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  1. So I assume you are basing your ideas about how much young people understand on all the in-depth environmental and political discussions you have on a regular basis with teenagers? Yes, there are plenty of kids who can't spell and whose reading comprehension leaves something to be desired. As could be said of many of the not-young people who post here. The dumb kids aren't the ones who are the movers and shakers in this movement. I guess you'd like to go back to the days when children were to be seen and not heard.
  2. Guess you weren't around in the 60's for the Vietnam War protests?
  3. It's a well-known tactic used by those who don't agree with someone's ideas or actions to characterize them as "emotional", "hysterical", "misguided" and so on. And you are still of the belief that young people have no mind of their own, and are just pawns under the influence of adults. That's not even close to the truth, in my experience. And yeah, if I was 15 years old and perceived that my adult life would be spent in an environment unable to comfortably support life as we know it, I'd be pretty emotional about that myself.
  4. What makes you so sure they don't understand? That's a statement designed to belittle and dismiss their concerns and you have zero idea what they're willing to do to change things, including living a simpler life not dependent on things which are destroying the planet and its ability to sustain life. These kids will be around long after you and I are pushing up daisies. Whatever they are willing to do to ensure they have a future, including raking older generations over the coals for allowing things to get to this stage should be applauded, not ridiculed and belittled.
  5. Not sure how it is now, but years ago I took a Mexican bus from Monterrey to Austin. All had to disembark at the border, go through customs, then back on the same bus. It didn't take long, would depend on traffic. The bus dropped us off in the middle of nowhere, on the outskirts on Austin. Apparently they weren't allowed to use the Greyhound station and just have random drop-off points. I know that Mexican buses go all the way to Denver, at least they did back then.
  6. Who is the "we" you represent?
  7. All of us didn't miss your point 🙂
  8. You missed the whole flavor of this post. Guess you don't "get" humor.
  9. I have a cheapo Epson that was given to me. I find I have to run a nozzle check and clean from time to time- the problem you describe sounds like that, maybe. Also I find it sometimes doesn't recognize the cartridges, or says they need to be replaced, even the ones that were used with no problem the last time and still have plenty of ink. I sometimes have to remoove the cartridge and click it back in hard, or shut the printer off and restart it.
  10. Perhaps it would be better to remove "terrified" from the ad. If I read that, I'd be on the look-out for some dog running around, frantic. She could just as well be quietly curled up somewhere, I should think. Just a suggestion. Hope you find her.
  11. Say what? What in the world would lead you to that conclusion? No, I like as many of the men I know as I do the women I know. Might actually have more male friends than female. I don't like men who make general disparaging comments about women. Said poster has made many personal attacks on various men on this board, but when it comes to women, he presumes to know all about us in a collective manner. That would be an example of misogyny.
  12. Seriously? You're mansplaining the word misogyny to me?
  13. See Johnny, that is exactly the type of offensive, personal comment that leads to you getting banned or getting a time-out. I wonder why you feel the need to continually make snide comments about the ones you perceive to be older females on this forum. "Happy Hour Girls", "Sewing circle", not to mention disparaging comments about older female anatomy, paint you as a dismissive misogynist. In fact, you know nothing about the women on these forums, yet you assume we get together for happy hours and gossip talk while working on our quilting. Maybe try to curb those tendencies and stick to interesting posts and helpful or humorous comments. Because those aren't humorous comments to anyone but you and don't add anything of value to this board.
  14. Malice? Certainly not. Nor did I "judge" the OP- I don't know him. I was simply stating that intentions should be made clear when someone books a room, home or something. Maybe if you had spent years property managing places and listing a space in your own home, you would understand the entitled things people do. There happen to be many people who think when they book a place, that it is theirs to do whatever they want with, and have anyone over without asking. All I was doing was saying that would not be okay. Maybe I could have worded it differently, but I don't regret posting it. I know a host who had someone book his place for 6 guests and his property manager found 17 people staying in the house. I'm glad you had a nice sushi making course, it sounds great.
  15. The dog likely knows where it belongs- it should be given the opportunity to go home, not be kept from doing so while a "dog rescuer" follows their own agenda.
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