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  1. I've had the same paw chewing issues with my dog- she actually hates water, but I live in the countryside and she's an outdoor dog. So her paws are always damp in the rainy season.
  2. The only time my dog ever was supposed to wear a cone was when she was young and got spayed. I had to take it off her immediately because the instant I put it on her she started leaping around, hitting it against the wall, trying to get it off- exactly what she wasn't supposed to do- I was supposed to keep her calm after the surgery. So I removed it and in fact, she never fussed with the stitches or incision area at all.
  3. Posting tutorial 101: The title of the post should make the topic clear. "Stores selling non-alcoholic beer?", not "Where to buy".
  4. Oh look, the troll is now replying to his own posts because no one wants to play with him.
  5. Math is hard for these people. And lying is de rigeur. If they didn't lie, their websites would be blank.
  6. Well, that would explain why the troll hangs out there and believes the BS. As one of the most honest Jan. 6 insurrectionists just said in his testimony, "I'm just not smart, okay? I'm stupid."
  7. Well, if she submitted all the correct paperwork, then there's nothing more for her to do, so I'm not sure why she's phoning them. It may just take awhile to work its way through their system. The pandemic has slowed a lot of things down. I wouldn't be worrying about it. You don't get any official piece of paper re the change of address that you have to keep or carry with you, just an email saying it's been processed.
  8. Not sure what "trying to" means. It's totally straightforward. When I changed my address, I went into the INM office, the agent showed me on the computer which form I needed to print out and complete, gave me a generic sample letter that needs to accompany the application, I went home, filled it all out, did the letter, and brought it back into the office. Within a week I got an email saying it had been processed and there was nothing further for me to do.
  9. Yes, you've said that about 20 times now on every vaccine or Covid thread you can find. Saying something 20 times doesn't put it into the realm of fact. You're incredibly tedious and seem determined to derail every thread where someone is simply looking for specific information, not your opinion. Don't know why the mods allow you to continue your trolling unabated.
  10. Not necessarily. That Sellacril garbage peels off even when there hasn't been anything else used on them.
  11. Your wife doesn't need a landline to call Panama. She can use Whatsapp on her phone to message and call. It's free, just uses phone data.
  12. What's with all the exclamation marks? Saltillo tiles are super common in Mexican homes and are easy to find for purchase.
  13. Oh really? How? Trudging through the desert, dying of thirst? Swimming the Rio Grande? Being crammed in a suffocating closed up truck? How exactly is that easier than driving your air conditioned RV and showing your vax certificate?
  14. Yes, the elastic is usually quite thin. I actually don't use a safety pin, though I have done in the past. Safety pins have a nasty way of popping open when trying to work them through the hem- then you have to pull it all out and start over. I use something called a bodkin- looks like a big needle, but without a point. Knitters use them to sew sleeves to the body of a sweater and such.
  15. Elastic is not generally "sewn in" to a fitted sheet. There is a small hem in the bottom edge of the sheet that the elastic is pulled through. So it's just a matter of removing an inch or two of the hem stitching, pulling out the dead elastic, and working a new length of elastic through the hem by attaching it to a big safety pin, then sewing up the small opening that was made.
  16. "Excellent results" is something you can really only assess over time, seeing how the job holds up.
  17. Vista Lake instantly replies to every post regarding construction recommendations, has done for years, does not ever participate in any other conversations. It is pretty obvious that they are promoting themselves, under false pretenses of a "recommendation".
  18. That isn't called stating the obvious. (Calling mainstream media socialist is hilarious- they produce whatever they think will sell their publications and get people to tune to their shows- they're a prime example of capitalism) It's stating your opinion, based upon your politics, and having no understanding of what socialism means. And it was a derailment of this thread.
  19. It's quite the story. Tragic and bizarre. I imagine the families of the students are at least somewhat comforted that this has now come to light. Never illegally commandeer a bus in a country run by the cartels.
  20. No, you took it off topic by finding it necessary to offer your opinion that anyoone using satellite TV is a fool. Then all the other poster did was say they were into more educational programming. You could have ignored it, but you then had to try to turn it into a discussion on what you consider to be educational, according to your political stance. They didn't mention anything specific until you had to point out how you consider Fox news to be "educational". Insight my a**.
  21. Then the only fabric that could be is Sunbrella. Anything else would fade outdoors. And if he's a good upholsterer, he would know that.
  22. Virgin of Pilar: "F**k you guys! I just spent 2 hours trying to get the colicky baby Jesus to sleep and you woke him up again!"
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