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  1. I watched a fellow passenger have her brand new coffee grinder confiscated. Highjacking planes with coffee grinder blades must be a thing.
  2. Contact lenses in Mexico are absurdly expensive- even from Costco. Years ago I ordered 10 boxes online (sorry, can't remember from where) for what they wanted for 2 boxes at Mexico Costco.
  3. At this time of year, Westjet flights mostly go through Calgary, which is their hub. Although it takes a couple hours longer, it's not a big deal- your luggage gets checked straight through from PV (Puerto Viarta? It's Puerto Vallarta) to Vancouver. And you don't have a long wait in Calgary.
  4. You don't have to go to a Telcel store to "set up" the Sin Limites package (not sure how that varies from the Paquete 150 you are talking about). All you have to do is go to an OXO, give them your number, tell them what amount you want and pay. At this point, $100 pesos gives you 17 days unlimited calling and texting for Mexico/US/Canada, $150 gives you 28 days, $200 30 days. The higher ones give you more data per period, if you need that.
  5. In the cases I was referring to, the people had nothing to say "excuse me" or "pardon" for. They hadn't knocked into me, stepped on my foot, or anything like that. They just saw that I was looking on a supermarket shelf a couple of feet from where they were standing. They consider that to mean they are in my way, which of course, they aren't. Well if it was said with a question mark, it would indeed indicate that the person was asking you to repeat yourself. But that's not what I was talking about. Canadians are constantly apologizing for things that don't require an apology.
  6. I'm on my annual month long visit to Canada to visit friends and family. 5 separate shoppers in the supermarket today said "Sorry" when I walked near them in the grocery aisle or was looking on a shelf that was a meter away from where they were standing.
  7. A few years ago I had to buy a new laptop and the new one came with Windows 10. I was used to Windows 7. I'm far from any kind of techie, and there was a bit of a learning curve, but it really wasn't that onerous. My computer tech showed me the basic Windows 10 stuff and then I just surfed through all of it on my own until I was familiar with it. (You can always comfort yourself with the fact that new learning curves work to prevent dementia) And I have never downloaded one Windows update on this newer laptop. I do have it set to metered connection (which, in fact it is- I have to use cell-based internet) and so far (3 years) it seems to work to prevent any updates from loading automatically.
  8. There's a lot more ways that you can be exposed to something nasty when eating out than just the fruit and veggies not being properly disinfected. There's the food handling practices, the dishwashing, etc. There just isn't anywhere near the same level of health inspection (if any) in restaurants in Mexico as there is in Canada, the US, or, I imagine, Europe. One thing I can tell you is that I've never gotten ill in Mexico in the 18 years I've lived here on street tacos, but I have gotten sick after eating in so-called "nice" restaurants. I prefer places where I can actually see the food-handling practices and the kitchen. As far as which pills, I can't remember what I took. Just ask your doctor or the pharmacist. I know it was 2 pills a day for 3 days.
  9. "Cloth" is a generic term, so this "study" means nothing unless you know the type of material they were talking about. A well-made cloth bag will last for many years. If it's made of cotton, wool, linen , bamboo or any natural fiber, it will just biodegrade when old and unusable, could even be thrown in the compost bin to break down. Materials which are made of synthetics would be just as much of a problem as plastic bags, although even those would cut down on pollution as they aren't single use.
  10. Distilled water is actually quite unhealthy to drink for any period of time. No bacteria, no chemicals, no impurities, but also no naturally occuring minerals. It's "dead" water.
  11. I was having a conversation with my carpenter and somehow we were on the topic of stomach problems- I said something to the effect of "I guess Mexicans are immune to the parasites and bacteria here". He looked at me like I was crazy and said of course not, that his family doctor prescribes a round of anti-parasite pills for all his family members every 6 months. Gringoes who think that we develop some kind of immunity from the bacteria and parasites here after awhile are simply ignorant. Of course, we all have different levels of immune system function and general health, so some people may get sick from the same meal that their dinner partner doesn't. But no one is "immune" from these things.
  12. My fideicomiso fes are $527US/year once they tack on the IVA. What "maintenance and responsibility " do they do? Seems like money for nothing to me. I'm happy I can have a place in Mexico and if that what it takes, I'm not complaining, I just don't see that the bank actually performs any function for that fee, they simply hold the title.
  13. Ah, another "If you have any observations to make about life in Mexico that aren't all sweetness and light, you should go back where you came from." Of course I moved here on purpose. 18 years ago. And I care about what is right and just no matter where I live. And am an active member of my community, which includes both Mexicans and foreigners. Sorry that I actually care about working towards a better world for all, not just spending my days going out to eat, taking Fluffy to the groomers and peeking out the window to see what the neighbors are doing.
  14. I pay plenty in IVA, I have a small business and pay SAT taxes, as well as property taxes. I have no garbage collection, no sewer lines, and when the road is in a bad state, it doesn't get fixed unless all the neighbors chip in and have it done. So no, I don't receive the services I did in Canada from IVA and SAT taxes. The locals here, the original ejido families, were given vast tracts of land by the govt, during land reform. They subsequently subdivided those properties to sell off to foreigners at a huge profit. They pay next to nothing in property taxes, they don't pay for water, yet stand outside watering the street with their leaky hoses for half an hour, turning it into a lake and creating more potholes, while other areas are lucky to get water one every 3 nights. So their special breaks do not result in appreciation, they result in an attitude of entitlement. And many are driving shiny new 4x4s, much nicer than any vehicle I've ever been able to afford.
  15. Generally to meet other single people in the hopes that you might hit it off with someone, try dating, maybe find a long-term companion or partner, or someone you'd enjoy spending time with occasionally. Tinder is used by people who are looking for a few hours or a night of casual sex with someone they may never see again. I suppose it doesn't have to be used like that, but that is what it's known for.
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