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  1. That interior lot by the church is HUGE and would be perfect. Everybody in the family will want their cut and the family will probably work it out at first. Then someone will get pissy and the gates will be locked.
  2. Actually on Facebook pages for local rentals and information there are several single men looking for shared housing opportunities. Everyone keeps their own mess picked up and shares the main area maintenance. And housemate contracts would be a good idea with outline for breaking the contract. We are going to see a lot more shared housing situtations as the housing availability diminishes and people coming here continue to look for places that cost $600 +/_ which is the amount it seems to be averaging. At that it will take two and sometimes three individuals to rent a home.
  3. We rent our central Ajijic and know of several other houses scattered around the area that are for rent during the winter for limited stays. Ours comes with 4 cats that you have to care for and some of the others have cats or dogs. You pay rent in addition to caring for the animals. Send me a PM (personal message) to get on the list and let me now your particular wants. Thanks.
  4. Wouldn't the best solution be a housemate who receives a discount on their share of rent and the house expenses. Doesn't necessarily sound like you need a nurse/housekeeper. At least not yet. You should try the housemate angle first. There are plenty of people moving here with reduced circumstances who would appreciate having the opportunity. That way they would not be working, you wouldn't be responsible and a whole bunch of probable problems wouldn't come your way.
  5. Ok I did misunderstand that the announcement was for today only 7 to 9. Super we have been thinking about a way to do cocktails and then go out to eat with friends and not have the cocktails at home. There is a new cocktail place near Wings Army but the 3 times we have gone by at 6pm before going to dinner they have been closed for one reason or another which is a shame. We will be by for drinks when we get home from the beach. We are in Manazanillo this year and are very surprised at how wonderful the restaurants are. There are oddles of roof top and beach side cocktail bars. All have s
  6. I love a good cocktail bar and look forward to walking over for a great martini or old-fashioned and some wonderful conversations. A great idea to meet friends before going out for dinner or for an evening activity. Although 7 opening is a little late to incorporate a stop there into the evening plans. No music, drinks are about conviviality and conversation otherwise your lace is just a limited hour bar.
  7. We refer to Rosa as "muchacha" and we still call waiters "joven" but we call our friend Delores who irons for us, Delores, she calls us Senora and Senor and its been like this since 2005. That said after all these years and 4 household helpers our most recent, Rosa, has been here almost 5 years and she earns from her first day $500 pesos a day, which is 10 am to 5 pm and she will get a raise this summer to $600. She is responsible for cleaning our home and the short term rental next door in that time. She does our laundry, folding it and readying it for Delores who has been with us since d
  8. We love Settlers of Catan and know of several other couples who are players. We haven't gotten together for years and maybe we should. Settlers games take hours to play. We would be willing to learn other complicated games.
  9. Let me know by Thursday if you want me to order them from Amazon and send them to friends arriving March 8. Glad to do it.
  10. A Notario is not a notary like you think of a notary from the United States. This was a fair explanation: http://www.bajainsider.com/article/notarios-mexico-vs-notaries-united-states
  11. How about March 7th, send me an email we are at the beach until 2/28. I will send you the address.
  12. Why you don't just put your truck in your wifes name before you leave Canada and use her temporal status which allows her to bring the truck in for up to 4 years?
  13. We, too, no longer go out to dinner where music is playing. I also have no problem asking to have music cease if it seems like even a remote possibility the staff would comply. Even in some restaurants individual speakers near your table area can be turned off. I also have been known to pay musicians NOT to play while we are there. Since many play for tips.
  14. El Serape - for the Chumarro Pedros Gourmet - the original location, we love GO but still long for the liver and onions on OCampo and Pedro Moreno Jose's Illusion Magana's for fish tacos and then the meatloaf plate
  15. Yes I spent about an hour on that outerbelt arguing with a mordida cop a couple days after Christmas 2008. He was trying to make me nervous by drawing a picture of jail bars and then a woman behind them if I didn't give him $9000 pesos. He would cross out the number and write a smaller one under it as we argued.After about 20 minutes of hassling back and forth I handed him $1500 but I do have a Check for the Bank of America the best bank in the United States I told him. I can give it to you I told him, just write your name down on that paper where you drew the lines thru the money and give
  16. We like to go the San Antonio - Eagles Pass/Piedras Negras (plenty of hotels and shopping to be had in both towns) cross in the early AM - around Monclova on the outbelt and then on to Saltillo and head Ajijic - takes about 10 hours. Lovely drive without a lot of trucks. We stopped taking this route a few years ago because of some cartel activity but contacts in Eagles Pass say that hasn't been a problem for 2 years or so and we will do this route in May. We generally do it all the way into the west side of San Antonio in a single day.
  17. Someone, somewhere in some family of import has been waiting 20 years to get the right to take possession of that property. No businessman would allow that to remain as it is now and just remodel it. Where there is money to be had anything goes so I expect the worst.
  18. Who is doing upholstery and oriental rug cleaning locally. Preferably without saturating the items. Thanks.
  19. The bar at Hotel Real de Chapala is a very nice change of pace with a lovely view. The bartender is skilled and the drinks are top notch. He knows cocktails. The view is gorgeous anytime of day. The hotel is in lower La Floresta on the lake.
  20. me neither, constant sensationalism without any historical perspective
  21. Amazon.mx has a few and Amazon.us has a few that ship here. https://www.amazon.com.mx/Lizkona-P50601-Sombrilla-Patio-color/dp/B015NLVH3O/ref=pd_sbs_201_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=78C84EYCDYFWJ385W151 Amazon.mx and .us recently seem to be overlapping products since I have had more items I purchased off .us being sent to me via the Mexico fulfillment center. Two weeks ago I orderd via .us two pairs of reader sunglasses from the same maker and the source in Las Vegas. One pair arrived within 5 days from the Mexico fulfillment center. The other is expected nex
  22. you could try 'La Sirena Reina' in Puerto Vallarta or 'swimsuits Puerto Vallarta'. Even if you don't post anything on Facebook having an account and being able to search businesses etc... is a nice alternative to Google, Bing and webboards. Virtually every city in Mexico and the US has a general information page with locals on it. Even for PV there is 'Puerto Vallarta: Everything you want to know' and 'PV Rants and Raves'. I just ordered two suits from www.swimsuitsforall.com and shipping was very reasonable.
  23. Don't you think if there were parking available in the rear that El Barco would have found a way to take advantage of that parking? I am hopeful that Pancho will be able to establish an alternative to Superlake,
  24. https://www.facebook.com/LaSirenaReinaPuertoVallartaQualitySwimwearforWomen/ located in PV she has been bringing items here for sales a couple times the past year, contact her and ask her about Guadalajara shops.https://www.facebook.com/LaSirenaReinaPuertoVallartaQualitySwimwearforWomen/
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