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  1. Employees are not friends. The minute you befriend an employee that person has the upper hand. Be nice, be generous and kind. And put away 30% over what you pay them daily so that you have the finiquitos and aquinaldo when you need and pay the finiquito even if they quit. I know they are not by law entitled to it, but really do you want to hassle with that argument. Some people have trouble with gathering a hunk of money at one time but if you collect it from yourself every time you pay and put it in an envelope you will have it always available. Or you can finiquito the worker once a ye
  2. Dr. Tania at Dermika does my husbands and its under $1000 pesos.
  3. There are plenty of well off people who live here and many who live here without much at all. Generally people who come just to make ends meet are in two camps - those who are adventurous and charitable and accept living on the edge financially AND those who resent not having enough or more. The first are happy and the second are miserable. We are from the Midwest NEOhio and did not experience the "cheap" living here as many of our friends from the west coast have because this was primarily a lateral financial move for us in 2005 with obvious savings in electricity, mortgage and
  4. At Viva Mexico two days ago our table of 9 - a Mexican aged 50 along with a naturalized Mexican who has been here almost 40 years and is a renown Mexican food expert and the others all having at least 15 years here - were surprised and shocked to see a couple and a screened stroller roll into the restaurant with two dogs in it who were then invited up onto the table by their couple. Not sitting off to the side in the stroller. None of us, all well-travelled, had ever seen anything like this gross impertinence. It was unbelievable and I would hope it would never occur again. Augustine had an
  5. solajijic


    Just what we don't need on the plaza without parking. Where could they even valet to around there? Change is at warp speed these days.
  6. I do not personally know. However ask Marta at Intercam if they still offer the cards. I bought something with mine yesterday in town to make sure it was still active. From what I can see on the card it isn't necessarily connected to Intercam but is a VISA product. This would mean that Intercam acts as the product originator and everything from there, all the financial processing etc.. goes thru VISA.
  7. We have an Intercam account to which we each have a debit card. However Intercam also offers a "vacation VISA" card which you can load with several different currencies. And you can do it from your Intercam account using the dongle green thingy (which I hate).
  8. Get yourself a prepaid Mexican VISA card. You can fill it with as much money as you think you need every day and keep the rest relatively safe. We carry several on vacations to use in ATMs etc.. all over Mexico.
  9. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/opinion/its-time-for-mexico-to-pivot-to-china/?utm_source=fb&utm_campaign=pivot-to-china
  10. and that is when China dives in whereas they are only ankle wading now.
  11. Even the Farmacia physician can do that for about $50 pesos.
  12. I am betting the Chinese own Mexico in 6 years or less.
  13. Tony and Georgia Nucci in El Chante have had this type of pool for years. Give them a try.
  14. Many Mexican landlords have US ties and US bank accounts and rentals bringing in US dollars is one way they legitimately acquire US dollars.
  15. Computer Guy why always negative. Breakfast - Moms has more than adequate service. Several lunch places but the best would be Paninos. Dinner - there are several depending on the style of service you want - Adelitias, Tango, Elegante, Pale, Remy, Tecomintle. The consistently best service around for us is Goshas. If a server hasn't had the experience of sitdown middle-priced restaurant meals that are both good and bad experiences they haven't any frame of reference for the timing and flow of waiting table.
  16. We went for lunch a couple days ago. The club sandwich was decent enough. The cobb salad was not because it was all leafy lettuce and thin strips of meat and cheese, no egg and terrible dressing out of a cheap bottle. Service was so bad. We saw 4 different people before we got a menu or could order a drink. The nice local girl who brought the silverware but no menu. The young fellow who said hello and left to get a menu. The girl who came to take drink orders but had forgotten the menu. The older fellow who came to bring the beverages at the same time the girl brought the menu. I swea
  17. The OP has an ill husband and doesn't need the possible hassle if it goes south. I have negotiated multi-year pay-in-advance leases here several times. The price reduction is generally 30%. The tenant is responsible for all maintenance unless I specifically require it be done. They do their own fix-its like running commodes and hot water pilot lights and garbage disposal jams. We replace actually broken appliances etc...but not the toilet seat. It works but you have to know who is who and what they can do. They also cannot be new to the area and we run a US credit check and re
  18. Damn, you said they were cute. I didn't need a picture. Doris, Doris Day gives her approval. I say nope to forever but if someone moving here SOON wants them I could have them visit for a couple weeks.
  19. We've had this happen before when it has been unusually hot. The system just can't handle it. Nice preview for the new residents for the rainy season storm and outages. Sometimes for hours or days. Get a lantern or a flashlight and have some candles to see by, not just smelly ones.
  20. I did not enjoy Roberto's first effort and almost always refused invitations to join people for dinner there. I couldn't put my finger on it and even though I ordered an old reliable dish, liver and onions, and it was always good I just never "clicked" with the place. It got relegated to a ladies lunch venue. Anyway I am looking forward to trying the new place because I liked the back terrace area at El Serape and think it could go a long way toward adding to the meal. Should he have come back for another restaurant - not really, there are plenty but there is new money in town and afte
  21. No. It just doesn't work that way here. Keep your eyes open, ears on alert and nose to the ground. Share your experiences with others so they share theirs with you.
  22. http://www.atencionsanmiguel.org/2014/09/26/firing-of-skyrockets-must-be-respected/ This is a good article about the whys and wherefores of the cohetes. The end is the federal law. Although it is a couple years old it does explain how entrenched the tradition is all over Mexico.
  23. I will definitely run by him first and have a POA CdP drawn but I need to figure out the parameters of what I want to accomplish and have some specific scenarios to ask about...thanks.
  24. Thanks. Now I just need to find out if anyone can do it or just the original driver who brought in the vehicle.
  25. Ned Small stay on track here please. Jorgensen stays alive by scooping new people into her world of illusionary knowledge. If you go wandering too far and too personal this info will be skipped over by exactly those new people who need to be wary of her and her trash publication. She reminds me of my brother-in-law who was always looking for easy quick money.
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