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  1. Usually when take your ironing to womans house it is by the piece or the basket. Items folded and layered in a small basket to even with the top is usually around $100 pesos. You can't cram them in or you will get called on it. You can usually return to pick them up in 2 days and you supply the hangers. For someone who comes to your house it will be more. You can do it as an hourly fee about $60 pesos but then some iron fast and some iron very sloooooooowly. It is important to iron your own things once to know how long it takes that you feel is reasonable for your number of items.
  2. I was missing a broiler on my oven when we first moved here. Husband went out to the bodega and came back with the blow torch. Perfect.
  3. Thanks so it is Saturday the 15th and after all these years we have never seen it in Ajijic. We have seen it in Chapala which is marvelous. So reservations at the new restaurant on Colon and a Grito on the corner. Sounds good. Thanks much.
  4. It sounds as though this fellow is a tad misinformed about the area. Just so he knows there are no apartment complexes here with rental offices on site. There are no condo groups with rental offices. There are a couple dozen rental agencies and a dozen or so private managers and then the word-of-mouth and friend-to-friend market is very active here. People look for months for a place not only here in person but they follow a dozen internet sites and facebook pages for leads to housing. Pets are becoming a problem when renting in a reduced availability market. At you $1500 p
  5. Didn't we go thru this tech center complex stuff a decade ago followed up by a major amusement park complex followed by casinos in the mountains. Pipe dreams all of them. What makes anyone think that the government of Jalisco would in any way support diverting any potential tech focused enterprise from the Guadalajara massive efforts in the tech direction to the area they have already decided will be a playground.
  6. I just finished interviewing house/pet sitters for a 10 day trip. This is the first time I went outside our usual plans which is the ironing woman or renting our house for longer trips. Each local person I talked to and there are plenty of them was $200-300 pesos a day. Of 13 people it was almost evenly divided between those who actually stayed in the house and those who did not but "visited" 3 or 4 times a day. Pretty much what I had been led to expect but I had been told to ask specifically about overnights. Several of these people told me they don't take more than 3 assignments at a ti
  7. Well I have to disagree with Natasha because the housekeeper is not like any other housesit person. We pay our ironer $100 pesos a day. She does not stay in our house all day since she has life things to do and other jobs. She is welcome to stay overnight should she want to but it is not required. She makes the decision based on what she knows is going on in the village at the time. If I paid a housesit person $250 a day I would expect them to stay around most of every day and evening and definitely overnight.
  8. I had to report a car license plate as stolen. Reported it to the Ministerio Publico. No one told me this until after 4 months had passed and innumerable visits to try to figure it out. The person who finally told me was at the auto license registry in Guadalajara. When I finally went with the report and all the other paperwork to the Chapala office they told me they figured I knew the procedure and just wasn't doing it. It was so frustrating. I don't know if it is still that way. Get some real advice. Better yet hire someone to do it all for you.
  9. The Independence Day is Sunday September 16th. I am looking for the scheduled Grito in Ajijic. Is it Saturday the 15th or Sunday the 16th? Thanks.
  10. Hire a needy kid on the block to pick it up and dispose of it every morning before you open the door. The kid will thank you, and you will be happier and the whole neighborhood will like you more and they will know that the dog owners are not taking care of their dogs' business. It is not going to stop since the dog has chosen your stoop and the neighbors are unlikely to stop putting their dog out.
  11. Does anyone know when the appliance sales - Linea Blanca - are next scheduled? I know they are twice a year but I haven't bought any in years so haven't kept track. I need a 'concina integral' package that is a refrigerator, standalone stove, vent, microwave and dishwasher. Thanks.
  12. Elvis on the lateral across from Waffle House in west Ajijic, that is the lumber store. Husband likes that brand best and makes me drawers inside drawers with them.
  13. Intersting I will have to figure out how to delete messages going back years however it does say 34% full. So mystery. But we connected and all is ggod.
  14. I have some Bondex brand in black you are welcome to as a sheet it is 3 x 7 inches. Send me a number via PM and I will call to drop it off when I leave the house today or tomorrow morning..
  15. WE buy our s from the fellow in the wood shop on the south lateral off the Carreterra west of 5th of febraro.
  16. I had the same "Mexicans are dirty and cheap don't eat where they would" vibe from the original poster statement. I have been taught to ALWAYS eat only where the place is crowded and busy because that indicates that the restaurant food is trusted. I agree that you shouldn't interact with the beggars around the tables. Toward the end of your meal buy a plate of pollo and beans to set at the end of your table. Then before you leave give one of the beggars a nod.
  17. We voted with our feet. Eight women out to lunch easily $300 pesos per with wine, margaritas, salads etc...so the owner likes to see us coming in. We get our first round of drinks and are deciding on entrees and in walk a man with a boxer type dog. The medium big dog isn't able to settle and paces. We are still chatting so we order round two. Woman comes in with small yappy dog with smashed in nose that runs all the time making the dog sniff and snort. She is joined by another woman and both begin to pay extraordinary attention to the dog calling its name, asking it to lay down, calling
  18. Crowded doesn't even come close to describing the area. Busy. Everyone is 10 years older. The weather is changed a bit as it is a tad colder in the winter and hotter in the summer. It'll be a whole new experience. Nothing is the same.
  19. Helene, bring your nice car. There are plenty of nice cars here. If you need something smaller buy a small village car after you are here a few weeks. If you go back in a year or two you have your nice car. It is nice you are coming back. It is also highly probable you will not stay. It is THAT different.
  20. Bellon has been a disappointment too many also. Tejeda has too. Neither is able to MAKE the insurer do anything outside the bounds of your policy but they can and should be on top of every claim and have an honest and rational explanation for anything that is not allowed when you make a claim. Like any professional they also have only so many "judgement calls" they can push on higher ups to get what is needed. Since your issue is on a relatively minor repair I am pleased that the agent has not used any "chit" or "goodwill" he might possess on your behalf. You have b
  21. Coming to Ajijic and the general Lake Chapala area in a couple weeks to film is the BBC series Marigold Hotel where a group of pensioner celebrities travel the world looking for a retirement place. You can see it on YouTube. I like the Cuba one best. We all know that every once in a while HGTV shows up here wandering around. This a whole new level of exposure. Hold onto your hats, the times they are changing.
  22. Since you are in a very vulnerable situation please have a friend contract with a cleaning service and come over to supervise the cleaning.
  23. And do not forget when you load your money into the investment vehicles at the local investment bank to negotiate your exchange rate advantage. Most used to give customers .25 to .40 above their stated rate. Get it in writing in the notes of your account on the computer. If you don't ask, you don't get.
  24. This is going to be an entirely different place in two or three years. Come visit enjoy it for what it is and what it might be to you. There is also the very real possibility that immigration rules will change significantly with AMLO in charge. And the real estate market could change significant with economic and political events. So stay tuned and make your best plans.
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