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  1. I didn't ask you that question. I asked the OP. So there is no reason for you to be offended by my "prying". Why must you constantly try to pick a fight? Do you not have anything better to do with your time than stalk me around the forum, making snotty retorts to my posts? People who are moving to Mexico ask on forums like this all the time if expats have in-country bank accounts and why it's a good idea, or why people don't.
  2. Thanks for reply, Ferret. I also had a Lloyd's account, but Actinver screwed me over and I closed that account as well. I need to have a Mexican bank account for my business here, so have a Bancomer acct. but even if I didn't have a business, I'd find it more convenient than using ATMs all the time. Easier to pay with my debit card than hitting ATMs and carrying cash around. But to each his own.
  3. mudgirl

    Coffee pods

    You just live to argue. Whether the hot water gets pushed up through the grounds or pushed down through them or dripped through is just semantics. It's all hot water running through coffee grounds.
  4. Yes, I'm well aware of that. My question was why.
  5. mudgirl

    Coffee pods

    All coffee making pushes hot water through coffee grounds in one way or another, duh. With an aeropress the water gets poured over the grounds and only the coffee you drink filters through into the conntainer below. The grounds stay in the top section. With a French press, the coffee grounds sit in the beaker and are pushed to the bottom by the plunger, but remain in the beaker you are pouring from. Those are the facts. But I know you can't abide ever being wrong.
  6. Does it never occur to people who sneak their dog into public places that others may have allergies to dogs? No, I guess it doesn't, it's all about them and what they want to do. It isn't fair to sneak your dog in where there are rules against it. I have had dogs all my life and find that incredibly rude.
  7. I've used xe for years,always worked fine, however I have a Mexican bank account they transfer to. Perhaps you know someone with a bank account here you could transfer to? Just curious- why don't you want a Mexican bank account?
  8. mudgirl

    Coffee pods

    Are you under the impression it takes longer than that to make coffee other ways? It doesn't. Takes me 6 minutes from grinding to drinking with my French Press. The Aeropress doesn't take any longer. But if people haven't used a certain appliance or tool before, yes, it's generally considered a good idea to read the instructions. I daresay your coffee machine would require someone reading the instructions if they'd never used one like that before.
  9. mudgirl

    Coffee pods

    My daughter uses an Aeropress. In addition to it not producing any waste, she sometimes suffers from stomach problems, and she's found that coffee made by other methods tend to hurt her stomach, but that one doesn't. It's also small and handy to take along when travelling, in case there's no decent way to make coffee where you''re staying, or on camping trips.
  10. mudgirl

    Coffee pods

    Most people, no matter how environmentally conscious, are not able to be 100% packaging-free or 100% recyclable. That isn't the point. We should try to mitigate excess garbage and waste as much as we can. When one has a choice between many ways of making a good cup of coffee that produce no garbage, and using a method that does, that says a lot about whether they care or not.
  11. mudgirl

    Coffee pods

    Well, you seemed to be complaining about the small size of the check-out bags provided, which I don't know why anyone would do if they brought their own bags.
  12. mudgirl

    Coffee pods

    So bring your own reusable shopping bags. That's what a lot of people do now. And you tip the baggers.
  13. mudgirl

    Coffee pods

    Well, I try to not buy things which are overpackaged. Batteries? Buy them at Steren- no packaging at all.
  14. mudgirl

    Coffee pods

    Saving a bundle isn't the only consideration. Those one use coffee pods are environmentally irresponsible.
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