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  1. Did you, by chance, happen to mention who you were voting for? 🙂 / 😒
  2. Fascinating ........ It was still on the MLS site this weekend and has been listed there for at least 4 months (well after everything was built and landscaped) I thought it a ridiculous asking price having no historical income numbers to support such a valuation. Whateva, still think they are dreaming........ rents & sale $$
  3. OR, one could also buy the whole development. It's listed on the MLS for a mere $1,950,000.00 U.S.Dollars
  4. are there any more votes for this fellow, because, I too, am in need of a plumber.
  5. CG - If memory serves, don't I recall that both you and your mother, in all your years here, have always only rented houses not owned? Consequently NO Personal Experience with either Real Estate agents or Notarias in ever buying or selling Real Property.
  6. You do realize that if you have a run of 2 or more stairs ............ a walker will not work. You will need a cane in that event. i own both that have barely/never been used. I will sell them to you fo $50USD or 950pesos I am in the central area of Ajijic above carretera
  7. Just came back on. It was not a total outage, just a brown out (dim lights). When this happens, it's always so strange to see what things are affected. This time I totally lost telephone (because of elec answ. machine, I assume), power from some outlets but not others, and Television on-off, yet from that same outlet could turn the satellite receiver on-off, and dim lighting thruout the house. On the other hand, the entry gates worked just fine, something I would think is a big elec. draw and would be one of the first things to fail. Since it's so hit-miss as far as what kinda works and what definitely doesn't, it's hard to know if it is only you or also others. And, of course CFE is never reachable. Anyway, all is good now.
  8. Anybody else in upper Ajijic around Revolution and Lazaro Cardenas? Been out about 1hour now (maybe not Total, but definitely a brown out). Just checking to see if it is only me. Thanks.
  9. It's very good bread with nice texture. However, do not expect it to have the marvelous flavor of SanFrancisco Sourdough.
  10. How does one acquire and replenish a refillable Visa card. Sorry not familiar with them. Thanks
  11. You really are a nasty piece of work. And to think we've seen you exhibit this 3,197 times is just pitiful
  12. A Mexican friend has said to me that if AMLO wins, the Peso will really tank. Do you think that could be it? If people panic and start exchanging out of the Peso ........ the spread on those transactions goes directly to their bottom line ........ nice day's work.
  13. So, sounds like the residents were informed they were being displaced at the end of May/beginning of June. Wonder why we are only just hearing about it now. Would really like to know the names of the other Mexican businessmen that are involved, along with Notario Luis Enrique Ramos.
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