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  1. How long has it been in Mexico? I had an old beater that died here. I had brought it in many years previous under a temporary residency before they got real savvy with their computers. What I did was give it to one of my workers who had a similar car, non-running, which had some interchangeable parts with mine. I took photos of the car (it looked worse than any Mexican beater) and photos of them hauling it away. I had my mechanic write a statement that he was familiar with the car, which he was, and verified that it would never go anywhere under its own steam again, that it was a junker.
  2. Well, they wouldn't fit very well on a bun if they were square would they?
  3. I don't take any medications. Am I allowed to be worried about their standards?
  4. "Some"??? People say all kinds of false and ridiculous things. You don't end up in the hospital on a respirator or dead because you have a vitamin D deficiency. Are you under the impression that no one in sunny warm climates, who get plenty of vitamin D from sun exposure, contracts Covid?
  5. The places to go visit during Mexican holidays are the inland cities, because the Mexicans head to the beach. Live and learn. Although I can still go to my favorite little beaches a 15 minute drive from my house, even during Semana Santa and find them almost empty, because the tourists don't know about them, or come on the bus and can't get to them.
  6. Years ago when my house was in construction, my head maestro invited me to his wedding, in a town a couple hours away where he and his wife were from. I knew I wouldn't want to drive home at night after the party, so I said I'd bring my little tent. He said, oh no, all their families lived there, there would be a place for me to sleep. I was telling these friends of mine that I was going to go to my first Mexican wedding, spend the night up there, but they'd told me not to bother bringing the tent. My friends said, "Oh, we've been through that before. They will be super hospitable,
  7. Oh, how so? It wasn't meant to be negative or disparaging. It was an observation of cultural difference. Did I say there was something bad about it? No, you just had to jump in to defend your buddy.
  8. Says the guy who makes it a mission to post every negative article about Mexico he can.
  9. That's about how much I go through, too. I use the 30 liter cylinders and have to buy about 3 a year, if that. And I don't even have an on-demand water heater. But I only light the water heater 15 minutes before I want to shower and turn it off again after. The water stays hot enough between lightings to do dishes.
  10. Major first world problem 🙂 That actually looks like a fairly standard glass, but you might have to go to where the glass blowers are to find it.
  11. You mean like a 35 peso capacitor and 30 minutes of my time to change it out? Following your faulty advice, I would by now have added about 8 perfectly good fans to the landfill and spent 20,000 pesos on new fans and installation instead of 280 pesos.
  12. Seriously? In my experience, the average Mexican doesn't have the same concept of adequate personal space or privacy that Americans or Canadians do. The more the merrier. A friend of mine found that his vacation rental home, that sleeps 6, and was booked for 6, had 17 people staying in it. They'll sleep 5 to a bed or just in a bedroll on the floor.
  13. Obviously you care a great deal, for some unknown reason. I wasn't responding to you, I was responding to a specific post. Why can't you just ignore the posts that don't interest you, like most mature adults do? Are you now the arbiter of what constitutes a "valid contribution?" Do you think your post criticizing my post is a "valid contribution"?
  14. He makes no sense at all. Just likes to blather on. And just because a new something isn't expensive, that's a legitimate reason for throwing the old one away if it can be inexpensively fixed?
  15. Not everyone enjoys cooking, believe it or not. Has nothing to do with not thinking you deserve it. I would be quite happy to be able to live on air alone. I don't enjoy shopping for food, or thinking about what to cook or cooking. So because I have to eat, I choose to prepare food in a way that takes the least amount of time and involves the least amount of fuss. I cooked healthy dinners for me and my kids every night, 365 days a year, for 27 years. That was enough. I like growing food, not preparing it.
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