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  1. I made the trip many times myself, single woman. I didn't experience any problems, just random acts of kindness. Just practice the same safety measures you'd take anywhere.
  2. Problem with that is that if they get wet, the rice will swell up and rot, unless the covers are waterproof. If using sand, the fabric has to be a very tight weave so the sand doesn't filter through and the seam stitching really close together.
  3. The advantage with the ones that slip under the door and cover both sides is that they move with the door, rather than having to be repositioned every time you open and close the door. And the single snakes work really well on windowsills where water tends to leak in during the rainy season.
  4. I understand the cultural element and conflict quite well. I have even thought about where it comes from- for one thing, as Mexicans usually have large families, and often several generations living in the same house, there is usually always someone home- even if it's just grandpa sitting in a chair on the porch all day. So it doesn't matter if you phone first, as there is always someone there to let you in to do your job. If someone does not understand that foreigners may live alone or only a couple to a household and that they will be wasting their time waiting all day, I have no problem explaining to workers why it's important to me that they call if they can't make it, or will be significantly late. If they choose to ignore that information and continue to disrespect me in that way, I just move on to find someone more responsible. If others want to accept that type of behavior and continue to use those workers, fine, that's up to them. As I said, all Mexicans are not like this, and many who used to operate like this have realized it's not going to earn them a lot of recommendations. Not bothering to let someone know you can't make it is not caused by some immutable genetic gene. I always find it curious that those who like to label others as judgmental do so while being judgmental themselves.
  5. Here's a way to make a fairly simple one yourself, if you have any sewing skills at all. Get a pool noodle, cut it into 2 pieces the width of your door. Get an old pillowcase. Slip one of the pool noodle pieces into the pilow case. Sew the pillowcase together by hand the length of the noodle so the pool noodle can't slip around, but you can still pull it out once in awhile to wash the pillowcase. (the sewing doesn't have to be anything perfect, just has to form a pocket for the noodle piece) Slip the rest of the pillowcase under the door, pull it until the noodle part is tight up against the door. Mark the pillowcase where it comes out the other side of the door. Remove the whole thing, sew along the marked line. Slip the second noodle in and sew up the case the way you did for the first one and cut off the excess, if there is any. So what you end up with is a door stopper that looks just like the one Tiny posted the link to.
  6. Why do people always use adjectives like "adorable", fluffy", "cute", etc. when looking for homes for kittens? Aren't most baby mammals obviously all those things?
  7. Black tar waterproofing is called asfalto here. It's what I painted my foundations with when building to prevent salitre coming through. Also Fester makes a product that is black tar with fibers in it which will fill cracks better.
  8. Successful business people do listen to their customers. But every customer has a different opinion of what the owner should be doing differently. You can't please all of the people all of the time. There are so many choices of where to eat, why not choose the ones that work for you?
  9. I'd love to know, as well. Have never seen it here and when I've tried to describe it, get met with uncomprehending looks.
  10. They don't get clogged because I have a pre-digester tank before it. Paper and solids break down in there, all that flows into the cistern is liquid.
  11. My system goes first into a pre-digester tank, then into the septic tank, which is just a blocked box with an earth floor with small spaces between the blocks. Nothing fancy or particularly expensive about it. Never had to get it pumped out since it was built 11 years ago.
  12. Yes, many older homes are built with sewage systems that will get clogged with toilet paper. But I can flush toilet paper at my house, as I have a private septic system, and I can assure you there is nothing "fancy" about it. Unless you call using proper size pipe "fancy".
  13. Hope you reported it as Spam before deleting.
  14. See, that's a perfect example. How does that in any way whatsoever affect one's ability to take 30 seconds to send a message to the person who might be waiting needlessly at home for hours for you to show up ?
  15. No, I don't. In my experience, most people, even those with ample property, do not compost. And no, it doesn't attract rodents if it is done correctly. I've been composting for 50 years- it's not just a matter of throwing a pile of kitchen scraps in a corner of the yard. And as I pointed out, composting units are available at Costco, perhaps other places, I haven't checked. These are critter-proof.
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