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  1. I just purchased a hearing aid from Doctor Carlos Alonso Flores.  His contact information is in one of the above posts.

    Although I did purchase Oticon his first suggestion was not Oticon but a model that had all the features I requested - rechargeable batteries and Blue Tooth.

    The reason I choose an Oticon model was because it had 48 channels to work with for optimum tuning.  The highly optioned other brand he had suggested had 8 channels to work with.

    When I received the hearing aids Doctor Carlos made an appointment for one week later to answer any questions I might have.

    I currently have the level one hearing aid setting.  The change to level two and three are each 60 days apart.  The appointment for level two has been set.

    I am very pleased with the Doctor Carlos, the service and quality of product I purchased.


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