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  1. Ned Small stay on track here please.  Jorgensen stays alive by scooping new people into her world of illusionary knowledge.  If you go wandering too far and too personal this info will be skipped over by exactly those new people who need to be wary of her and her trash publication.


    She reminds me of my brother-in-law who was always looking for easy quick money.


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  2. Here is the Facebook post from Spencer McMullen Facebook page. 

    Who is my new client? El Chapo? Al Capone? Much, much worse…. An elderly couple who had a landlord / tenant dispute and were tricked into signing papers where they consented to a civil judgment they did not understand. The “translator” present wasn’t an official one and was the sister of the person suing them all the while the elderly couple was threatened with armed commandos coming to get them, physically removing them from their home and country. The fear and drama was real and they came to me for assistance. The guy speaks no Spanish so signed a bunch of papers after making no response to the civil court as instructed (poorly) by a confederate of the opposing side.

    They had cash flow issues and a civil case was filed, now they are being threatened with criminal action although nobody has seen any criminal case filings nor have they been called to make a statement, here on social media the world is told that there are arrest warrants, however nobody would know this as warrants are private, not public. Only one person has an interest in getting them out, the person who wants to rent the property for a low price. She has apparently been participating in the threats against this couple making it seem that the Chapala Police support her actions (the property is located outside the municipality of Chapala). Does the municipality of Chapala and the police know that someone is alleging to have their support in order to scare an old couple so they will leave their home and a lady who sells news can move in for cheap rent?

    My crime? Representing real criminals such as the elderly so they will not allow fraud to get them evicted and explaining their rights to them. Heck I havent even prepared one document, just explained the law, knowledge is power.... and dangerous. If all is above board then justice will prevail and nobody should worry or have to cut corners. Im guilty as charged, anybody know a good attorney?

    And then the picture of the posts by Jorgensen.

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  3. There was so much disappointment around that debacle.  The poster should of course contact an abogado to get info but could also search The Guadalajara Reporter archives for some initial information and names of individuals and groups to further their foray into treacherous social law waters. 



  4. Go to Amazon and click on HELP it is at the right end of the balck bar just under the space  you write your search in.  Click on it.  There will be a nice big "Hi"  scroll down past all that to the box with the list of things you can ask.  The last one is "Need More Help"  click on that and a drop down list will come up.  Click on "Contact Us".  It will flash over a page which is now a listing of all your orders, find the order and click on the "Contact Seller"  and tell them your story about the refund not getting to you.


  5. In the case at Superlake are at least 2 dozen pounds of Land o' Lakes Salted butter, and not salted.  Plus about 4 other brands.  I bought 3 of each to put in the freezer.  There are some dishes that just need that familiar butter tang.

  6. Farmacia Guadalajara manager told me they took their machine out because it was out of money so often and people would only come in for money and not buy anything.  The employees still had to answer peoples questions about when the machine would be filled and he indicated that was something they didn't want to do very much because people were rude that they didn't know the answer.  They couldn't get the bank to make more frequent stops there.  He hopes there will be a new machine supplier but isn't sure it will be inside the store or out front.  Inside is safer but then the bank doesn't pay the Farmacia employees to deal with the problems.

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  7. I understand about the music being invasive beyond disturbing your sleep.  It makes it impossible to entertain for an evening. Sitting in your living room to read is not possible. Watching television isn't possible.  Enjoying the night sky from your terrace isn't possible. Everything you might want to do in an evening has to be done to someone else soundtrack.

    Please make the complaint but also don't hesitate to tell everyone you meet to not go there because of the excessive loudness.

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