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  1. And the moral of these stories is never to have a drink on the surface of where you are working online. If you want to sip a coffee, tea, or glass of wine while you're working, pull up a chair or small table next to you that is lower than the surface where your keyboard is to put your drink on.
  2. Just because others disagree with you, point out the fallacy of a statement, or that a link source is from a conspiracy website that has been fact checked as posting lies, doesn't mean you haven't been able to speak freely. Have your posts been censored or removed?
  3. They have to cut the gum to get enough tooth to grab onto.
  4. Love that post, Natasha. Sounds like me. This is why I do a lot of stuff myself if I'm capable of it- if I have to stand over them every minute (and you do unless you want to end up irritated) I might as well do it myself. And if I have to hire someone, I've learned to watch them like a hawk.
  5. There was a dentist in the town I lived in BC. who had a newsletter he would send out to patients, and he was so unconsciously entitled he posted photos and stories about his family trip on their private yacht.
  6. Well, if a person is low income, they aren't paying income taxes, so yes, the medical care is basically free. There is Goods and Services tax, just like in Mexico on most things you buy, but I'm not sure what taxes the medical system is funded out of. The main thing is you don't lose your house or die on the steps of the hospital in Canada because you can't afford medical care or necessary medications.
  7. I was just razzin ya, jilllin. I've always hated cold weather and cold water and the only places I went swimming in Canada is in rivers or lakes in the height of the summer when the air was hot and water not freezing. Friends used to have outdoor parties in Oct. and I'd be freezing apart from the side of me that was facing the bonfire. My standard line was "Only Canadians and Siberians would consider this outdoor party weather". It's really the main reason I live in Mexico, and on the coast. What most NOBers consider to be sweltering hot, miserable, "you can't survive without AC" weather is just fine for me.
  8. That doesn't mean it was warm enough for most sane people to consider warm enough to swim in 🙂
  9. In my case, it definitely isn't psychological, like I'm "focusing" on it- it really does physically intensify pain. I have had pain that is actually quite mild, nothing that's really bothering me at all nor that I am thinking about, I've basically forgotten all about it, but pot will suddenly make it hurt again.
  10. Interesting to read that, as it is exactly the same for me. Pot has never worked for me for pain, it does the exact opposite, makes the pain way more intense. I thought I was just some anomaly. Also pot has never gotten me "high", as in feeling good. It just makes me want to go to sleep and that, in fact, is what I use it for. People have said "Oh, you just haven't had the right strain", but that isn't so. It all just makes me want to crawl under the covers and go to sleep. Another strange reaction I have is to mixing pot and alcohol. I'm not talking a lot of alcohol or a lot of pot. It could be one beer or a glass of wine and one of toke of pot. It will cause me to pass out. If I'm lying down, I'm fine, but if I stand up, I'll pass out.
  11. First worlders just need to get over their lawn obsession. There's no need to spend a bunch of money on permeable concrete, or anything else. Learn to live with the brown lawn in the dry season and enjoy the lush green lawn that will all come back after a few days of rain.
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