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  1. And what do they think is going to happen on the 30th? Coronavirus will no longer be a threat? It's only just ramping up.
  2. No, that would be your dear POTUS. What is truly astounding about those with your mindset is that you rah rah about your patriotism and are so proud that you live in a democracy, yet advocate for the kind of behavior that exists in a totalitarian dictatorship- blind allegiance to whatever the administration in power decrees. The founding fathers of the USA created a declaration of Independence and Constitution which allowed and encouraged free speech, dissent, and limits to authority. I guess you didn't get the memo.
  3. He understands nothing about science and refuses to listen to those who are knowledgable. He ignored what he was being told, because he thinks he knows better than anyone about everything. A POTUS has no business "underestimating the problem" and making decisions based upon his own ignorance. Intelligent, responsible people listen to what they are being told by those who in a position to know. There is blood on his hands, lots of it, there will be more.
  4. I'd prefer to be safe than sorry. During that "short time" you could possibly infect yourself. Another thing people should be aware of- don't let other people pet your dog if you go out for a walk- you have no idea if that person might have just coughed or sneezed into their hand, then you touch your dog...
  5. Did I say it was okay? Adults are capable of ignoring insults if they so choose. If you warn people not to get political here, and then do so yourself, you're behaving as a hypocrite. You can be a "But he hit me first" or a "Sticks and stones may break my bones..." Your choice. Or stop chastizing others to knock it off with the politics. You can't have it both ways just because it's convenient for you.
  6. No. But you keep telling everyone to leave politics out of it. You're like a little kid- "But he hit me first". Practice what you preach.
  7. Yet another person who just doesn't get it. Everyone needs to STAY HOME.
  8. Big party going on just down the block from me in Sayulita. Unbelievable. Governer of Puebla just said publicly that poor people are immune from the virus. OMG. Mexico will be the COVID death capital of the planet if this continues.
  9. Yes, he sterilized the whole table before he started. You missed it.
  10. And I could swear you're the guy who keeps warning people not to get political.
  11. Anyone concerned about how to deal safely with groceries you bring home from the store, I just ran across this video posted on another site- really good demonstrations about how to sanitize and deal with your purchases.
  12. I do a lot of gardening, so my hands are often covered in soil- I've gotten used to scratching or wiping my face with my arm, so that's certainly coming in handy now. It's reminding me of when my kids were young- head lice would go around at school and all the parents would have to check and treat their kids if necessary. As soon as there's head lice around, every time your head is itchy, you think, "Oh no, I have lice", but we aren't aware of how often we scratch our heads routinely.
  13. Oh, thank you. I had no idea- thought they were maybe buying for all the families they knew with babies.
  14. I used cloth diapers for my kids. And all my kids used them for theirs. Please consider switching over. The disposable diaper pollution isn't a good thing.
  15. I had an interesting conversation with my daughter in Toronto today. She and her family have been self-isolating for a couple of weeks already, since before the official orders, and got in a stock of non-perishables at least a month ago (No, they're not hoarding 12 giant packs of tp, it's basically enough non-perishable food, and other essential items to last them 2 or 3 weeks if need be. She and my son-in-law have pretty essential jobs, so they're secure that way and are both working from home and my 18 year old granddaughter is doing her uni courses online. But the 15 year-old, who's a challenge at the best of times (major ADHD) was still going out and about and several days before the lockdown orders came out, was told in no uncertain terms that she absolutely couldn't go out anymore, that she was risking the health and possibly the lives of her parents and sister. Her friends' parents were still letting their kids out, so of course my granddaughter railed and ranted for 2 days until my daughter finally sat her down and said that fine, if she wanted to go stay at a friend's house, and the parents were okay with that, my daughter would pay for her food and other needs, but that if she made that decision,.she had to understand that she wouldn't be allowed back into the family home until there was an all-clear, which might not happen for months. Not even for 5 minutes to grab some clothes, not even if she changed her mind and cried and begged to come home. That pretty much sobered her up and 2 days later there was no longer any choice and all her friends were confined to home as well. Of course they're all on their phones whining to each other about how unfair and boring it all is.
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