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  1. Have you guys been to the train resturant? Maquina 245 is the name.. across from coca cola, above papeleria trinidad. They have good burgers, but the trains are the draw for us! Fun place!
  2. The Market Cafe Welcomes all animals and will even provide water and a feeding bowl for them. They also provide home delivery of medically approved meals on a biweekly or monthly basis. #24 Carretarra, 1.5 blocks from Colon, Inside Computer Solutions, Ajijic, https://www.facebook.com/AjijicMarketCafe 33 1365 8376 ajijicmarketcafe@gmail.com
  3. Current prices for methadona depend upon the dosage. For 100 5mg tablets is it 534 pesos and for 100 of the 40 mg tablets it is 2750. These are the current prices as of today. I was at the farmacia today picking up for a patient, there seems to be no shortage as is so often reported here lakeside.
  4. Hydrocodone aka vicodin is not available in Mexico, however lots of other very good pain killers are. Oxycodone (the narcotic in percocets) is available here, but you must have a written prescription. As a career hospice nurse, pain management has always been very important to me. My recommendation lakeside is Dr Sam Thelin, based upon his knowledge and his extremely compassionate bedside manner. He is well versed in the availability of medications here as well as the latest treatment approaches to chronic pain. Just my opinion..
  5. I know of the one that is next to Lucky Dog Resuce, on the Carreterra San Nicholas, past Christiana Park and the way to the Chapala Golf Course. I believe it is run by dr Ladrone.
  6. I am a cheese maker also (fairly new), and new here. I bought some stuff with me, but alas don't think the boxed milk will work. I asked yesterday in Chapala for raw milk and was told that behind the square in the carniceria they sell raw milk, but only in the mornings. I asked how much and he seemed to think it was around 12 pesos a liter.
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