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  1. mudgirl

    Question from a Newbie Visitor

    Charcoal pills are a good thing to travel with. One of my guests came equipped with them and took one every day as a preventative. She never got sick, whereas all my other guests have experienced some sort of stomach upset. Not food poisoning, but you can get stomach upset just from different kinds of foods anywhere.
  2. mudgirl

    Mercado Libre Experience

    I've only ever ordered one thing- a new motherboard for my washing machine. Sellers on Mercado Libre have ratings from customers- this guy had been selling on Mercado Libre for years and had a top rating. But I got a Mexican friend to call him for me (I'm pretty fluent with spoken face-to-face Spanish, but they talk so darn fast on the phone) and he seemed totally legit- had an appliance store in Mazatlan. He gave me his bank account number, which I paid at Oxo (no need to use Paypal), scanned him the receipt as requested, and it was delivered by Estafeta 2 days later. But I'm not sure if I'd order an iphone that way. Could even be stolen. I doubt there's big black market in stolen washing machine motherboards 🙂
  3. mudgirl

    Tooth implant issues

    I had an implant done- the original dentist set the implant too low and I was shocked and disgusted with his attitude trying to get the crown on it (he hurt me a lot, and told me the pain was "all in your head"). Went to a recommended implant specialist who said the implant was set too low- he added an abutment and the crown and all is still perfect 2 years later.
  4. IMO and experience, a "real gardener", one who knows plants, how to prune, etc, always comes with their own tools, at the very least some clippers. Handyman types, "gardeners" who think the only tool necessary is a machete, and hose holders expect the patron to provide them.
  5. That's a strange question to expect someone else to answer. Most people would call the guy, ask him to come by and give an estimate for what you require done.
  6. mudgirl

    Baby Boomers buying or renting

    If she can afford to, your friend might do well to build a small 1 bedroom casita or studio in a corner of the property. It would then be attractive to someone who wants to build a larger place, as they could stay in the casita during construction, and later use it as a guest house or rental, or for live-in caretaker. Or someone who would be happy to live in a one-bedroom casita forever.
  7. One thing to pay attention to is that they are using the correct cement for the pool tiles. Pegavenicianos it's called. A competent pool contractor should be aware of this, but I've seen so many pools with the tiles popped off. Sometimes they'll use the correct cement, but then use white cement as grout, which is totally wrong. When they press the tiles into the tile cement, there should be enough on there that it squishes up between the tiles and becomes the grout as well. Sometimes they have to add a bit more if it's not level with the surface of the tile.
  8. So if someone saves every stray or mistreated dog they come across, and picks up garbage, they are excused from assaulting another human?
  9. mudgirl

    Bottled water

    Like I said, I wait until it's been raining HARD for an hour before I put my garafons under it. The roof it comes off of is clean- no bird poop, no animal poop, no poop of any kind, no dust left after an hour of hard rain, no rotting leaves. It's a slightly sloped roof painted with white impermealizante, I can see if it's clean. Have been doing this every rainy season for 4 years. I'm not dead and I'm not sick? 🙂
  10. mudgirl

    Bottled water

    Occasionally I find the odd dog hair in it, as my dog sheds like crazy and it flies everywhere, but like a tea towel I once saw said on it- "Dog hair is both a fashion statement and a condiment" 🙂
  11. mudgirl

    Telcel Amigo Plan

    Franky- because I don't use my cell phone for data (I actually use a dumb phone) I've found the Sin Limites 100 peso paquete works best for me.Yes, I can make unlimited calls and texts to anywhere in North America (which of course includes Mexico). It used to last for 25 days when they first introduced it a few years ago, then they cut it down to 21 days, and recently to 17. But it's still bit more cost effective than the 150 and up, if you work it out per day, if you're not using it for data. And if I did use a smart phone with data, yes, the Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook mbs would not count against the rest of the data allowed.
  12. mudgirl

    Bottled water

    In the rainy season, I have a 4" pipe that drains the water pouring down off the roof onto my upstairs terrace. I wait until it's been raining hard for an hour, so anything dirty up there has been pounded and washed off, then set my garafons under the pipe, where they fill in about 3 minutes. I'm always sorry when the rainy season ends and I have to go back to buying water. That rain water tastes really good, has never made me sick, and stays sparkling clear in my clear glass water dispenser.
  13. mudgirl

    Bottled water

    I agree about doing all we can to reduce plastic, but the garafon bottles just get changed out for a new one, they don't get thrown away until they are old and cracked. Your old filters and UV bulbs are garbage, too. I priced out the under sink filters- the least expensive was thousands of pesos, plus it wouldn't fit under my sink anyway. I go through a garafon a week @ 26 pesos. Do the math.
  14. mudgirl

    Bottled water

    I have to agree with Ezzie. I don't live Lakeside, but my experience is that I was using the local company for years. My stomach was never quite "right", but I just put it down to living in Mexico and eating out every so often. Then I got a clear glass water container that I empty the garafon into. Their water developed a green deposit in the bottom of the water dispenser within 3 days. I switched to Ciel and all is well again. Also, I can't believe how many people just turn those garafons upside down into their porta-garafon without wiping the outside of the jug down with a bleach solution. Do you have any idea how many grubby hands have touched that bottle before it arrives at your door? Not to mention them driving around in open trucks so they get covered in powdered dog poo dust.
  15. mudgirl

    Window/door dust screens

    Living in Mexico requires constant cleaning and maintenance. When I lived in Canada, I used to do a deep clean of every room once a year, and that was adequate, with normal cleaning the rest of the time. Even with 3 kids in the house, the floors didn't require daily sweeping and mopping. Here a room is covered in dead insects, dust, and cobwebs in a day or two. Here if it isn't the dust, it's the insects or stuff getting moldy in the rainy season. It just comes with the territory.