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  1. It's simple- you go put $ on "Telcel Internet" at any Oxo. NOT a paquete, just internet. Don't know how much data you will require, but $300 gives you 5 GB for 30 days, for instance. To see tbe various options and prices, dial *133# and follow the options. Firstcluck on Amigo Internet, then there willbe options, but if you click on "mas opciones", you'll see them all. The internet data will run in conjunction with your sin limites. So if you have 3GB on your Sin limites and buy the 300 peso internet, you'll have 8 GB.
  2. Waterproof paint and sealer isn't going to fix a leaking skylight. As was suggested, you need to caulk around the skylight with silicone.
  3. And the instant I just posted the above, I got notifications that I'd just made my first post, my 10th post, and my 500th post. No wonder I don't have time for anything else. Some serious coding errrors going on here.
  4. It seems that 3 hours ago I received a One Week Done badge, a One Month Since Joining badge, and a One Year In badge. All at the same time! Yes, time flies, but I've never had it fly by that fast.
  5. Trying to turn a cat that is used to going outdoors into a house cat at the age of 13 seems like an exercise in futility and unfair and traumatic to the cat. Rehoming won't solve that issue, it will only get it out of your life. Creating a cat run seems like the only real alternative, apart from having the cat put down. My neighbor tried to do the opposite- turn a Siamese cat someone had sort of talked her into, into an outdoor cat, when it wanted to be inside and receive human affection. It didn't work well, and the person who had given it to her ended up taking it back, because she's fine with having indoor cats.
  6. You should do some research before posting misinformation. Their bite isn't dangerous. They carry a parasite in their feces. That's what causes Chagas disease. They are attracted to warmth and are noctural. So they will seek the warmth of your breath, crawl on your face when you're asleep, people feel something in their sleep, wipe at their face and rub the feces into their mouth, nose or eye. That's how you contract Chagas. And no, Mostly lost, it has nothing to do with sleeping outside, and brushing at your face while asleep is exactly how you get Chagas. Apparently not all kissing bugs carry that parasite. At least that's what my doctor told me. But I kill them if I see them in my house, which has only been a few times. Chagas is a horrible disease for which there is no cure.
  7. Most people don't, but obviously some do. My neighbor did- he had his wallet in his pocket and it must have fallen out when he was on his motorbike just taking a quick trip to the OXO. And I almost did, as my wallet was stolen. I was just extremely lucky that a woman called me who had seen my cards strewn all over the edge of the Walmart parking lot. Actually her young son spotted the wallet. She said she first told him to leave it, then saw my driver's license, PR card, etc, strewn around and knew it would be a drag for me to lose all those. The thieves took my bank cards and the little cash I had in there and then tossed the wallet and the rest of the cards.
  8. Not all Mexican cops and transitos are looking for mordita, either. Some are actually honest and don't even hint at that as a possibilty.
  9. That may be true Lakeside, but is otherwise false. One should note. Immigration has swept through Sayulita several times. Last year they were set up at the back entrance to Sayulita and a friend of mine who'd been living here for years with no residency (not a bright thing to do but she's a die-hard anti-govt. rebel) got nabbed and deported. Sometimes they hit the restaurants, looking for foreigners working without work permits. I know someone who got deported like that, too. He wasn't a gringo,either, he was Argentinian.
  10. Yes, I admitted I did it once. Not proud of it, it was a convenience factor because I was in a rush, rather than not being aware of the law. But the other times I've asked for a ticket.
  11. Crooked cops. And as long as people allow themselves to be intimidated, and whip out their wallet, it will continue. Knowing the laws of the country where you reside is really helpful. I have a friend who flies to Mexico from Canada, and rents a car for the month she stays. She got nabbed for speeding on her way from the airport (not a BS charge-she drives really fast) and the transito told her he had to take her license and write her a ticket. Because she was unaware that that is exactly how things are done here, and she would get her license back, no problem, when she went to pay the ticket, she paid him off 2000 pesos! I've only paid mordida once- I did run the red light, only because there was a big ### truck in front of me blocking the light, and there was another car right on my tail, so I just followed the truck, unwittingly, through the light. I was on my way to the city, had a dentist appt. and a list of things to do, so it was just easier to give him 200 pesos and be on my way. But normally, the few times I've been guilty of a traffic infraction, I ask for the ticket.
  12. It appears that threads are only judged by the moderator to be "political" and become locked when anything to do with the US is criticized. Fine to bash other countries, it seems, but don't dare contest the "greatest country on earth".
  13. You can find it in supermarkets in the laundry supplies section- sold to fill irons with. And in auto supply stores to fill batteries.
  14. Not exactly. You might want to study up on the difference between its and it's.
  15. In certain situations, like being crammed indoors with masses of people, I just might. Covid won't be the last pandemic. I've seen quite a few Chinese immigrants wearing masks in public places, long before Covid, in Vancouver.
  16. There are people now saying they will continue to wear a mask in crowded public venues regardless of them being vaccinated against Covid. Which people have done in many Asian countries for quite awhile.The incidence of influenza and the common cold have plummeted since Covid masking. It makes a lot of sense not to spread whatever germs your carrying around or catch them from others.
  17. Now c'mon, you know that's not how it's done. You dig things up really close to rainy season or at the beginning of tourist season or a major holiday week because you estimate the work to take a quarter the time is actually does.
  18. No, there are no potential invaders because Canada doesn't go around the world making enemies.
  19. mudgirl

    Mexa Bistro

    While on my once every two week shopping run to PV one day, I got a craving for a burger, which I eat once in a blue moon, and stopped at Outback, which was on my route anyway. I ordered medium and it came bloodily rare inside, the bun was totally soggy and the fries were way undercooked, cold, and also soggy. I'll never go back. But I have to say that back in the days I used to drive back and forth from Canada, I was always so glad to cross the border into Mexico, as driving the highways in the US, the chains are pretty much the only options for where to eat. Whereas in Mexico, you can stop along the road at almost any little roadside mom-and-pop restaurant and get a decent, if not excellent traditional Mexican meal. And though I haven't been that way in years, so it may no longer be there, on the US side of Nogales, there was a food truck you could see across an empty lot from the sketchy Motel 6 where I slept the night, that makes absolutely delicious burritos.
  20. That's odd- I haven't noticed anyone trying to invade Canada that necessitated the US military "protecting" them.
  21. No, they mostly live less than a year. Some types are burrowers and may hide out underground, but their life cycle is eggs, larva, adult. The ones flying around this year aren't the ones that were here last year- those have died. Tons of info if you google it. I call them stupid bugs, because if they fall on their backs they can't right themselves, they just flail around until they die.
  22. Look scary? Hardly, unless you're one of those people who's just terrified of any insects. Scary-looking is a cancle (although those are harmless as well).
  23. It's a type of scarab beetle. There are many, hard to tell from the photo which type. They are harmless. I used to like catching them and letting them crawl up my arm when I was a kid- it feels all tickley.
  24. Quite frankly, I think I have less chance of contracting Covid by continuing to mask and distance from anyone outside my bubble, than I do of having some crazed antimasker screaming in my face, or being shot by some loony with a gun, in America. So I'll pass on a trip to the US.
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