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  1. Can't answer your question, but this is what grocery stores in Canada, at least where most of my old friends live, did and do. Only seniors allowed in from 7-8 or 8-9, depending on the store. Makes more sense than telling them they can't go shopping at all.
  2. Well, everyone has their own preferences when it comes to food. Vinegar, walnuts, pecans and goat cheese all taste disgusting to me. It's also true that many people are accustommed to what others would consider overly sweet or salty foods. I have a hard time with eating out because most offerings are way overly salted for me. And when I used to make a lot of jam, I was shocked that most jam recipes called for an equal amount of sugar as fruit. I would cut it in down to a third or quarter of the sugar and it was plenty sweet enough. I do the same with cookie and cake recipes.
  3. There can be all sorts of unanticipated hazards at night, even aside from large animals or people with criminal intent. Once pulled off the road because one of the passengers desperately needed to pee and had a mess of barbed wire we couldn't see because it was dark, wrap itself firmly around the back axle.
  4. No one has outlawed children going out. This is a temporary measure designed to slow the spread of a pandemic. Like temporay evacuation orders when there are hurricane and forest fire threats.
  5. You already met with him, or he just told you he has keys?
  6. There are many online rental scams. One quite common one, all over the world, is that these scammers list places that they have gotten photos of from real estate sites. They list them as long term rentals, send inquirers long emails saying all sorts of made up nonsense, and that they will use Airbnb for the first month's payment. They say an Airbnb agent will meet them with keys and show them the place. Airbnb doesn't work like that, there are no agents. They send the inquirer to a fake Airbnb look-alike site ( the URL isn't an Airbnb URL, but the unsuspecting mark doesn't know that) and
  7. You really should inform yourself. There are children who have died from COVID.
  8. There are many laws which are put into place based on the statistics. Young men have the highest rate of vehicle accidents, therefore their car insurance rates are the highest of any demographic. Plenty of young men are careful, considerate drivers but they are still "discriminated against" in this way. Children in the US and Canada have to be in car seats, the type of car seat dependent on their weight. If they aren't and the police see that, the driver will be fined. Is it discriminating that the 3 year old can't simply wear a seat belt like the adults and their older siblings? Wha
  9. Children don't live alone, they have families. Here's what my oldest daughter in Toronto told my 14 year old granddaughter back in March when she and her husband were already working from home and isolating and the 14 year old was sneaking out of the house to go hang out with her friends: "Look, if you get this virus, you probably won't get very sick, you might not even show any symptoms. But if you bring this virus into our home, your father and I could die." Additionally, children aren't going to be diligent about washing their hands, they don't have consciousness to keep thei
  10. No, science doesn't work like that. They would use a spray that has the same size particles as the virus and measure how much of it passes through the mask.
  11. Some of you seem to be forgetting that we are living in Mexico. These directives aren't aimed at inconveniencing retired gringos. Most elderly Mexicans have plenty of family around who can go shopping for them. The aim is to keep their elders from dying. 85% of COVID patients in Mexico who are put on ventilators end up in the morgue.
  12. Yes, unfortunately there are. And because it is so contagious and exponentially multiplies quite quickly, one infected idjit exposes 3 other idjits, they each expose another 3, and within a week there are 100 cases that all can be traced back to idjit #1. One SUV full of maskless weekenders, one of whom has the virus, coming to have "fun", who've all been breathing in the enclosed vehicle for an hour and then go out and about in your town for two days, pulling their masks down around their chin to talk on the phone while standing close to some other passersby, can spark a whole new round
  13. Don't put words in my mouth. I never said that- you have a problem with reading comprehension. Both I and Bisbee Gal indicated that we go out when it is necessary and practice extremely safe COVID precautions. Unless we are blind, of course we would notice, when taking care of essential business, if people are complying with directives. How or why you twisted that into just strolling about to check how things are looking is something only you know. When lockdowns are imposed, it is because of people who won't wear masks or distance, gather in groups, etc. If everyone, and I mean
  14. As Bisbee Gal explained above, her practices when going out do not present a danger to either herself or others. I have been conducting myself in exactly the same way she describes, since March. And I don't go out for frivolous reasons. The virus gets spread by those who either don't get it, or don't care. Pulling some filthy wadded-up mask they've worn 100 times out of their pocket, that they only put on to be allowed to enter a store, wearing it under their nose, refusing to distance, getting together with people they don't share a home with, while taking no precautions, and so on.
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