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  1. I'm not talking about Europe or India. I don't know where you get your news. The virus was already raging in those places- they acted too late and people in those places were still contravening orders and partying and not wearing masks. The prime minster of New Zealand had one of the most intelligent and responsible responses to the virus of anywhere in the world- she closed the borders, any New Zealander returning had to go into strictly enforced quarantine for 14 days, masking and distancing and staying home were mandated and enforced and New Zealand now has no COVID, except for I think one
  2. And what's your point? It's this exact attitude, from people all over the world, that has led to over a million COVID deaths with no end in sight except for a vaccine. The places in the world where strict lockdowns were put in place and people complied with directives to wear masks and practice social distancing are the places with the lowest, and in some places virtually no more infections and deaths. It's not rocket science. It's just the science of infectious disease. That people are too stupid or stubborn to understand or comply is infuriating and really really sad.
  3. Oh, you don't think there's a pandemic going on in real time? You don't think people were sick of sitting in their homes in the dark at night during the war, wishing it were over? Did wishing it were over make them refuse to co-operate or lead them to believe it was no big deal? Fear-mongering articles? Is that what you call science and over a million people dead and Europe locking down again with skyrocketing infections and hospitalizations? Hospitals in Utah filled to capacity with COVID patients? It isn't fear mongering-it's reporting on something real so that people will take this ser
  4. And who exactly do you think it's natural for? A highly contagious and often deadly pandemic isn't something normal, anywhere. Therefore people can't just act like things are normal unless we just don't care if millions more people die from this. Do you think it was natural for people in Europe to have to turn out all their lights at night in the war during the blackouts so they wouldn't get bombs dropped on them? If you had been there, would you have thought it was fine that your neighbors refused to do that, just because they didn't want to, putting your life and the lives of everyone
  5. And I suggest you don't make baseless assumptions about who gets out of their house and what they see when they go out.
  6. They were supposed to peak in April, then May, then Sept. This is all pure speculation and much depends on whether people listen and heed the masking and distancing directives, what the consequences are if they don't, whether borders are closed, what is considered to be allowed as "essential travel".
  7. He doesn't need to "find out" at the border. Once you leave Canada, even if you just go 50 meters onto US soil and turn around, you have to quarantine. This is a known policy.
  8. I'm sick of hearing this argument. The self-same people who would be severely negatively impacted by business closures are the ones who aren't wearing masks, having big family get-togethers, and acting like they never heard of COVID or that it's some kind of hoax. Obrador didn't help things any when he stated near the beginning to "his people" that they had nothing to worry about- that it was a disease of the wealthy. Everyone was warned that there would be mandated closures if people didn't comply voluntarily with the distancing and masking directives. If they chose to ignore that, who'
  9. So you have no idea how to change the time zone on your devices and think there's a time zone called "Western Time". Hmmm.
  10. There's all sorts of reasons someone needs know accurately what time it is that have nothing to do with being a "slave to the clock". My 3 daughters and I live in 4 different time zones. I have to call them when I won't disturb them at work, at the time they put the kids to bed, or wake them up. Then there's Dr. and dentist appts, knowing what time stores close and open so you don't make a trip out shopping for nothing, and not leaving others waiting when you've made plans together, etc. If your life is such that you never need to know what time it is, you're a lucky man. Or undepend
  11. I'm a cigarette smoker myself, but I would never light up inside a restaurant or even near the door. I can sort of understand why a smoker wouldn't want to have to stand outside to have a smoke if the establishment allowed smoking and it was freezing cold outside, but there's no excuse for making others breathe your smoke in when you live somewhere the weather is pleasant.
  12. ??? I don't know of any countries where you can just drive around with foreign plates forever when you are actually a resident. Mexico isn't any different from the US or Canada in this regard. In fact, that temporary Mexican residents can drive their foreign plated vehicle here for all the years they hold that status is pretty lenient, I'd say.
  13. I still don't understand why or what sense it makes for non-essential travel to be curbed for those entering by land but not by air. Seems like someone who was driving down in their own vehicle, who took precautions on the way down not to possibly expose themselves to the virus would be a safer bet than those who'd just spent time in airports and crammed onto a plane shoulder to shoulder with hundreds of other people.
  14. Yes, that can happen, it could even be leaking inside the walls of your house, but since it's the easiest thing to test all the above-ground connections with soap and water (or an old tank that's rusting could actually have a pinhole in the tank itself- I use cylinders, not a stationary tank and one cylinder was leaking from the tank itself), there's not much sense considering the underground leak possibility until the easy fixes are eliminated.
  15. If the OP can smell the gas, chances are it's not coming from a buried line.
  16. I can relate, I'm a serious needle-phobe. No matter where the needle goes in, but there's something about feeling helpless laying back in a dentist's chair that makes it even more awful. I always get them to use the numbing gel- I can still feel the needle, though, and it still makes me grip the arms of the chair, moan and feel faint. The dental work itself doesn't scare me at all- it's the needles.
  17. You just don't like them because your posts get so many "sad" reactions.
  18. Aren't you the guy who claims to be an expert on a whole lot of things that people post about? I've never noticed the poster you attacked claiming to be a expert on anything.
  19. Metamizol. The thing was, I always research any medication before I would take it, and I saw that there were warnings about it sometimes lowering blood pressure to dangerous levels. Because I normally have super low blood pressure, I called the chiropractor who had prescribed it, and he assured me that it was nothing to worry about. So I started taking it, but when my hearing became muffled after 3 days on it, I called him back to tell him that, and you should have heard how panicked he sounded. He told me to stop taking it immediately, which of course I already had. I have no idea how
  20. Just for info purposes, I had experienced a sudden loss of hearing a few years ago. Although it may very well have nothing to do with your problem, in my case, I had just been prescribed an anti-inflammatory for a back issue and had been taking it for a few days, which seriously lowered my blood pressure. I have low blood pressure anyway, so I shouldn't have been prescribed that. As soon as I stopped taking it, my hearing came back.
  21. You'd think reading some of these posts that the whole of Canada was waist deep in snow for 6 months of the year. Canadians who live on the west coast certainly don't have to spend the winters shovelling their way out the driveway, plugging in their car overnight, or scrapping ice off the windshield. It snows occasionally, but then it melts. Nor is there much snow in parts of the BC interior, like the Okanagan and Similkameen valleys. Now I don't happen to like cold weather myself, but I know lots of people who do- they like downhill or cross-country skiing, skating, snowboarding, they do
  22. I don't think there are any laws in Mexico, as there are in the US, regarding establishments being forced to accept service animals. As I'm sure you're aware, putting a service animal vest on a dog doesn't make it a service dog, and unfortunately for those who really do require service dogs, many dog owners lie about it just so they can take their dog with them everywhere. I suggest you research which hotels accept dogs.
  23. I see your point, but it also shines light on what posts the moderator focuses on to delete and warn the poster about. IOW, it makes the moderator's prejudices fairly obvious. Even if the post has been deleted, if you are familiar with the user's views from their posting history, you can sort of extrapolate what the "offending" post might have said.
  24. Which is exactly why no one I know would fly anywhere unless they absolutely had to. And social distancing on an airplane is a oxymoron anyway. And don't you have anything better to do than stalk me around the forum? My post wasn't addressed to you.
  25. In case you haven't heard, international travel isn't really a smart thing to undertake during a deadly highly contagious pandemic. There isn't anywhere safe to go because anywhere warm you'd have to fly to or drive through the US. You couldn't pay any of my Canadian friends or family to get on a plane to anywhere at the present time, unless it was an unavoidable trip.
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