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  1. Vet services are unbelievably inexpensive in Mexico. The insurance, if you found any, would probably cost you more than having your dog treated for anything. My vet just dealt with my dog's ear hematoma. First she gave her a sedative, then injected local anesthetic, several shots of it, sterilized the area, made an incision, drained the blood and fluid, cleaned out the already clotted blood, cleaned the entire incision area, gave the dog a shot of antibiotics, gave me a 2 part solution to apply to the area to break down scar tissue, gave me several pain killer pills, and told me to bring the dog back in a week to check the progress. I did that, she cleaned the area again, gave the dog another shot of antibiotics, as the incision hadn't closed yet. Total cost- 900 pesos.
  2. Geezer- Keep your eyes out on the sidewalks and parking lots- I often see 10-50 centavo coins lying around (even the Mexicans don't consider them worth bending over to pick up), so you can pay yourself back for the change you were cheated out of.
  3. "Very impressive range of art" "So I left with just the rubber stamp on my wrist and 80 pesos less in my pocket as a memory to this year's exhibition." Those statements seem contradictory to me. You paid 80 pesos and got to walk around and look at at an impresive collection of art, yet that had no value to you? Guess you should have stayed home and done something exciting like watch TV with that 80 pesos still in your pocket. And no, it is not "normal in Mexico" to haggle with artisans selling their own work. It's insulting. Haggling with middlemen is a different story.
  4. Friends in Texas, where they had lots of ants, had come up with a unique and rather gruesome solution which they said worked fantastically (non-toxic to boot). They would gather up a bunch of ants, throw them in the blender with a little water, then pour the decimated ant juice around. The ants all left.
  5. Funny story- my neighbor went to get a glass of water and ice from her fridge dispenser. When she pushed the glass against the lever, it wouldn't move- it seemed stuck. She right away was irritated- the fridge was only a couple months old and what -it's already broken? On further inspection, a giant toad had wedged itself up behind the water/ice lever.
  6. 1.07 up .17 down. So not fast at all, but sometimes much faster than that and sometimes deadly slow. I live in the countryside on the outskirts of Sayulita.
  7. I'm more or less a technodummy- my understanding is that tethering means the phone is acting as a modem, right? When I first started using this was years before Telcel came out with their modems- it was only choice I had to get Internet where I live, as there are no phone lines, but the cell signal is strong. The $300 pesos gives me 5GB of data. With that, I can be online for a few hours a day, watch the occasional short news or youtube video, and it lasts me about 3-4 weeks. My laptop is set on "metered connection", so it's not updating things in the background. But I certainly couldn't watch Netflix or anything like that.
  8. I use Telcel wireless. Pay as you go. I didn't buy one of their modems- I tether from my phone to my laptop. I purchase $300 pesos worth of time- good for a month or 5 GB, whichever you use up first. (they promo-ed it about 6 months ago- I was getting 7GB for the 300p, but now it's back to 5) It's a package not that many people know about- you go pay at OXO, or wherever they take Telcel payment,. tell them "normal", not internet Amigo, then before you use it at all, text Int300 (or however much you've put on it) to the number 5050. If you do it this way, you end up getting "regalo", which can be used for data, or phone or texting, which for some reason you don't get if you tell them to put it on Amigo internet at the store. And it doesn't get throttled- sometimes it's pretty fast, sometimes slow, but doesn't have anything to do with getting near the limit. If you like to stream things, or do a lot online, then this isn't a good package- you'd want the unlimited for $389/month but for that you have to buy one of their modems for 2000 pesos.
  9. If you are alluding to one poster here having his views called out, I would remind you that that only happened after he referred to humans he doesn't personally know as "trash". I'd consider that comment to be the definition of judgmental.
  10. Okay, call them migrants, then. It takes a bit more than deciding you "don't like the life where you are from" to uproot yourself and your family, without money, without a vehicle, with nothing but what you can carry, and take your chances on finding and being accepted in a new place. Neither you nor I have any idea what kind of existence these people are escaping. I'm sure it's not pretty and I doubt any of us here have had to experience what they have, so I wouldn't presume to pass judgement on the reasons they have left their homelands. You can bet it's not because they can have a higher standard of living on their social security check and investment income, go out for dinner several times a week, and be able afford a maid and a gardener.
  11. What a bizarre response. They aren't in your home, they are simply asking for money. Why does that disturb you so much? Why not just ignore it?
  12. They aren't "expats"- they are refugees. Calling people you don't even know "trash" is despicable. It says much more about you than it does about them. And no, they can't legally work in this country. If they did, you'd probably be ranting about them working without work permits.
  13. I have an Asus (not Acer) laptop that I bought at Office Depot about 3 years ago. I had one before for 5 years and was pleased with it, so bought another when the old one gave out. At the time, it was less than 5000 pesos.
  14. mudgirl

    salt in food

    Depends on what you call "too much salt". I have very low blood pressure and don't really like heavily salted foods, but my doctor told me I should eat more salt.
  15. There's a woman in my town, a drug addict, who goes around stealing plants, which she then resells to unsuspecting buyers. She stole a beautiful cardboard cycad off my front step some years ago. A friend caught her digging up plants along the fence line of a house he'd sold years earlier. When he asked her what she was doing, she claimed his ex-wife, who had moved out at the same time he did, had given her permission.
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