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  1. Try setting it out in the sun for a few days (take it in before dark, of course) making sure the front is shaded. You could maybe even take a spray bottle with a mild bleach solution and spray the back lightly first. That will kill the mold spores and the sun and fresh air should take care of the smell.
  2. mudgirl

    Now I've Seen it All...........

    If I were a dog, I'd wonder why my owners tortured me by bringing me to a restaurant where I could smell all these delicious food odors but wasn't allowed to eat. (oh, right, I forgot, these people take food off their plate and feed it to the dog under the table) You're right, Islander, the dogs would actually be happier to stay home if they weren't forced to constantly accompany their owners everywhere (and yes, they are dog owners, not the dogs' Mommy or Daddy, who I'm sure had 4 legs and a tail) due to the owners' need to have Fifi with them 24/7, as if the dog was a human infant. I've heard so many of these types of dog owners talk about their dog's "separation anxiety". It's the owners who have the separation anxiety and they then instill it in the dog. I'm a dog owner myself, and I certainly love my dog. I take my dog with me to places which are appropriate- the beach, a walk up the river bed, to friend's homes where I know she's welcome. Not to anyone's home, unless I ask first if it's okay, not to restaurants, not to parties. She lays on the floor, on her mat, on the grass in the yard, not on the sofa or the bed. And she gets fed in her bowl, not off the table. Because she's a DOG, not a human.
  3. That absurd little exercise just cost the US taxpayers 220 million dollars.
  4. mudgirl

    Quinoa search

    Actually, it's much more than a side dish, or simply a substitute for potatoes or some other starch. It's a complete protein.
  5. mudgirl

    No electricity

    I flip switches on my breaker box quite often, but there shouldn't be any wires visible on a breaker box- all that is supposed to be incased behind the panel with only the breakers showing. If there are bare wires there, best not to touch it, sounds dangerous.
  6. I'd be much more concerned about the self-appointed "militia" running around with their guns and their attitude.
  7. There's another forum I participate in and in my notification page there, I can see who thumbs upped any ofmy posts, but that's not visible to others on the public forum. Seems like a better way.
  8. mudgirl

    Getting over Dengue

    Many years ago, travelling in Mexico, down in Oaxaca, my then boyfriend got suddenly and seriously ill. Neither of us had ever heard of Dengue. We were staying in a trailer park, we just had a little camper on the back of his Toyota pick-up and he was laid out on a blanket outside. His fever was high and he was pretty delirious, me and my daughters, who were 10 and 5 at the time, took shifts sponging him down and getting liquids into him. Every once in awhile, in his delirium, he'd hold his arm up and stare at it with a confused expression and say "but the bone's not sticking out". When he started to get better and was coherent, he said it really felt like his bones were poking out through the skin. He'd broken bones before, so knew just what that felt like. Sure hope I never get Chinkungunia if dengue pales in comparison.
  9. There was no hurricane damage in Puerto Vallarta. The damage and flooding were quite a bit farther north in Nayarit.
  10. mudgirl

    Getting over Dengue

    I know there will be folks who will disagree, but dengue is pretty unique in its symptoms- it doesn't feel like the flu or anything else I've ever experienced, so if you've ever had it, you'd know right away if you got it again, without the need for a blood test. Not everyone manifests the same symptoms, but the "all my bones are broken" feeling is unique, not at all like having a case of an achey flu. And it's not just the bones, it hurts to touch your skin. Also everyone I know who's had it gets this endless dull headache right behind the eyes. When I had it, I never did have a fever, nor a rash. I did have chills. Many report no appetite, but that wasn't the case with me. Some are sick for a long time, some not, I was laid up for a week and recovered quickly. Like most illnesses, a lot depends on how strong your immune system is and how healthy you are to start with. One thing I hope everyone knows- you can take Tylenol (generic or not) for the pain, but do not take asprin or ibuprofin- those are both blood thinners and can turn any type of dengue into the hemorragic form.
  11. mudgirl

    Dead Car!!

    That's happened to me a couple of times. Both times it was the battery- needed to be replaced.
  12. There's really nothing that scary about what you are calling a power switch box, known as an electrical panel (unless you're in an old house that still has a fuse box). Different breakers are wired to different parts of the house. I have my breakers marked, so I know what goes to where, but some of my kitchen is wired on one breaker and one on another, so I still have to flip them to see what works the fan, if I'm going to replace the capacitor in it, for instance. Some day you can just turn on everything in the house, and go flip a breaker, then see what things shut off. Then you can mark what that breaker goes to, turn it back on, and so on. Sometimes a circuit will get overloaded, so the breaker will switch itself off, or sometimes they just go bad and need to be replaced, which is a job for an electrician, or at least someone who knows what they're doing in that regard.
  13. mudgirl

    Taxi from Guadalajara Airport

    Zeb, I agree. Tip the guy 20 pesos or 50 or whatever you want, but to automatically name a higher price just because someone is a gringo really burns me. As do the gringos who just accept that kind of treatment, as if it's fine, just because it's "only a dollar" US. Many of these Uber drivers wouldn't even have this driving work at all if there weren't so many gringos around. As can be said about other services as well. Some guy in a supermarket parking lot offered to clean up my headlights, which definitely could have used it, but when I asked him how much, he said 800 pesos. I just laughed, asked him if he thought all gringos were fools, and walked away.
  14. mudgirl

    Changing your address when you move

    If you are a temporary or permanent resident, you also need to do change of address with Immigration. But you mention voter registration, so you must be a citizen?
  15. Hal- there are very few services in Mexico that are anywhere near as expensive as they are in the US or Canada. How does it make sense to pay the same for the service in Mexico that you do in the US? I can assure you that the daily living costs for the airport porter in Guadalajara are one helluva lot less than what they are for the airport porter in the US. if you think $30 is a reasonable amount to pay here, you should be paying the US wheelchair pusher $90. Following your logic, we should all be paying our maids here $80 CAN, i.e. 1200 pesos for a 4 hour shift, because that's the going rate in Canada. Wanna know what Mexicans really think about gringos overtipping outrageous, by Mexican standards, amounts? They don't think we're generous, they think we're fools.