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  1. mudgirl

    Bank for "Tourist Visa"

    Some friends just opened an account at Intercam with only a tourist visa. They did have to provide 2 local references, but both of those were permanent residents, wasn't required for the references to be Mexican citizens.
  2. mudgirl

    The Tiny-Johnny Forum?

    You find it entertaining? I figured johnny was the only one who found his own posts entertaining. Maybe you should get out more.
  3. mudgirl

    Duplicating a Favorite Garment

    I don't have any idea whether the seamstresses mentioned would think to suggest this, but if the fabric you choose has a chance of shrinking (i.e. cotton) you should wash it and dry it before having it made up, so it shrinks as much as it's going to before it's made.
  4. mudgirl

    Building a wall!

    Additionally, to me, at least, I don't find that wall in the least bit attractive. It's a cement wall with stones stuck in it, not a stone wall held together with mortar. This is what I consider a stone wall, pictured above.
  5. mudgirl

    Gas Lines - Unavailability of fuels

    So are the gas stations that weren't reporting falsely the ones that are now receiving gas, I wonder?
  6. Nice pun. But I love how people make assumptions. I didn't have a contractor- I ran the job myself with a crew of workers. That's why I handled ordering the materials.
  7. RickS Yes, I think you've got that about right. Planning strategy doesn't seem to be too abundant in Mexico. Small and large scale. Like when I was building my house and I dealt with ordering the materials- the guys could never seem to get it together to tell me what they were out of and would need for the next day. So at 10 AM I'd get a call that they were out of rebar, then they'd have to wait an hour til I could get it delivered. If they'd told me at the end of the workday before, it would have been there when they started work the next day. Same thing with the gas, just on a vaster scale. There was a corner store I used to go to for my smokes. Every weekend they'd be out of my brand by Sat. afternoon. I asked why they didn't order an extra couple cartons each week, since they always ran out. I got the typical shrug. And heaven forbid you'd do any regular maintainence on anything. Wait til it breaks, then not have it available to use until it gets fixed, if it even can be at that point.
  8. mudgirl

    Handicap spaces

    Thanks for the response- I really wasn't trying to be snarky, I was curious, thought there might be a reasonable explanation. A few years ago I suffered a terrible sciatic pain- it killed me to walk more than a very short distance. No one would have necessarily known how much pain I was in. But I do see vigorous looking people in their 30's park in handicapped spaces and bound out of the car, run into the store, obviously not in pain. I've actually watched once or twice to see if they were maybe picking up Grandma, because, as you say, one can't just make assumptions, but that wasn't the case.
  9. Pemex station in Sayulita was closed yesterday, no gas. Today fully open, all pumps. So things may be looking up.
  10. mudgirl

    Handicap spaces

    If your husband stayed in the car while you shopped, why did you need a handicapped slot?
  11. My experience with salitre is that no method will get rid of it except for eliminating the source of the moisture getting into the wall. Once you've done that, you have to keep treating it with muriatic acid solution for as long as it takes until there is no more salitre coming out. Only then can you seal the inside wall and paint it.
  12. mudgirl

    Hourly wage for "domestic diva"

    You fire someone, they get severence. They quit, no. At least that's my understanding of the law.
  13. The made in Mexico brand is called Kolorines (there may be more brands made in Mexico, but that's the one I know). Maybe you can Google them to find their stores and distributors. Ferret is right, though- they are normally sold by the box. But perhaps they have broken boxes and will sell some separately. Make sure you use the special adhesive that's made for them- pegavenitianos. Regular cement or white cement don't work, that's why they usually pop off. And you use the same adhesive for the grout.
  14. mudgirl


    bmh- I wouldn't necessarily classify what Zeb suggests as hoarding, unless he refused to share some of that gas with someone who really, truly needed it, or give others rides who didn't have any. It's a bit like growing or buying and preserving food- humans have been doing this forever- gathering things when they're plentiful, drying, preserving or freezing food for the times when those foods aren't going to be available.