. One guard always lies. One guard always tells the truth. You don't know which door is which, nor which guard is the liar or truth teller. You are allowed only one question to ask of only one guard in order to determine which door is which. What is the question?
  17. Yes, I also like to patronize the local mom and pop stores. Those folks never rip you off because they want to keep your business. A Walmart cashier couldn't care less whether you ever come back. I do go to Costco. They don't have discrepancies between the pricing on the shelves and at the register, their customer service is fine, they pay and treat their employees well, and that is evident as far as the employees' attitude and intelligence level.
  18. No, that wasn't my meaning. I don't think Walmart has some policy of short changing customers, but they are well known for paying low wages and hiring part time so they don't have to pay employee benefits. So they attract cashiers who keep back change hoping you won't notice, and that's a store I won't patronize. And no, all stores don't have scammer employees, because many businesses treat their employees well and attract a higher class of workers.
  19. Honestly don't know why people continue to shop in places where this goes on.
  20. That is exactly why I don't want the Sinovac. It may not be accepted by other countries if they require proof of vaccination.
  21. Oh, I definitely removed the plates. The VINs, no. But like I said the vehicle had been in Mexico from before the time they kept synced computer records. And it's been 10 years since my worker hauled it off. I don't foresee any fallout.
  22. I am lucky to have inherited my dad's mechanical engineer brain. But really, there was nothing to it. I opened the panel where the motherboard is (had to watch a youtube video) took a photo of it, then compared it to the photo on Mercado Libre. It was identical (and the seller had a list of which machine models it fit). The board itself just has a bunch of little push-in, pull out, color-coded connections, nothing soldered. As long as you get them back in the right spot, which wasn't an issue, as I had taken a photo before pulling the old one, it is really quite simple- took 5 minutes, th
  23. I counted 14 posts from Andy Panda on this thread alone, none of which contain any information or anything of value, not even a humorous comment, but are all attacks on the posts of others. Then there are 36 posts by others, 14 of which are trying to get Andy to STFU if he/she has nothing to contribute. So there are 50 posts in this thread in total, before this one, 28 of which have nothing to do with anything but the troll.
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